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Tale of Young Darion the Chosen

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Tale of Young Darion the Chosen

Post by charizardf1 on Mon Mar 19, 2018 7:20 pm

This story is of another great hero. A hero that is not seen as a hero by those he have saved. All of his deeds ensured that NovaStorm would continue to live on despite how everyone ended up thinking of him. This, is the grande tale of a true embodiment of justice.

NovaStorm was still flourishing over the hype of a new beginning of possibilities. A new era within NovaStorm was about to blossom. This new generation had brought upon new hopes, new discoveries, new ideals, and much more. Foreseeing the future, King Mitch had a vision of a certain individual who could bring NovaStorm to new heights than ever before. Intrigued by this, King Mitch sought out the individual to convince the boy to join the new era of NovaStorm. 

King Mitch appeared before the young boy, "Hello young one." The boy is startled, wondering where he came from and what was going on, "Umm uuh...hi?" King Mitch observed the boy, "So it is true. You are the one we need." The boy looks confused, "Umm what are you talking about?" Mitch reaches out his hand, "Come, I know of a place that you would enjoy, and where you will develop yourself." The boy just rolls with it, "Oh umm ok sure I'll come along." Mitch takes the boy to NovaStorm and everyone quickly is alarmed by the new face in the area. Lord Hmado puts his arm up before anyone can start barraging the boy, putting everyone at a halt, "Hello newcomer, Who are you?" The boy looks to him, "My name is Punk. Nice to meet you."

Lord Hmado smiles and welcomes Punk with a smile and turns to the Nova people, "Everyone let us welcome our new friend Punk. Let's treat him well." Everyone goes to greet and introduce themselves to Punk. As everyone is speaking with him Hmado walks over to Mitch, "It's not often you go out of your way to bring somebody. Is there a reason for this?" Mitch watches over Punk getting crowded by the Novians, "I just have a feeling he will become something special to this place. Let's see what our future holds in this new era." Hmado nods his head and also watches, "Yes, this new generation will likely be a great one."

Punk quickly makes himself at home at Nova, making new friends with most everyone. Bringing new life to the domain, Punk has already been noticed as a valued regular among the cast. Link is skeptical of the new rise of Punk, "There's something about him that seems very dangerous." Char takes concern, "What do you mean? He seems fine to me for the moment." Link shakes his head, "Just watch over him." Link walks off leaving Char wondering, "(I guess it wouldn't hurt to take some caution.)" 

Link speaks with Punk, " Hello Punk, I heard you enjoy the tales of Sun and Moon. Let's discuss some of the lore." Punk gets happy, "I'd love that!" Link pulls out a book, " Great! You should share this information with everyone. It'll be lots of fun talking about it with everyone. I'm sure they'd love to elarn about it." Punk takes the book and runs off, excited about sharing news about new Series of Sun and Moon. As Punk went on and on about what he knew, some Novians began to dislike what they were hearing. "Hey! Stop! We don't want to hear about that yet!" Surge along with few others began to start an uproar of the information Punk was leaking. Char, who was watching over Punk from Link's request, quickly jumped into the situation, "Ok what is going on here?" Punk explains his situation and Char immediately gets upset, "You fool! The tale of Sun and Moon shouldn't be told yet! The prophecy isn't complete yet! Don't spread this information or else you risk dooming us all!" Punk refused to back down, "No! I just want to enjoy this with everyone. Why can't I do that!?" Char knocks Punk back, "You will stop or else I will have no choice but to put you down." Punk gets furious but decides to retreat before any further damage was done, leaving NovaStorm for the time being.

Char goes to report to King Mitch, "King Mitch, The newcomer Punk is gone for now." King Mitch looks upon Char, "What happened?" As Lord Hmado walks in, "He was sharing information about the Sun and Moon series, he had put Nova in great risk. He held a book trying to convince people of the prophecy, leading to lots of chaos and confusion among the people." Lord Hmado looks surprised, "A book? The book of Sun and Moon shouldn't be out yet. Let me look into this real fast." Lord Hmado calls Mox, "Mox, what is the status of the Suna nd Moon prophecy? Have you heard of any books recently?" Mox takes out a book of his own getting everyone wide eyed, "Yes. I heard of the commotion recently. The book of sun and Moon is indeed valid and has just started coming out, but only those of special privilege should have hold of it this early." Char looks down, "(Maybe I was too hard on him...)" Mox continues, " Someone like Punk though having it. I don't know how he would obtain a book. I only have it due to my secret intelligence network but him having it must mean he's something big." Hmado thinks, "I wonder who Punk really is?"  

Link goes to speak to Codie, "Hello Codie." Codie looks toward Link with disgust, "What do you want?" Link goes on, " So what do you think about that newcomer? He seems to get quite the attention real fast." Link throws down pictures of Punk enjoying himself with everyone. "Doesn't he seem quite similar to people like Tina?" Codie looks through the pictures, "Hmmm." Link says his farewells to Codie and walks off. As Link is walking about NovaStorm he spots Kitty following him. "Kitty can you stop being weird and come out." Kitty pounces from the shadows, "But I was busy stalking you." Link shudders, "....Listen there's something we should discuss."

About a month passes and the prophecy of Sun and Moon was released. Everyone was gathered around to listen to the contents. "Everyone may I have your attention." The Novians quiet down upon Mitch's arrival. "It is time to learn what our future holds on this era." Mitch calls upon Mox to share the deciphered book. "I've evaluated of the Sun and Moon quite early on to know what will await us on this era, " Mox takes out the book, "The Sun and Moon...It represents the dawning of a bright start but....into a dark end." Everyone gasp and starts talking amongst each other. "It speaks that we are to have a new hero that rises up to save us all from the rise of an evil who brings forth multiple evils to challenge our rhelm. Lots of Novians are to be driven away from this chaos." The Novians all begin to question who these individuals might be. 

Punk returns to Nova just as the announcement was ending. Some Novians quickly turn towards Punk assuming that he is the evil the Sun and Moon discussed but others defended him, saying it's too soon to make such bold claims. During a conflict, Lord Hmado decided to invite Punk within the Nova Castle to chat among themselves. "Punk, what madness are you causing? Do you really want to further prove to these people that you are the evil?" Punk is agitated, "No it is their fault! Why do they always come after me? What did i do to deserve this!?" Hmado goes to a shelf and picks up the book of Sun and Moon. "This is the reason. Your new arrival seems to have made many worry about our future." Hmado opens the book and looks toward Punk, "You have this book too don't you?" Punk looks at it, "Oh well i had borrowed it from someone but never got around to reading it all." Hmado takes a pause to look through the book, "Punk, the new hero who appears in Nova, I honestly think it's you." 

At the square lots of Novians are discussing about Sun and Moon. Zero come in, "This book is bad. How can you all believe in this stuff?" Zero, being an atheist, didn't believe in the prophecys. Zod, Surge and many more would argue with him on this topic. "Look, bring your negativity about this elsewhere. You just are complaining because you are inexperienced." Zero laughs at Zod, "Inexperienced? How about we test that out then. Let us fight to see who really doesn't know what they speak of." Zero and Zod draw power from their books of sun and moon. "You say that the prophecy is bad, yet you hold onto it and use it?" Zod summons needles and throws them toward Zero. He dodges and conjures spikey rocks and hurls them toward Zod. Blocking them JD gets inbetween them, "Stop fighting. If you want to settle your differences take this somewhere else." Zero lays down his hand, "He was just about to give up anyways." Zero takes his leave from Nova as Surge helps Zod up.

Link awaits Zero as he's leaving Nova square, "Zero may i ask something of you?" Zero just keeps walking past Link ignoring him. "I'd like to request your assistance in something." Zero stops and looks back at Link, "I don't like you. I don't want anything to do with you." Link smirks, "I feel the same way, but we have a common enemy and was wondering if you'd like to discuss." Zero turns around, "....I don't care." Zero makes his exit. "Hmmm...I'll just have to trust that things shape up on their own then." 

Punk and Hmado exit Nova Castle into the plaza to see some chaos had occured. Punk looks around, "Geez what happened here?" JD approaches Hmado, "Lord Hmado that nigger Zero was causing trouble again." Hmado shakes his head, "Darn him. When will he stop his elitist attitude." Codie points at Punk, "There wouldn't be problems if only this furry would leave. Nobody likes him." Punk gets a little riled, "Why don't you just shut up and leave me alone?" Codie replies," Why don't you kill yourself?" Hmado stops Codie, "That's enough out of you." Talon agrees with Codie, "He's right. Punk doesn't need to be here. Nobody really likes him because he's brought upon chaos throughout Nova lately." Hmado glares at Talon, "The only chaotic thing around here is you." Punk starts to question why he's even at Nova.

Story in process...

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