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Team Nova Usable Pokemon list

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Team Nova Usable Pokemon list

Post by Vikstar on Sun Nov 23, 2014 11:06 pm

Delcatty, Dragonair, Meowstic, Manectric, Absol, Chandelure, Noivern, Charizard, Rhyperior, Dusknoir, Lopunny, Flareon, Pikachu, Jolteon, Gardevoir, Azumarill, Ludicolo, Sylveon, Umbreon, Swampert, Typhlosion, Probopass.

Mega-Pokemon: Charizard-Y, Lopunny, Absol, Sableye, Swampert.

Legends: Xerneas, Rayquaza.

Rules: Everyone will have to choose 3 pokemon from the list, 2 can be random and 1 will be your signature(you can't change your signature pokemon and the pokemon you're choosing can't be an Uber pokemon).

A tournament will be held to determine what rank you will be.


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