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New set of rules

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New set of rules

Post by Mado on Thu Jan 22, 2015 9:04 pm


As you may have noticed, this site's been very problematic and filled with drama lately. Therefore we're gonna use a more detailed list of rules so we'll be able to prevent the pointless confliction as of now.

Rule #1: No spamming. Random key hits of humor are allowed at the limit of three posts so it doesn't disturb other users. Completely broken sentences fall under the spam rule unless they're to add some dramatic feels but at any case using them all the time equals a ban. For mods 4 warnings should be given to the normal users and 3 to the temps/anons. Admins are free to ban without warning or not even banning at all.

Rule #2: No trolling for people who serve no darn purpose here. Pretty much anyone who isn't a regular, isn't here for gaming activities or even plain casual hang out are not permitted to use crude humor or to drag other users into getting tense or even a little upset. 3 warning will be given to any of the mentioned in this rule. Admins still has the some privileges from the last rule.

#3 No pornography. And by pornography I mean real nudity and not comical hentai and what so ever. Posting pictures that would show up instantly will result an instant ban. ADVERTISING links will result in a single warning that leads a ban afterwards if the rule is still being violated. The same story about Admins.

#4 No serious racism. Friendly humor is allowed as long as they don't find being called names offensive. Though serious racism of excluding someone because of their race or color will result in a unspoken long ban. Tired of saying the same thing about Admins.

#5 No trying to discuss the Adminship matter. All the following doings will count as violation to this rule: Asking why someone isn't banned here, asking why is someone a mod, rudely asking for modship, complaining about the rules' quality. Politely asking for modship will hardly work but it doesn't violate the rule unless done constantly. It's up to Admins to deal with whoever has broke this rule.

#6 No trying to argue the mod/admin on PMs about your recent ban or after you get unbanned on the chat. You can send your complaints to the Admin instead and giving legitimate proofs on how your ban was unfair. Violating this rule will only get your ban extended.

Bans period:
First ban: 30 minutes.
Second ban: 2 hours.
Third ban: a whole day.
Fourth ban: a week.
Fifth ban: several weeks, and it's the maximum.
Admins will decide when someone has to be perma banned.
Also Admins unban anyone without a warning or shorten the ban period as they see fit. Exceptions might be made for regulars and polite users.

Admins are Mitch and I, not be mistaken with mods.

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Re: New set of rules

Post by Rheneas on Tue Jan 27, 2015 2:55 am

Can I still post dank memes?


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Re: New set of rules

Post by Mado on Thu Jan 29, 2015 3:36 pm

zomg ofc you can

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Re: New set of rules

Post by Sponsored content

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