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The Nova Bible

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The Nova Bible

Post by charizardf1 on Mon Sep 26, 2016 7:47 pm

Genesis 1

            On the first day two gods ascending from their thrones. The God named Hmado, who was cast aside from the struggles of other universes; and Grovyle, the wandering god seeking new ideals in hopes of one day finding a new place to call home. The two gods meet and discuss of wat thy shalt do with thineselves. 

       On the second day Hmado creates the first being of a new universe called Arceus, to assist with creations while he thinks of the ideals that shall prosper in the new universe they create. Grovyle worked with Arceus to meld a new universe together. Together they created space and time. Being too difficult for them to handle by themselves Arceus creates Palkia, the god of space, and Dialga, the god of time.

      On the third day Grovyle said, "Let there be a new domain." With this command Grovyle commands Arceus to create a novastorm, creating a domain that would be labeled as a new home for them. After this Arceus goes into a deep slumber. Hmado returns to Grovyle along with another god called Reksel, who has assisted Hmado with the ideals of wat thine shalt do in the new domain of novastorm.

       On the fourth day the three gods wish to have more beings to their new domain. They summon many beings from other universes to be apart of their new creation, but many have quickly perished upon setting foot in the new domain. Hmado and Grovyle questioned why this would happen. It turned out that during creation of novastorm Yveltal, the god of destruction, was also created and took away the lives of the weak newcomers. Those who have lost their lives were labeled as PEO on the tragic day. Yveltal also corrupted the mind of the god Reksel, making him go crazy and change his ideals. Due to this effect the two god Hmado and Grovyle take away Reksel's power and banish him while taming Yveltal to stay as a reminder of the mistake they made with Reksel.

     On the fifth day NovaStorm became a new home for other beings to stay but it was still short. Hmado had the idea to remodel the domain thus summoning Rox. Rox brings out his servant Giritina to help Yveltal become the main image of the domain making Yveltal more presentable and a role model. Giratina, after finishing, takes Rox back to their dimension until they are next needed. The new scenery attracts more beings and becomes a decent domain for everyone. At this time being a happy place for everyone.

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