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The legends of Link

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The legends of Link

Post by charizardf1 on Wed Oct 26, 2016 12:50 am



          Here begins the story of a young boy named Link, a boy who's unaware of his purpose and destiny. Appearing upon the dawn of Novastorm he has lived there as nobody of no importance and was treated as a joke. Young link was tormented by the fellow novians. Trying his best to one day be accepted, he has rizen up and fought against his peers countless times but was always easily defeated. Young link was taking everything that occurred too hard and was always serious upon all situations and discussions.

       Upon seeing him struggle he was encountered by a wandering sage known as Surge. Surge took the frail boy into open arms and vowed to do his best to bring courage and strength to young Link so he can one day be accepted as a warrior among his peers. Upon his training Surge then tells young Link about the tales of Onox, a horrible demon who he sees as a threat to nova's future. Surge believes Link may have a chance to one day be capable of defeating him, for he has seen the potential inside him.

     As Novastorm grew ever more so did Onox's power. Young link has grown has challenged Onox to a fight in which he believed he was ready but to have quickly and easily have been defeated. Link then was scorned upon even more harshly and was teased to the max. Taking what everything the people of Nova have said to him very harshly, Young link decided to disappear and travel on his own quest to become stronger. Link encounters a magical flaming fox that tells him stories about a magical power of the TriStorm, a power which consist of Insanity, Obvious, and Lateritious, and showed him the ancient text on a stone  tablet which read "Only Link can defeat Onoxdorf." It was then Link finally knew what his destiny was.

    Time has passed and LinkVI has now become stronger, returning to Nova with a stronger will and purpose. LinkVI meets a princess named Tiffany, who was a diva. Tiff befriends LinkVI and tells him about how onox has ruled Nova with his power of 234 men. She also explains what has happened over time and all the chaos in which has happened while he was away. Onoxdorf with his 234 men then capture Tiff later on and corrupt her soul in anger and insanity. LinkVI was angered from what Onox has done and saved Tiff.

   Onoxdorf challenged LinkVI to fight him and LinkVI accepts. Tiff explains to LinkVI that he will need her in order to stop Onoxdorf as she carries the power of insanity and he accepts. LinkVI finds and fights Onoxdorf who continues to shatter his hopes of winning and being strong. By this time Onoxdorf has been given the powers of a god and still defeats LinkVI in battle, making him feel hopeless. LinkVI calls upon Tiff's aid and as soon as she appeared, she was slaughtered by Onoxdorf's 234 men. Upon her last words before departing Tiff grants Link the power of Lateritious, for which she has been keeping from because she felt he could do it on his own like a dumbass.

   LinkVI rechallenges OnoxDorf and loses and is sent into the depths of despair. Before Onoxdorf leaves him, the defeated LinkVI asks him why he keeps losing. Onoxdorf replies, "Must you always state the obvious?" telling him he does not stand a chance since he does not have the power of a god. Link confronts the gods and demigods of Nova, trying to convince them to give him power, but has always failed.

  One day JD has stolen the divine power of the Sand God Hmado and bestowed power to LinkVI. JD stated," I wish to see how this outcome will fall." LinkVI becomes LinkXYZ and with the support of all his Nova allies he challenges Onoxdorf. Onoxdorf was surprised at how LinkXYZ has gain his power and retreated, saving the lands of Novastorm. LinkXYZ was praised and acknowledged for defeating Onoxdorf, but his fight will not end there. Will Onoxdorf return to fight LinkXYZ once again? For now LinkXYZ has kept peace for NovaStorm.

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Re: The legends of Link

Post by Mado on Wed Oct 26, 2016 12:55 am

10/10 would read 69 times.

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