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The Future of Hmado

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The Future of Hmado

Post by charizardf1 on Sat Dec 03, 2016 8:47 am

A year after the events of Lord Alissa came a new threat to the domain of Novastorm. A powerful threat known as the Nexus created by evil scientist Doctor Lance after Surge defeated him as a boy appeared one day and started wreaking havoc on Nova.  LinkXYZ, Onox234, Stew, Unright, and many more have died in battle. If only Surge was there to save everyone but he had died to a heart virus that had no cure at the time. The only warriors left on Nova were Hmado and Charizardf1.

           Stripped of his power from the Nexus, Hmado was no longer a god and became a lowly mortal and Char had lost an arm due to a Nexus attack during a ceremony he attended to. Charizardf1 continued to train and hone Hmado's skills so he may one day gain the power of a god again to help fight the Nexus. Hmado was accompanied by Kittycatismine, who took care of him and survived all this time somehow. Char and Mado while training one day hear a disturbance and go to confront the Nexus.

          Char and Mado approach the Nexus and see them destroying and wreaking havoc among the innocent Novas that r still alive. They fight the Nexus and end up having to retreat from an overwhelming experience. Mado tells Char that he must keep fighting or else they will continue to cause harm to the Nova but Char insist that they fall back and fight them again another day.

          On the final day while training Char and Mado hear more commotion from the Nexus. This time Char himself decided that it was time to settle this once and for all and prepares to fight the Nexus to the death. Hmado argues with Char to help fight them and Char finally submits and allows it. Knowing that Mado was not really ready for the fight and wishes to keep him alive to bring glory on another day, Char knocks Mado out cold and apologizes and moves forward alone.

         Char confronts Nexus Ramp and Nexus Resh by himself and challenges them both to a final fight. The nexus laugh and toy with him until they got bored and murdered him finally and leave. Shortly afterwards Mado wakes up and searches for Char to find him dead. Furious that his mentor was dead his rage intensifies and he awakens a fragment of his god power that he lost.

         Mado returns to Kitty and Kitty shows him a time machine that LinkXYZ had used in his journey that she found with her imaginary friends. At that time Mado knew what he had to do. He wrote on the time machine "The past can never be forgotten" and said his farewells to Kitty and leaves to the past to save the ruined future of Nova.

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