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A collection of thoughts

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A collection of thoughts

Post by Punkapunkin on Fri Oct 13, 2017 9:40 pm

Today whilst chit-chatting in Novastorm, I went on about my views of humanity & what I feel (or lack thereof) for people of um... lower capabilities than people such as myself. I got mixed responses, although all were naysay, as usual. This of course, has no correlation to whether or not what they were saying is true, but it's definitely a pattern.

When I asked Mado what Codie's company provides, I got one or two responses asking what I provide, despite that: 1.) Not being an answer to my question & 2.) Not being a way to tell if what I'm saying is right or wrong. 

My company provides a lot of things, & I'm never going out of my way to bash at other people for being themselves unless them being "themselves" is harmful to others. I provide a lot to discussions we have on various topics, & no matter what anybody says, they cannot say I don't provide reasoning for what I believe as well as evidence. 

"Insecure" was something that was brought up as a way of dismissing what I had to say about other people like Codie, as if I have anything to be jealous of when it comes to people such as himself.  Pale went on about things I talk about a lot that she claims to be insecurities, but when I pointed out the fact that if I were insecure about them, I wouldn't be talking about it in the first place, she stopped arguing. 

People in Nova do a lot of things that grind my gears, but among the most frustrating is when they drop the topic after saying their piece & they everything else I have to say as ramblings. Does anyone genuinely think I care about things as shallow & as stupid as not being agreed with on things? About Tam having a female lean? About losing in a game or about my own appearance? Have I not talked about those things?

What do I need to say that I haven't already said? What do I need to say that you'll take as the "truth"? Is it not the truth just because it isn't what you wanted? It's not accepted that I'm not gay because the people in Nova believe I am. It's not accepted that I don't like furry porn because the people in Nova believe I do. It's not accepted that I love my own appearance to Pale because she believes I don't. 

Can you see this constant cycle of me being transparent & people thinking otherwise because they believe it suggests something else or they believe I'm overtly trying to say another thing? One thing I constantly bring up is how the people have a hard with acceptance, & that's definitely the case; things are never taken as they are, & everything to you people is just one thing to be conditioned into another as you see fit. 

Who's the one dimensional one now? Which one of us is always trying to change people & has a hard time understanding others? I'm always trying to understand you people and that's my first mistake. It all starts when I ask any of you for depth. "Writing paragraphs" is somehow an insult to you people because you couldn't possibly be bothered to actually read what the other person has to say, meanwhile I'm fucking begging for you to explain yourselves or why you think the things you do.

Nova is a great example of why I can't stand being around people in person, except you've all somehow managed to translate that over the internet, a place where one would normally go to get away from others in person. But, I digress. I'd like to touch what Zero put down, & how he said that I'm egotistical & full of pride.

You know, even if I were egotistical, would it be that bad? When you call someone egotistical you have to take into account what it is they're being egotistical about. What do I talk about that you perceive as egotistical? My intelligence? My "skills" in a video game? It's funny because I talk about video games all the time & I'm always looking for more to learn, but I've also always kept the stance that I don't want to take from the people of Nova when playing, since I pick things up on my own & learn at my own pace. It's not like I'm a slow learner either. I've ALWAYS told you people that I don't want a lecture or insight on whatever, I just want to play the game. Maybe if your input wasn't "u need to like play more defensively" I would be more inclined to listen but none of you have any credentials that would suggest you're someone I need to take from.

Nova doesn't deserve the effort I put into responses, nor does it deserve the effort I put into ignoring the lengths you people go to get under my skin. Have any of you noticed how stagnant & bland days in Nova are now? Have you ever wondered why that is? It's because nobody can talk to anybody else about anything of substance or about anything even mildly controversial. Hell, I'm posting here because if I went on I'd have at least 6 of you shoving the first fucking thing that came to your mind down my throat because you don't actually interpret any of what I'm saying and respond based on that. 

JD threatened to ban anybody who was still arguing by the time he came back from showering & napping. How is anybody supposed to make any progress in understanding one another if we can't argue & talk it out? You think banning me or anyone else is going to help Nova in it's entirety? What would banning me be doing? If I were banned you'd have less arguments, that's it. You're tired of arguments? Have you maybe thought to try & solve the issue? Oh wait, you haven't because your instinct when arguments arise tells you to ban people or to ignore the argument...

If at any point any of you ever try to understand why I feel the way I do, just refer to this post. If you're still reading this, have a fantastic day.


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Re: A collection of thoughts

Post by charizardf1 on Tue Nov 07, 2017 3:44 pm

Stfu ur gay

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