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My Stories

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My Stories

Post by charizardf1 on Sun Nov 12, 2017 6:39 am

Hello everyone I am Charizardf1, commonly known as Char. As you have seen I have typed up various stories on some of NovaStorm's history as well as a couple people's backstories. From what I've gathered those who have read my stories have taken a liking to them and some really would like to see more. This is where you, as Novians, can pitch in. I need help for ideas to flow into me more easily to further entertain you guys as well as feedback and comments to let me know how I can improve. The stories I have posted so far can be updated so don't be scared to message me on chatango or on the forum to correct me if I seem to be off on some lore. Now be wary that my stories of course aren't 100% accurate and have my own little twist to them so they obviously will seem off with some aspects. I also don't have to do lore based stories so don't hold back on any sort of ideas you would like to give me. 

Some main things that I have started though I have brought a pause to. The Nova bible as well as Fire Emblem: Storm Legion both have been a huge hit and were both a kinda series sort of thing I was developing for our own entertainment and deep lore story telling. Due to me being a dumb adult and having more duties, life shizz, and other interests I have taken my focus off these huge projects, but that doesn't mean it has to be the end. Let me know if you would really like to for me to continue these series and if so, to ease my time doing these, lend me your support by maybe promoting my series on the side to encourage my interests to do more. 

I really do enjoy doing these stories to entertain not only myself and other Novians, but to give newer people an idea of how fun and deep our community really can be. I thank all of you who take your time to read my stories. 

Oh btw. For all of you Novians, nomatter how old or new, who would like to have their own background story posted like Link has done, pm Charizardf1 on Chatango your whole backstory of how you got to NovaStorm. It doesn't have to be in great deep detail but it would be appreciated if you did! Anyways so.....yeah  ~d

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Re: My Stories

Post by Tamicat on Sun Nov 12, 2017 6:45 am

tell the legend of kitty

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