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Fire Emblem: Storm Legion (The Book)

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Fire Emblem: Storm Legion (The Book)

Post by charizardf1 on Mon Dec 18, 2017 7:33 am

Prologue: Chatango

          The Land of Chatango, a mysterious land composed of humans, furries, and various other species, shares tales of legendary heroes of the past who have saved the land. In the past there was an evil dark lord that enslaved the furries on Chatango. Controlling the furries with dark magic enhanced their mighty strength and powers, causing them to go on a rampage and slaughter many lives. The humans across Chatango had to group together and waged war upon the dark lord and the furries. A human, furry, and futanari confronted the dark lord and sealed him away with the mystical power of futa. Afterwards the humans and furries would then grow into conflict with one another, waging war after war for many generations. The futanari disappeared among the conflict, said to have become extinct due to the mass conflict between the humans and furries.
     In the modern time the land of Chatango is split into sections: WPE, the home of the humans, and PEO, home of the furries. The forbidden land known as AOC is a dangerous area said to be where the dark lord was sealed. Nobody dares treds the lands since it holds many feral furries and corrupted humans. It has been peaceful without war for the last few decades, but tension still arises among the humans and furries.
Chapter 1: Start of a New Era

      In the land of WPE a man by the name of Osama Bin Laden created a small village named Nova. There he raised and took care of his son Hmado. Osama trained the child daily to one day take his spot as the new chief of Nova.

-Hmado entered in returning from school.- (Hmado's fighting class is that of a Tuareg, warriors from the desert region. This unique class's weapon preference is the sword.)
Hmado: Father I'm home. -Hmado looks around but couldn't see his father anywhere- I guess he's still working.
-Hmado goes to lay down but here's a knock at the door. His childhood friend Rox walks in.-
Rox: Hey Hmado just because school is over doesn't mean we should slack off. (Rox's class is a thief. Weapon preference is the sword.)
Hmado: -sighs- It's been a long day can't I just rest at least for a bit?
Rox: Cmon dude your dad has high expectations for you. He told me to make sure you always train after school.
Hmado: -grabs his sword- I honestly don't care enough to take my father's place as chief. I just want to live a chill and relaxed life.
-As they walk outside Rox puts on a serious look-
Rox: Look man you have to think about the people. If you're not going to do it then who else can?
-Hmado looks at Rox-
Rox: Uh uh this is your thing. Besides he really wants you to do it so that's not happening.
-the boys prepare to start training but they hear a scream-
Rox: What was that?
Hmado: Somebody seems to be in trouble. Let's check it out.
-Rox and Hmado run toward the direction of the voice and they see a small group of bandits causing a commotion-
Hmado: Hey what are you doing!? 
Bandit: We're here for any valuables this place has. (common outlaws that causes trouble. Mainly wields axes.)
Hmado: We don't have anything special here so leave this place.
Bandit: We'll be the judge of that kid. If there's nothing to give then we burn the village and take your women hahaha.
Rox: We won't let that happen. Hmado.
Hmado: Yes let's drive them out. 
Hmado takes out his sword and swings at the bandit but the bandit grabs his sword bare handed. 
Hmado: Huh!?
-The bandit kicks Hmado away yanking his sword from his hand.-
-Rox swftly tries to retaliate from attacking below but another bandit strikes Rox in the back with an axe.-
Rox: Gah!
-Rox lays on the ground as the bandits laugh at the children. The bandit walks up to Rox's corpse and raises his axe ready to finish Rox off. Hmado gets up and reaches out his hand.-
Hmado: No!
-As Hmado is getting up the bandit swings his axe but a fireball comes out of nowhere and hits the bandit. Reks runs up and knocks the bandit back.-
Bandit: Oh no. He seems strong.
Reks: You're fighting me now. Leave these children out of this. (Reks is a warrior class that can use axes and bows. Rek's preference is the axe.)
Bandit: Tsk. This isn't the end. You'll regret not giving into our demands.
-The bandits leave the village and Talon appears with Dante to treat Rox. Hmado approaches Rox.-
Hmado: Damn.... I failed you Rox.
Talon: You're lucky I saved his butt Mado. You really need to step up your game. (Talon's class is a mage. able to cast all base elements of magic.)
Rox: This is why I highly recommend you take your training more seriously...
Hmado: You're right. I have to remember that I train to help the people of the village, not just for my father's position.
Dante: Luckily this wound shouldn't be too fatal. he shall be fine after a good rest. (Dante's class is a monk. able to heal wounds.)
-Reks walk up to the children.-
Reks: If I hadn't appeared, who would have been able to save the lives of the villagers?
Reks: You must remember this is not practice fights. This is life or death. Hmado you are Osama's son. Even though you are a child, you must have the strength and mentality to protect this village. 
Hmado: My legacy huh? -Hmado grips his fist- I don't care about my legacy, but I do promise to get stronger, I will surpass my father soon enough.
Reks: -Reks smirks- That's what I like to see. Just make sure you're able to put that fire to the test. 
-Reks walks away and everyone returns home-

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