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Post by Hydrarch on Mon Jan 08, 2018 6:57 am

hey guys it’s talon, ik I said something about leaving nova until 2019 but I’m probably gonna jus make really autistic but cute forum posts until I can come back to nova like whenever xdxdxd. these are jus gonna be random daily shitposts on the forum, and I encourage y’all to check daily. 

so I have exams this wednesday and this thursday and I haven’t studied for them yet, I’m screwed lol. also for some reason I have this US History ptoject where I have to decorate a fucking filled tissue box with facts about a topic, and I got shitty ass early to mid 1900’s presidents that all eat ass. 

rn I’m staying up until 2 am jus doin HW and such and to get the daily rewards in heroes when the game resets for the day, and then I got school. rn it’s 12:53 am, I get up for school at 5:30 am. I’m fucked

comment thoughts below and suggestions on how to live a better life. mado I rly miss you and I want to talk you sometime but I feel like you don’t like me anymore. also I’m sorry that I titled this dairyon and didn’t mention him, but he’s gone so why bother. he’s happier now with his sjw edgelords than he would have ever been at nova, even without my edgy harassing. y’all didn’t like him, jus accept that and stop pointing all the fingers @ me

bye y’all see you tomorrow in the next daily shitpost !!

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