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Strange Expectations

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Strange Expectations

Post by Hydrarch on Mon Jan 08, 2018 11:26 pm

hello this is talon. everyone is telling me that because I won't "admit to my mistakes" and that I haven't changed for the better, I shouldn't be allowed to come back. I haven't really admitted to anything because I personally don't consider my actions throughout this recent cycle to have been ban worthy, but if the plebs want me to admit to my mistakes I guess I'll do that? idk I have to think for a sec because I don't remember shit as well but hmm. I guess the whole darion's pic thing was out of line, I'm sorry for holding a public picture against him even though anyone really could have had that pic, and it rly isn't my fault that he took the pic and posted it into a public chat where people had it out for him. Other than the pic I can't immediately recall anything that was too bad and out of line.

As far as this "he needs to change" shit, I really don't see why I need to change so much and why I'm so toxic for the chat. The only person I was really toxic towards was darion tbh, other than that my actions towards others weren't too offensive, or they were taken as the joke they were intended to be. Also, if there are people who act retarded like kitty, I don't really see why a specific amount of character evolution is required of me in order to even be allowed to chat at nova. It's really just some retarded standard set to me for no reason of immediate recollection to me. 

If y'all are really trying to create some safe community where everyone eats each other's asses in peace and respects each other, I can be nice to people and shit, you guys have fucking seen me be nice to people and change for the better (even if it's temporary) and just act like I'm completely incapable of it in order to support your arguments against me. 

maybe my words come off as ignorant, crude, and childish or whatever, but I'm really just laying down how I feel about the situation. 

I also promise "to not use the word oof with intention of embracing that retarded roblox meme". lmao.

Sincerely, Xx_ass_eater_xX.

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Re: Strange Expectations

Post by charizardf1 on Mon Jan 08, 2018 11:46 pm

The thing is young Talon due to your radiant dark powers the newer generation of Nova takes massive blows from the way you are towards them. A decent number of people want to avoid the chat because of you alone. All pupil has always asked of you was to be more respectful to the sensitive people so they won't go all crazy and emotional but you tend to target the weakest of people which leads to some drama. Because of constant disobedience pupil has found it frustrating that you wouldn't cooperate and eventually developed distaste in you. Yes I understand that in the eyes of the og people of Nova the things that occur really isn't bad but since we are in a softer day and age we must help those who are getting in their feelings too much. Now I also understand that you feel that posting young Darion's pic has no meaning since he left but thing is for one, posting the pic is showing that you don't care to listen and obey pupil's wishes and two, it shows that you will stay consistent on the way you treat people similar to that of young Darion meaning that you will be an unhealthy source to Nova. The reason pupil won't talk to you is because despite all the chances and agreements he has done with you it always end the same way with you hugely disappointing him and he has finally had enough with it.

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