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(9/11/18) thoughts on new radiant dawn units + 2.1 WR

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(9/11/18) thoughts on new radiant dawn units + 2.1 WR

Post by Hydrarch on Thu Jan 11, 2018 8:48 am

wHoAH lotta shit

just gonna run down my opinions of each new character based on stats & skills that were leaked, as well as possible sets for them oof

Oliver (GHB): is rly just a thicc blue arvis, weapon should be replaced asap if you actually want to build him well because it has no effect, I personally suggest blarowl or blarraven for him. he also comes with mirror strike 2, which should be replaced imo because he’s more an enemy phase unit, and atk ploy, which is nice to have on a unit that isn’t katarina or summer leo but we also have the atk ploy seal already so eh. Overall for a GHB, fairly solid but is outclassed by Micaiah. A more budget set option for him would be TA Raven Bowbreaker if you need a B!Lyn Check as well as better offenses against Reds, but I’d ideally give him a Blarowl Close Counter Quick Riposte set to capitalize on his enemy phase capabilities. 2.1 brings the ability to forge the Close Def 3 seal, so I’d recommend giving him that seal to patch up his 20 def, and then he has the capability to be quite a nice mixed tank. My main problem with Oliver is that units like Male Robin are cheaper to build and easier to merge due to summonability, so if you have male robin or happen to pull micaiah I’d say skip wasting resources on Oliver.

Sothe: damn. just damn. if thani wasn’t so good I’d say sothe is the best on this banner. 36 base attack on a dagger and a 14mt legendary dagger means 50 at neutral, which is great. 33 base speed means that you’ll need a speed boon to keep up with other units though. his kit is nice but it has poor synergy imo. his dagger is more enemy phase oriented (requires sothe to be attacked by enemy in order to take effect) which is really the opposite of sothe’s hyper offensive playstyle. sothe has shitty base def stats that really can’t be fixed with fury 3 or something, so my suggestion is to just capitalize on him having LND3 in his base, which is amazing for him, but swift sparrow is ideal so that you can be more likely to take a hit and activate the effect of the dagger, since it’s such an amazing effect, and it outclasses dedicated buff bots like eirika when able to be used. Full set suggestion would just be to keep his base kit other than optional premium swift sparrow 2 for reasons mentioned above. 

Micaiah: Micaiah wouldn’t be nearly as good as she is without thani. built-in deflect mag 1 AND deflect missile 1, eff against armor and cav, AND res+3 is a lot to handle. base 35 attack is quite good, but still average in terms of other top tier blue mages. base 35 res (38 with thani, the only weapon you should use on this character) and the ability to have 41 res with just her weapon and a res boon, glacies or iceberg  is a must on this character in my opinion. her base kit is amazing for her enemy phase oriented stat spread and weapon. For a full set I’d keep her weapon, assist skill (higher arena score and possible save of deathless match), DD3, and Drive Atk, but replace Guard with Bowbreaker. I’d also give her glacies or iceberg depending on whether sheer damage or earlier activation is more important to you. For Sacred Seal I’d give her DD3 for the double Distant Def 3, patching up her poor def from 18 to 30 against units like Brave Lyn and then doubling them with bowbreaker, although she’ll most likely kill in one hit any cav that isn’t green or supported by 3 ward cavs, and she’ll also do the same to units like spooky Jakob. Even with just her base kit skills, Micaiah will function very well.

Zelgius: Better min-maxed Black Knight with IV’s and an eh B slot. Warp Powder = “If unit's HP ≥ 80%, unit can move adjacent to any ally within 2 spaces.“ imo this is a great skill for an armor unit specifically, and as far as I know it isn’t exclusive. The only thing I have against the skill is that it’s in the B slot, which competes with the more usable and reliable Fighter Skills like Wary Fighter, Bold Fighter, and Vengeful Fighter. 33 speed in my opinion is a good middle ground where you aren’t so slow you get doubled by everything, but you aren’t fast enough to double most common units. Budget Quick Riposte or either Vengeful Fighter or Bold Fighter are the skills I’d recommend, but Vantage can be an extremely budget option and synergize with fiery stance to help get the ohko on certain units before the kill you in return. Ideal set for me would be Alondite, Black Luna, Pivot, Steady Stance (I don’t think steady breath CC stacks with vengeful fighter), Vengeful Fighter, and then either keep Panic ploy or add whatever armor buffing skill necessary if in armor emblem.

Overall, I definitely recommend that you all summon on this banner, as each of the units are the top of their class. powercreep IS real.

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Re: (9/11/18) thoughts on new radiant dawn units + 2.1 WR

Post by charizardf1 on Thu Jan 11, 2018 9:00 am

I will actually spend my orbs for this cast. Glad you  view them as cool ppl.

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