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Fuck This

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Fuck This

Post by Hydrarch on Sun Jan 14, 2018 11:38 pm

I don't give a fuck anymore, FUCK Spin TBH and FUCK trying to be PG with my opinions so I have a better chance of getting back into Nova in a year. Why should I care about Nova when the people there don't like me, and I get banned for making fun of some faggot's picture that deserves being made fun of. Mado is being such a cuck over the stupid public domain picture, his bitch ass bans me with no explanation and blocks me from everything immediately after just because he's all pissy that 0mi of all people told him I posted 'the pic' that should never be posted even though it was posted to a public chat xdxdxdxdxd

Here's a log with bipolar collar-wearing gayboy that I had today that started with me being nice and tolerant with him, asking him about pokemon based on what he said in the chat:

gift (1/14/18 5:03:25 PM): are you back into competitive or something? stakakata isn't something I thought you'd consider cute or anything so just curious
punkapunkin (1/14/18 5:04:21 PM): No, it's not cute & yes, I'm competing in VGC 2018.
gift (1/14/18 5:04:33 PM): interesting
gift (1/14/18 5:04:49 PM): I did vgc a long time ago, 14-15 season
gift (1/14/18 5:05:12 PM): it was ok, went to a regional and placed 9th, so I missed the second round by one place :/
gift (1/14/18 5:09:57 PM): whenever you get the chance you should check out some of my forum posts ecks dee, I remember you always used to push people to use the forums, and now that I don't have any other options I've been using them
punkapunkin (1/14/18 5:13:25 PM): That's a stretch.
gift (1/14/18 5:14:58 PM): wym that's a stretch
gift (1/14/18 5:15:21 PM): I was doing the rm shit for a while and then I lost the ability to rm altogher after a bit
punkapunkin (1/14/18 5:17:51 PM): The...rm? I'm not talking about that. You're talking to me like we're buddy buddy. I'm not your friend & I'm not going to spend my time reading through your posts every day to mitigate the impact of you being banned because you couldn't stop & be considerate for two seconds. 
punkapunkin (1/14/18 5:19:44 PM): None of this would've happened had you stopped and gone: "This person really doesn't like this. I'm not an ass hole, so I'm going to just refrain from posting that image that was clearly a joke for someone elsewhere as to not humiliate them in front of 15 other people here"
gift (1/14/18 5:20:14 PM): you had already left when I even posted it directly
punkapunkin (1/14/18 5:20:36 PM): You're lucky I haven't blocked you, I hope you realize that. Mado's even blocked you. 
gift (1/14/18 5:21:23 PM): You're lucky I'm being tolerant of you after I got banned because you got your pussy ass feelings hurt over a public domain picture that you uploaded to a chat with your own free will where people had it out for you
gift (1/14/18 5:21:42 PM): and then you get all sad and say
gift (1/14/18 5:21:50 PM): "nova gave me stockholm syndrome xdxdxd"
gift (1/14/18 5:22:09 PM): "even though talon's gone char makes me sad because he reminds me that my intelligence is not supreme"
gift (1/14/18 5:22:12 PM): then you're back
punkapunkin (1/14/18 5:22:21 PM): I never uploaded that image to Nova. Char was phishing & found it. I'M lucky? Fuck you, Talon. Seriously. 
punkapunkin (1/14/18 5:22:30 PM): Have fun being alone you wretched miserable cunt.

I was banned because of giving this boy's picture THAT WAS ALREADY PUBLIC to 0mi, and then for posting it directly ONLY AFTER HE LEFT, which is an absolutely retarded, and then Spin can't even appreciate me being tolerant of him after that retarded ban that was caused by spin getting all sad that he fucked up and posted a semi-nude picture to AOC of all places AND OF HIS OWN FREE WILL.

Since you're so sad about your anorexic-looking ass figure, I decided my parting GIFT to you would be to remind you to eat some more and go in your mother's stomach to find that missing testicle you were born without. GOODBYE.

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Post by Hydrarch on Sun Jan 14, 2018 11:43 pm

Also I think I'm gonna cease further forum posts and try and do what I initially told myself to do, not fuck with this shithole until 2019.

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Re: Fuck This

Post by Mado on Mon Jan 15, 2018 12:15 am

And that was the last nail in the coffin. I'm not sure if I'm gonna unban you at all anymore.

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Re: Fuck This

Post by charizardf1 on Mon Jan 15, 2018 12:25 am

Yes I agree with you on a lot of points about young Darion's flaws Talon m8. He's a spoiled crybaby that feels entitled and thinks that people should be blessed by his appearance and company and should be treated like some important figure. He refuses to adapt and learn from situations and continues to go the path of acting like a immature child. I also don't think you were wrong about how you were approaching young Darion in pms since you seemed non hostile and just was trying to have a civil conversation with him. Thing is though you still seem to not grasp the original concept of why pupil is frustrated with you in the first place. He's fed up with you because you never follow the agreements you two agree with and continue to do the opposite of what you say you would do. For 4 years now he's been defending you from the populace of Nova because he had high hopes you would cooperate but you had failed him countless times. This isn't just about the Darion situation, it's about your overall conduct and stacking disappointments that led up to this point. Also don't think that Nova hates you because we really all like you it's just you can go a little overboard at times when it's unnecessary. I do however think the best thing for you to do is to take a break and try to not be here much. You'll just stress yourself more and more. Enjoy yourself by going elsewhere and living life and stuff. Rememebr you also always have us all on pms and discord so I mean it's not like you're really missing much anyways. It's just a chat you'll be ok. Till next time young Talon.

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Re: Fuck This

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