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Fuck This

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Fuck This

Post by nigerianobeselord on Mon Jan 15, 2018 1:40 am

Hey guys, Angry Loser here. As you know, my blood has been boiling recently. Ever since that devious criminal 0mi told mado I posted Dairyon's pics, my blood pressure's been through the FUCKING roof! I tried to be a nice guy and pretend to reconcile with Dairyon, but that FUCKING BITCH got MAD at me for something I did, what a fucking prick! Anyway, as I am a massive autistic pussy ass bitch, I will now attempt to distract everyone by saying 0mi's name. 0mi is a guy I worship since I know he has immense power, he has complete control over me as I am extremely weak in comparison to his gargantuan power. Also he does pushups to stay fit and almost has abs (i'm bisexual).  

Here is a chat log from this morning:
gift (1/14/18 5:03:25 PM): your abs are so fucking massive
0mi (1/14/18 5:04:21 PM): haha still working on them bro
gift (1/14/18 5:04:33 PM): interesting
gift (1/14/18 5:04:49 PM): my abs are still small since im a fucking pussy
gift (1/14/18 5:05:12 PM): im bisexual
gift (1/14/18 5:09:57 PM): hey im gonna return to nova soon if thats okay with you
0mi (1/14/18 5:13:25 PM): na
As you can see, 0mi completely blew me off, what an a-hole! As a result, I made an angry post to express my anger at nova, fuck those BASTARDS! Im now going to pretend I can stay away from nova for a whole year, even though I probably can't even last a week. I'm still desperate to return btw FUCK YOU MADO!


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Re: Fuck This

Post by charizardf1 on Mon Jan 15, 2018 1:49 am


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