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Fire Emblem Characters Empty Fire Emblem Characters

Post by charizardf1 on Fri Mar 16, 2018 11:54 pm

Hello everyone. Here we can discuss who are our favorite fire emblem characters. I'm just going to list who are my top 10 fire emblem characters along with my top 10 least favorite characters in the franchise. This goes toward all fire emblem and non fire emblem fans alike. You don't need to even give a full list. Just name some characters you may like or some you don't like. Also keep in mind that in my descriptions I may have some spoilers written about each character within their games so if you plan on playing their game in the near future just don't read past the name given. With all that said let's begin.

Top 10 Favorites:

10. (Fire Emblem Gaiden/Echoes: Shadows of Valentia) Alm: At first in FE3 I actually didn't think much of Alm and preferred Celica over him but after playing through the game multiple times I really started to understand and think more in depth about his character. Throughout Alm's life he has lived in the shadows as a farm boy knowing nothing about his true origins. Mycen took Alm as a baby from the kingdom of Rigel and raised him to fulfill his destiny to save Valentia. Alm is shown to be an amazing leader and knows his way around the battlefield quite well. His speeches are always convincing and he always seems to know the best course of action to take. 

9. (Fire Emblem Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn) Zelgius: Zelgius, who is also known as the black knight, is a strange antagonist. What I love about Zelgius is that he has such a powerful presence that lets anybody know even before even witnessing him fighting that he is an OP character. He has amazing leadership skills, always calm and collected, and is loyal to his superiors. What I also love is that he really isn't even evil or directly against the cast, he's just following orders as well as looking for closure towards testing his skill against Griel. He also holds high significance towards the development of Ike's character.

8. (Fire Emblem Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn) Kieran: Kieran is a really enjoyable character. He's not only a really capable fighter among the royal knights of Crimea, but also a really determined and funny character. I always love all his interactions with the other units they never fail to make me smile.

7. (Fire Emblem Sacred Stones) Ephraim: Ephraim is just too perfect as a fire emblem character but somehow it works for him. He has a strong lust for battle and he doesn't lack in skill whatsoever. Able to storm through entire kingdoms with just 2 other men, his leadership skills speak for themselves. He always says he doesn't pick a fight he can't win and well...he hasn't proven anyone wrong yet.

6. (Fire Emblem Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn) Tibarn: Tibarn is like that really cool role model that you want to aspire to be. Being a King of the bird tribes, he never fails to show how much he loves his fellow laguz. If anything ever happens to any of his kin he's quick to investigate on what is going on and settle it fast. Tibarn actually is quite intelligent and can keep his cool, being one of the most logical laguz out of them all.

5. (Fire Emblem Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn) Griel: Griel is an idolized warrior and is respected among beorc and laguz alike. Griel set the foundation for his son Ike teaching him the way of the sword so he can one day take over as the leader of The Griel Mercenaries. Griel sacrificed a lot to ensure the world as well as his children could remain safe and live on.

4. (Fire Emblem Gaiden/Echoes: Shadows of Valentia) Tobin: There's honestly not really a lot of in depth reasons why I enjoy Tobin. Tobin is just a really cool character that I've found to love to a high degree. His development and rivalry with Alm was really fun to see. What really catches my eye the most though is how much of a good friend he is.

3. (Fire Emblem Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn) Naesala: Naesala is actually the most underrated king of the laguz tribes. What I first liked about Naesala is that him along with his tribe are ravens, which are my favorite type of bird. Going through the games and learning more about him though made me love him even more. At first it is perceived that he is just a scheming, not to be trusted, betrayer who justcares for nothing but profit but it turns out that in the end he was under a contract where he is forced to do the senates bidding so he could save his kingdom. Ontop of that if you ever realized why he isn't that powerful considering he's a laguz king, then you'll be surprised to know that the original king was killed due to the contract and naesala himself decided to step up in order to help save the ravens. Tibarn used to be my most respected laguz but after all that Naesala definately took the cake.

2. (Fire Emblem Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn) Mia: Myrmidons are easily my favorite class line. Of all the myrmidons I know so far my favorite is easily Mia. She's such a funloving individual. Always looking to challenge herself and improve and wanting to spare all the time. She's always a joy to have on the team and I can never really get tired of her.

1. (Fire Emblem Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn) Ike: Yes, the radiant hero himself, Ike. Ike is one of the most popular and idolized heroes in fire emblem for a reason. He's really likable due to not being tied to royalty. Ike's character to be honest actually is really straightforward, he just is continuing his mercenary job left by his father. Of course that isn't the only thing about him but based off that Ike generally doesn't care about politics and he does whatever he seems is the right thing to do. What most characters in his game love about Ike is that he generally doesn't have an in depth mind towards individuals and situations. To him living things are simply living things and all deserve equal chance of respect regardless of race. If something looks wrong he rises up against it. He hates politics not because it's hard to think about but because everyone in it are just selfish curs who value themselves above all else, which Ike isn't about in the slightest. Ike is really relatable character and will most likely be not only my favorite fire emblem character but my favorite fictional character as well.

Top 10 least favorite:

10. (Fire Emblem Gaiden/Echoes: Shadows of Valentia) Celica: I don't really hate Celica that badly, but she does have so many flaws about herself that I kinda dislike quite a bit. Celica's emotions really got the better of her a good number of times in Fe2. Celica chose not to understand Alm's feelings that he had to continue the war, dispite him himself not wanting to fight in the first place. Celica also was really dumb as to trust Jedah, who was obviously evil and not going to help her. Celica's choices in the game really questioned why i loved her so much in the first place.

9. (Fire Emblem Fates) Rhajat: I dislike the knockoff version of Tharja. I love Tharja in awakening but remaking her in this game rly made herself the inferior version and i just don't like it to be honest.

8. (Fire Emblem Fates) Ryoma: I only like Ryoma as a unit and that's about it. Characterwise I don't like how he is. This is actually moreso of a biased dislike towards Ryoma since he's about equally as bad as story Xander. He is so fast as to turn his sword against Corrin without even attempting to understand the situation of what is going on(just like all the other royals for some stupid reason}. That's not even the end of it. Why is the soon to be king of hoshido deciding to randomly leave his family and kingdom in secret so he can infiltrate Nohr, scaring everyone half to death worrying about what happened to him? Something tells me Ryoma just isn't that smart. I would also like to give a shoutout to story Xander for being so blinded and retarded that he'd willingly follow his father knowing he murders things for fun and after killing his sister he just discards her dying wishes and continues to stay foolish and retarded....

7. (Fire Emblem Fates) Takumi: Another character i only like as a unit. Takumi just whines and blames Corrin for no reason. I mean sure he does have a reason to be skeptical, but he kinda goes too far with it. I don't like his attitude in general. I know that it's just a character flaw of his and he develops and gets better later on but idk i just don't like him.

6. (Fire Emblem Fates) Peri: To be honest Peri actually has potential to be likable but her problem is her role in the story. Peri is written in to be Xander's retainer which makes no sense at all if you think about it. How is somebody who loves to murder and kill for fun somebody respected and trusted by Xander? It makes no absolute sense. Peri's role as Xander's retainer just ruins the character of other units which is really bothersome. She would have been better as a recruitable enemy or something, then i would like her a lot more.

5. (Fire Emblem Sacred Stones) Orson: I've only played Sacred stones once so I might be wrong for my reasoning to dislike him but dude....you literally betrayed everyone because your lover died? Just why?

4. (Fire Emblem Fates) Garon: How Garon was written in Fates was just awful. I truly dislike his character all round. Like villains of course are supposed to be hated but Garon as a character is just....yeah didn't care for him one bit.

3. (Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn) Meg: She's just there to be there. Why is she even a thing in the game? Not only is she not useful for the plot but not useful as a unit as well? 

2. (Fire Emblem Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn) Izuka: Izuka doesn't appeal to me in the slightest. He was actually successful and he is a good villain and all but i just personally find him annoying and disgusting.

1. (Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia) Faye: I truly despise Faye so hard. Everyone else on the list doesn't compare at all to this character. She's just a one trait character that only cares about and talking about Alm. She's extremely annoying to me especially when other characters are trying to have a normal conversation with her only to be blocked off because they aren't talking about Alm. There's nothing about her character that is redeeming unlike anybody else on this list in my eyes.

There you have it guys. I look forward to seeing your favorites and least favorite characters.

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