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Tale of Young Darion the Chosen

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Tale of Young Darion the Chosen Empty Tale of Young Darion the Chosen

Post by charizardf1 on Mon Mar 19, 2018 7:20 pm

This story is of another great hero. A hero that is not seen as a hero by those he have saved. All of his deeds ensured that NovaStorm would continue to live on despite how everyone ended up thinking of him. This, is the grande tale of a true embodiment of justice.

NovaStorm was still flourishing over the hype of a new beginning of possibilities. A new era within NovaStorm was about to blossom. This new generation had brought upon new hopes, new discoveries, new ideals, and much more. Foreseeing the future, King Mitch had a vision of a certain individual who could bring NovaStorm to new heights than ever before. Intrigued by this, King Mitch sought out the individual to convince the boy to join the new era of NovaStorm. 

King Mitch appeared before the young boy, "Hello young one." The boy is startled, wondering where he came from and what was going on, "Umm uuh...hi?" King Mitch observed the boy, "So it is true. You are the one we need." The boy looks confused, "Umm what are you talking about?" Mitch reaches out his hand, "Come, I know of a place that you would enjoy, and where you will develop yourself." The boy just rolls with it, "Oh umm ok sure I'll come along." Mitch takes the boy to NovaStorm and everyone quickly is alarmed by the new face in the area. Lord Hmado puts his arm up before anyone can start barraging the boy, putting everyone at a halt, "Hello newcomer, Who are you?" The boy looks to him, "My name is Punk. Nice to meet you."

Lord Hmado smiles and welcomes Punk with a smile and turns to the Nova people, "Everyone let us welcome our new friend Punk. Let's treat him well." Everyone goes to greet and introduce themselves to Punk. As everyone is speaking with him Hmado walks over to Mitch, "It's not often you go out of your way to bring somebody. Is there a reason for this?" Mitch watches over Punk getting crowded by the Novians, "I just have a feeling he will become something special to this place. Let's see what our future holds in this new era." Hmado nods his head and also watches, "Yes, this new generation will likely be a great one."

Punk quickly makes himself at home at Nova, making new friends with most everyone. Bringing new life to the domain, Punk has already been noticed as a valued regular among the cast. Link is skeptical of the new rise of Punk, "There's something about him that seems very dangerous." Char takes concern, "What do you mean? He seems fine to me for the moment." Link shakes his head, "Just watch over him." Link walks off leaving Char wondering, "(I guess it wouldn't hurt to take some caution.)" 

Link speaks with Punk, " Hello Punk, I heard you enjoy the tales of Sun and Moon. Let's discuss some of the lore." Punk gets happy, "I'd love that!" Link pulls out a book, " Great! You should share this information with everyone. It'll be lots of fun talking about it with everyone. I'm sure they'd love to elarn about it." Punk takes the book and runs off, excited about sharing news about new Series of Sun and Moon. As Punk went on and on about what he knew, some Novians began to dislike what they were hearing. "Hey! Stop! We don't want to hear about that yet!" Surge along with few others began to start an uproar of the information Punk was leaking. Char, who was watching over Punk from Link's request, quickly jumped into the situation, "Ok what is going on here?" Punk explains his situation and Char immediately gets upset, "You fool! The tale of Sun and Moon shouldn't be told yet! The prophecy isn't complete yet! Don't spread this information or else you risk dooming us all!" Punk refused to back down, "No! I just want to enjoy this with everyone. Why can't I do that!?" Char knocks Punk back, "You will stop or else I will have no choice but to put you down." Punk gets furious but decides to retreat before any further damage was done, leaving NovaStorm for the time being.

Char goes to report to King Mitch, "King Mitch, The newcomer Punk is gone for now." King Mitch looks upon Char, "What happened?" As Lord Hmado walks in, "He was sharing information about the Sun and Moon series, he had put Nova in great risk. He held a book trying to convince people of the prophecy, leading to lots of chaos and confusion among the people." Lord Hmado looks surprised, "A book? The book of Sun and Moon shouldn't be out yet. Let me look into this real fast." Lord Hmado calls Mox, "Mox, what is the status of the Suna nd Moon prophecy? Have you heard of any books recently?" Mox takes out a book of his own getting everyone wide eyed, "Yes. I heard of the commotion recently. The book of sun and Moon is indeed valid and has just started coming out, but only those of special privilege should have hold of it this early." Char looks down, "(Maybe I was too hard on him...)" Mox continues, " Someone like Punk though having it. I don't know how he would obtain a book. I only have it due to my secret intelligence network but him having it must mean he's something big." Hmado thinks, "I wonder who Punk really is?"  

Link goes to speak to Codie, "Hello Codie." Codie looks toward Link with disgust, "What do you want?" Link goes on, " So what do you think about that newcomer? He seems to get quite the attention real fast." Link throws down pictures of Punk enjoying himself with everyone. "Doesn't he seem quite similar to people like Tina?" Codie looks through the pictures, "Hmmm." Link says his farewells to Codie and walks off. As Link is walking about NovaStorm he spots Kitty following him. "Kitty can you stop being weird and come out." Kitty pounces from the shadows, "But I was busy stalking you." Link shudders, "....Listen there's something we should discuss."

About a month passes and the prophecy of Sun and Moon was released. Everyone was gathered around to listen to the contents. "Everyone may I have your attention." The Novians quiet down upon Mitch's arrival. "It is time to learn what our future holds on this era." Mitch calls upon Mox to share the deciphered book. "I've evaluated of the Sun and Moon quite early on to know what will await us on this era, " Mox takes out the book, "The Sun and Moon...It represents the dawning of a bright start but....into a dark end." Everyone gasp and starts talking amongst each other. "It speaks that we are to have a new hero that rises up to save us all from the rise of an evil who brings forth multiple evils to challenge our rhelm. Lots of Novians are to be driven away from this chaos." The Novians all begin to question who these individuals might be. 

Punk returns to Nova just as the announcement was ending. Some Novians quickly turn towards Punk assuming that he is the evil the Sun and Moon discussed but others defended him, saying it's too soon to make such bold claims. During a conflict, Lord Hmado decided to invite Punk within the Nova Castle to chat among themselves. "Punk, what madness are you causing? Do you really want to further prove to these people that you are the evil?" Punk is agitated, "No it is their fault! Why do they always come after me? What did i do to deserve this!?" Hmado goes to a shelf and picks up the book of Sun and Moon. "This is the reason. Your new arrival seems to have made many worry about our future." Hmado opens the book and looks toward Punk, "You have this book too don't you?" Punk looks at it, "Oh well i had borrowed it from someone but never got around to reading it all." Hmado takes a pause to look through the book, "Punk, the new hero who appears in Nova, I honestly think it's you." 

At the square lots of Novians are discussing about Sun and Moon. Zero come in, "This book is bad. How can you all believe in this stuff?" Zero, being an atheist, didn't believe in the prophecys. Zod, Surge and many more would argue with him on this topic. "Look, bring your negativity about this elsewhere. You just are complaining because you are inexperienced." Zero laughs at Zod, "Inexperienced? How about we test that out then. Let us fight to see who really doesn't know what they speak of." Zero and Zod draw power from their books of sun and moon. "You say that the prophecy is bad, yet you hold onto it and use it?" Zod summons needles and throws them toward Zero. He dodges and conjures spikey rocks and hurls them toward Zod. Blocking them JD gets inbetween them, "Stop fighting. If you want to settle your differences take this somewhere else." Zero lays down his hand, "He was just about to give up anyways." Zero takes his leave from Nova as Surge helps Zod up.

Link awaits Zero as he's leaving Nova square, "Zero may i ask something of you?" Zero just keeps walking past Link ignoring him. "I'd like to request your assistance in something." Zero stops and looks back at Link, "I don't like you. I don't want anything to do with you." Link smirks, "I feel the same way, but we have a common enemy and was wondering if you'd like to discuss." Zero turns around, "....I don't care." Zero makes his exit. "Hmmm...I'll just have to trust that things shape up on their own then." 

Punk and Hmado exit Nova Castle into the plaza to see some chaos had occured. Punk looks around, "Geez what happened here?" JD approaches Hmado, "Lord Hmado that nigger Zero was causing trouble again." Hmado shakes his head, "Darn him. When will he stop his elitist attitude?" Codie points at Punk, "There wouldn't be problems if only this furry would leave. Nobody likes him." Punk gets a little riled, "Why don't you just shut up and leave me alone?" Codie replies," Why don't you kill yourself?" Hmado stops Codie, "That's enough out of you." Talon agrees with Codie, "He's right. Punk doesn't need to be here. Nobody really likes him because he's brought upon chaos throughout Nova lately." Hmado glares at Talon, "The only chaotic thing around here is you." Punk starts to question why he's even at Nova.

Punk sits in Nova castle isolated and sad. As Mitch passes by he noticed the depressed boy, "Oh hi Punk. What are you doing here by yourself? Everybody is outside." Punk sighs, "I don't think I belong here Mitch. I seem to just be in the way and nobody cares enough to understand me." Mitch replies, "You are just going about this too hard. What you need to do is maybe take a small break to find yourself but you must come back." Punk looks up to Mitch, "Find myself? Maybe you're right...." Mitch hands Punk back his book of the sun and moon, "Here. Take this and go find what you need to make yourself complete. You'll find yourself returning in due time." Punk takes the book, "Wow Mitch thanks. I still don't know what you're talking about with this prophecy nonsense but I'll keep this as a keepsake. I'm nothing special in Nova so I'll just leave for now and find my place elsewhere." Punk then leaves Nova on a quest to find what he needs in order to truly prosper.

Punk journeys far and wide across the rhelm of Chatango, looking for his purpose. He comes across many places he's been to before as well as discovering new places but fails to make a real connection anywhere. As he journeys he skims through the prophecy and starts to use it as a guide. Punk is lead to a village area that is said to hold the AOC(Animal Ocular Chamber). Punk goes to visit and finds lots of strange individuals but they all seemed to be somewhat nice. He quickly grows fond of this group and makes a very close new friend as well. "Hey Erza, What exactly is the AOC?" Erza smiles, "Oh well I think it has something to do with weird animals or something I don't know." Punk gets curious, "Hmm... I think I'll go check it out." Punk makes his way to AOC and is stopped by a knife flown across right in front of him and sticks to the ground. "W-what the hell? I could have died." Looking around, he starts backing away but then a female with a tail comes out, "What are you doing here?...o wait are you?" Punk recognizes the face, "Is that you Tam? Oh my it's been along time old friend!" Punk is overjoyed but Tam seems unphased, "What are you doing here though?" 

Punk explains what he is doing to Tam. He shares the book of the sun and moon with Tam. Reading through it thoroughly, Tam is very surprised that Punk actually is connected to the prophecy. "Punk....so it really is you." Punk looks confused, "What are you saying silly Tam?" Tam points to AOC, "You have to go here, Usually I can't allow people to be here but this is what you are destined for." Punk just goes along with Tam as she opens the chambers with her strange ocular powers. They step through and lots of glyphs and monoliths. Tam points out and explains, "Each of these are described partly in that book you have. They tell of somebody who is supposed to obtain the power here." Punk looks around, "What are you talking about? So these monoliths are actually copied and translated into the book of sun and moon?" Tam nods, "Yeah seems like it. Not many people should be able to really understand these glyphs because it holds forbidden secrets and stuff." Punk seems intrigued, "So am I supposed to understand and know these secrets?" Tam mods, "Yeah. You're the chosen one. The one who shall harness the power of Futa."

Punk is a little weirded out, "Umm....Futa?" Tam nods, "Yes. Futa is said to be an ancient power that was founded by the furries of the past. It combines the traits of both genders within a person, enhancing their full animal nature. It is said to give the true power of the legendary furry warrior." Punk, "That actually seems really strange but at the same time very interesting. So I guess I should become a this futa?" Tam nods, "Yes. I really suggest you do it. Not everybody has the capability to become one. Only those that are chosen by the monolith as well as the ancient furry bloodline can really go through this, otherwise they just kinda die." Punk is a little shaky, "Umm wait are you sure I can really be one? I don't want to die...." Tam shrugs, "It'll be fine i guess. Won't hurt to try." Tam shows Punk to the ritual area. Punk listens to what he is instructed to do. He sits inside a circle with two items beside him, a penis and vagina artifact. Tam starts to chant, "Futa nari futa nari futa nar." The penis and vagina artifacts begin to float around Punk. "Futa nari Futa nari FUTA NAR!" The artifacts swirl faster and faster around Punk while a powerful aura begins to resonate. "Futanari arte. Unlock his hidden potential. Grant this young boy what he deserves." Tam opens her eyes wide open, "THE POWER OF FUTANARI! ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA!" The artifacts make a tornado surrounding Punk, lifting him from the ground. They start spliting into pieces and then pierces into his body. A strong light begins to engulf the area. 

Meanwhile in Nova during Punk's dissapearance, Talon has grown more and more powerful with his darkness, spreading negative tension throughout Nova. The 0minization had attacked and a new threat known as the discord queen has arrived. Char was driven out due to speculation of being involved with the evil organization and went into hiding with 0mi and Ramp, forming their anti-0minization group. With all these problems persisting Lord Hmado and Mitch struggle to deal with them on their own. The people of Nova began to question and rebel against the nation, putting Nova's position in a critical state. After being away for a significant time, Char returns and clears his name of the false rumors of his betrayal and returns to assist in the fight to bring peace in Nova.

Hmado is holding a staff meeting, "Darn...what do we do about these situations? Everyone is making such big deals out of nothing." Mitch, "Don't you think Talon is a huge source of these problems? It might be time to do away with the fetus again." Buzz, "Yeah I agree. He is the cause of majority of these recent problems." AJ, "Yes Talon is a problem but what about Char? Why is he allowed here? He's pretty much dealing with those 0minization goons." Hmado shakes his head, "No AJ I really don't believe that he would do this. He'd never betray me and ruin Nova. Plus he's a regular it makes no sense at all." JD, "What I think is that this is a huge waste of time. Just ban the troublemakers and move on. Nobody can do anything. Just needless retarded drama." Mitch agrees, "Yes people are taking these situations more seriously than what it is. We have Talon, Tina, and all these rebels making a lot of fuss to stress others out for entertainment." Buzz, "It probably would be even worse if Punk was around. He causes massive headaches just by himself alone for the entire chat." Hmado thinks, "(That's right. Punk has been really troublesome for a lot, but he really isn't that bad a guy in concept.) No. I don't believe he's that much of a huge problem. Maybe it's time we seek out Punk." Fang, "I agree with you. He isn't that bad if he isn't provoked but what do we need him for?" JD shrugs, "Don't start with this whole prophecy talk. It's cringe and stupid." Hmado, "It's something I very well believe in. So far it has been on the right track. From what I hear from Mox and the others who have in depth knowledge of the Sun and Moon, it has been pretty spot on so far. The coming of Punk, how he is, and his hidden potential. I see it. We really do need him back to help us save Nova." AJ, "Are you sure you just want him back? I mean just say that." Hmado, "Of course I'd love to see him back. He is a friend but this is dire. His presence will help us in the end." Mitch, "Hmado's right. I foresaw a future that will bring an enduring peace for us and it involved him. I sent him out in order to hone his potential. It has been some time since he's been away. I'm curious to see how much he's changed." JD, "I find this all to be very stupid but do whatever. I really don't care as long as nothing idiotic happens." Hmado, "Then it is settled. In our aid of this age of darkness. We shall keep fighting while searching for Punk." 

Hmado and the staff exits the meeting room. Hmado calls upon Char to see him at the throne room. Hmado, "Sensei I have something to ask of you." Char, "O what is it pupil mate?" Hmado, "I feel as if you may be the best for this assignment. Retreive Punk so we can deal with this nonsense." Char is puzzled, "But don't you think that might...make things worse for us?" Hmado is silent for a small moment with a sigh, "Honestly I'm not too sure but the prophecy speaks of him. He has to be our savior." Char is displeased, "Ugh...You may be right but we already have a hero. Link is more than enough to handle these situations." Hmado shakes his head, "It is weird but I have barely seen Link involve himself in the defense. This might be something too much for him to handle on his own." Char looks down, "Yeah...(What could Link possibly be doing?) Alright...I'll go get him." Hmado smiles, "Great! Thanks sensei. I know that you two have some negative tension with each other but I really do feel a powerful connection between you two. I'm sure he will listen to you." Char, "Hmph..(but is that connection actually real?)" Char sets out to find Punk.

Tam looks looks amazed as the light engulfs the area, "Has it...happened?" The light begins to dim as Punk descends from above. Punk lands having a somewhat change in his presence. Punk takes a breath, "Tam...I feel it. It's like I'm a whole new person. I think I'm liking this futa thing." Tam smiles, "Yes it seems to have worked and you didn't die. Now you need to understand what powers you possess and hone them." Punk is curious, "So what exactly can I do? I don't really feel much different. I still am the same boy." Tam, "You are wrong. Let me show you." Tam begins to change her appearance almost like a transformation. Her tail and fur dissapears and she appears as a regular human. Punk is astonished, "Woah wait you just became normal looking!" Tam reverts back to her futa form, "Yes. I'm of the descended royal futa line, Tammy Futanari. This is the power my family passed down from generations. It used to be a power exclusive to those within our family but then an outsider one day stole our secretsand tried to become futa with our ritual. He failed and died of course. Was kinda funny too. His penis shot off him like a rocket. At least that's what I was told." Punk, "Eww...(That could have happened to me..)" Tam, "Anyways even though he died his strong resolve stayed, leaving his lingering spirit with the aura of futa to remain. Randomly through generations the power inhabits random souls that are lost, creating new life and potential outside of the royal bloodline., making a powerful hybrid futa." Punk, "So why is this power so improtant? Is it really that powerful? What does being a Hybrid even mean?" Tam, "Geez can you just ask one question at a time I really don't like when you do this." Punk, "Sorry...." Tam, "Whatever since this is improtant I'll go ahead and explain. This power like i said before enhances animal prowess, meaning your senses, willpower, and resistence become a lot better so I'd say it's decently powerful i guess. Not really anything too special like super strength or shooting beams our your hands if that's what you were expecting. It's only risky and bad because being a futa isn't for everyone really. It is bad for some and some can really pull it off. Hybrid though just makes you more unique in concept. Not any changes really just a title stating you're lucky to be alive with this power." Punk, "....So basically I didn't really gain anything useful." Tam, "Futas are cool and kawaii dude."

Char walks into AOC, "Punk are you here?" Tam quickly reacts to the noise and throws shurikens at Char. Char is barely able to react and tries to shield himself but Punk quickly knocks them away with his new futa power. Char looks aweshocked, "(What the hell? his movements are so fast.)" Punk, "Tam stop this is a friend." Punk turns to Char and smiles, "Heeyyy Char how's it been!?" Char is trying to make about the situation, "Umm ok can you tell me what is going onright now? And who is that crazy bitch?" Tam, "Get out of here you peasant! Call me that again and I'll kill you." Tam gets out her knife and prepares to charge at Char but Punk gets in between, "Hold up Tam relax it's ok. I'll escort him out and catch up with him. I'll be back soon ok." Tam puts down her knife, "But wait you still havn't honed your futa powers." Punk, "Don't worry I can do it later." Char, "(This is just all weird. Does she have a tail?)" Punk makes his exit with Char back to the AOC village. Tam growls, "I don't like him...at all."

Punk introduced Char with everyone in AOC. Both Char and Punk explain to each other what has occurred with them after Punk left Nova. Char was greatly weirded out and suspect of Punk's situation, but decided to aid him in honing his futa powers. They go to the AOC and get advice and train with Tam. Char and Tam often clashed and didn't get along with eachother and eventually had to separate. Hearing about Nova Tam decided that she would go there to see what Punk's future will hold for him. Punk leaves AOC and creates his own small group with Erza with Char assisting. Punk developed the ability to utilize his futa abilities while practising Tam's instructings and training with Char. Char gives pointers on how to cope and deal with the conflicts of Nova, being a veteran in the battlefield. After awhile it was finally time for Punk to make his return to Nova.

Talon had just destroyed the discord queen, bringing Nova into a frenzy of panic and despair. Hmado and Mitch are facing Talon alone, trying to put reason back into his head. Hmado, "Talon stop this chaos! You're driving more and more people away." Talon looks upon Hmado with a smug look, "Why do you continue to go against me. You know these people don't belong here. I'm simply doing what I can to save Nova from cancer." Mitch, "But you're the main one causing this though." Zero and Pale begin to gather others to join the riot against Talon. Zero, "Yo Mado you need to get rid of Talon. He's gonna get us in trouble." Pale, "Yeah this dude going around making people kill themselves. What a scumbag." Hmado couldn't stop the civil war that was about to begin.

Talon's dark aura radiates as he begins to spread his amaterasu flames around Nova. Zero gets out his Rathalos shield to block some of the flames while Pale retaliates by throwing a javelin at Talon. Talon stops the javelin with psychic. Getting baited, Zod and Surge do a combination thunderbolt attack on Talon. Knowing that the bait was coming, Talon puts up reflect barrier and it goes back to them but Funne uses protect to shield them. Funne goes after talon, utilizing her frustration and combinding it with her fury swipes. Talon nimbly spot dodges and rolls from her attacks but is lead into Zero's trap filling him with virus's. Funne tries to go for the finishing blow but Talon uses his psycho shift to transfer the virus to her, disabling her. Zod takes Funne and retreats while surge distracts him. 

The battle against Talon continued to rage on and many Novians were defeated and crippled. Hmado is face to face against Talon, "That's enough Talon. I can't allow you to mess with my people anymore. It's time time for you to have another time out." Talon frowns, "I havn't done anything wrong though. These people don't deserve to be in Nova. Once i erase them all from here we can truly find salvation!" Talon conjures a shadow ball and throws it at Hmado but is protected by Mitch's mirror wall. Hmado activates his ritual to summon his sacred treasures, "It's time to get serious now Talon." Talon, "You're only using that? You know you can do any with me easily, but refuse to do it because you know I'm right." Hmado shakes his head, "No Talon you're wrong. I still have some faith that deep down you still can shift away from this." Talon, "Then it is time." Talon's dark aura begins to engulf him more and more, "It is time for me to truly open your eyes." Talon's size grow big and he tranforms into a Dragon. Hmado, "W-what!? that's the ancient Grima symbol." 

Talon makes it rain shadow balls and Hmado protects the land with his multiple arrows. Hmado reflects, dodges, and blocks all of his attacks. Talon fires a hyper beam at Talon but Hmado uses his Mirror shield to try to block but is struggling, "This is....so strong." Mitch contacts Hmado, "Yo I installed something within the mirror shield to bounce that back." Hmado discovers the extra power in the mirror shield, "Oh perfect." Using the new upgrade, the mirror shield forced the attack back at Talon and caused huge damage to him. Enraged, Talon swipes Hmado and stripped him of his armor, making him crash down. Dark vines emerge around Talon and he thrust them at Hmado, "This is the end. Acknowledge my reasonings." Punk, "No!" Punk and Char enters with Char burnin gaway the vines with flamethrower and Punk using his mystical fire on Talon. Tam comes out of hiding and chants something to reduce Talon from his Grima form. Talon is shook, "No...impossible! I did away with you." Punk, "Sorry but..." Punk begins to change his form, "I'm back for good his time."

Hmado looks at Punk, "He's done it. He achieved the power." Char walks up beside pupil, "Yea he has the power of Futa....really weird." Hmado looks unimpressed, "Futa...." Zero laughs, "So he's gay." Punk, "I'm not gay shut up!" Talon smiles, "Yes....futa. I can very well use you after all." Punk looks at Talon sternly, "You won't be using me for anything. Leave all these people alone you bully." Talon smirks, "But Punk you have more enemies than just me. You may have the advantage over me alone but I have the numbers." Punk, "Numbers? What are you talking about?" Hmado looks around, "Oh no....please not this early." Char, "Yep...we knew this was going to happen." Novians begin to crowd around Talon to stand against Punk. Punk looks sad and looks down, "I see...so they still don't like me huh." Hmado, Char, and Tam stand in front of Darion, preparing for the incoming Novians. Punk, "Then i guess I need to enlighten you all. I'm not who I was before. My name is no longer Punk." He holds up his head proud, "My name is Spin!"

Char looks at Spin weirdly, "Umm...that name is kinda gay. Just stick to Punk." Spin, "No I'm sticking with this i don't care what you think." Char shrugs, "Whatever Darion." Zero, "Wait his name is Darion?" Char nods as Spin is getting agitated, "No stop it I told you not to call me by name." Char, "Geez dude it's not that big a deal..." Punk begins to revert his attention from Talon and onto Char and starts arguing with him. Talon began to quickly adapt to the situation in order to switch things into his favor, "Ah yes. Darion you know that nobody likes you because you always keep making a big deal out of little things like this right?" Codie agrees, "Yes go back to raping your furry cat's sister you freak." Spin gets more and more irritated, "Nobody ever respects me and I'm tired of it!" Char tries to get ahold of Spin, "Calm down Darion. Don't let them get into your head. Now we need to focu-" Spin cuts Char off, "NO! We aren't doing anything!" Char is shook, "Huh? What are you talking about? We neeed to take down Talon or else-" Char notices the malice taking over Spin, "Oh no...damn it I thought you had control over this by now." Spin's futa begins to get consumed by negative energy, changing his fur into a dark and red pattern. Talon smirks, "This is proof to all of you. What you see before you now is a being not meant to be with us. So join me. Let's take out Darion before he causes more chaos between us!" Talon convinces even more Novians to join his cause against Spin, turning the tables and making him seem like the real threat.

Mitch looks at Spin as he turns toward the darkness, "No...there's something wrong. He's causing more chaos than that of Talon. This isn't what I foresaw." Hmado shakes his head, "Do not worry Mitch he is simply lost right now. He needs us to bring him back to his senses." Spin stands alone against the army Talon musters, "You've come to understand that your futa powers are just for show. You're actually still the same weakling you've always been." Spin growls at Talon, "You know nothing!" Char, "Darion stop this! We need to work together to take him and the others down. At this rate you won't make it." Spin lashes at Char and he barely dodges the attack, "What is the meaning of this?" Spin, "You are always making a fool of me and disrespecting me. I don't need your help. I never asked for it either." Char, "What are you talking about? I've been supporting you all this time....Why do you think I'm agaisnt you?" Spin, "Shut up you never supported me. You were always bad towards me." Char, "(Is this the cause of his huge malice?)" Char tries really hard to get Spin to understand but nothing seems to budge. 

Hmado walks up to Spin, "Spin that's enough. Sensei has no ill intentions toward you." Spin grabs his head in denial, "No that's not true at all. You keep speaking for him but you also are never any help." Hmado backs up in sorrow, "I see...." Char looks at Spin angrily, "You are being very stupid right now if you really believe all you are saying. Without us who do you even have?" Tam walks to Spin's side with him showing no resistance. Tam makes a suspicious grin, "I control him now. He no longer will listen to the likes of you." Char, "So you changed him..." Tam, "I am the keeper of the futanari. Anybody who goes through the futa ritual abides to my feelings and needs. He is mine to control." Mitch, "That's insane. You put him against his own will?" Talon, "More enough reason now to get rid of him I'd say and her as well. We must form a truce to get rid of him." Hmado is enraged by Talon, "You disgust me. You are the vile one here we won't be doing anything to Spin." Spin begins to follow Tam's orders and targets Char first preparing to attack.

Spin clashes with Char, "You're always going against me at everything I do. What did i ever do to deserve all your shit!?" Spin slashes and Char parrys and blaze kicks Spin back, "Damn it Darion you're wrong! All of the events against you was to help improve you! Why can't you see this!?" Spin continues to run at Char and continues to clash , "No Char I've had it with your lies and I don't need "help" improving. You people never accepted me the way I am. Tam was right I should have cut you off long ago." Spin and Char back off each other and Spin prepares a shadow ball. Char, "Maybe he's right...I've been too hard on him. I've tried to forcibly change him without properly understanding him as a person. So in a sense i guess....I made him into the monster he is." Spin fires the shadow ball, "Maybe i do deserve to take this hit..." Mado, "No Sensei!" Mado blocks the attack. Char, "Pupil?" Mado, "Sensei there's nothing you should feel bad about. We've all taken a wrong turn when it came to Punk, but you have to rememeber.... The bonds you have with him are proof enough that you care. From our mistakes we shall learn from them and keep trying. Because he is our friend that we shall recover from the darkness." Char, "(Wow....pupil has indeed grown.... He's right though. I shouldn't give up because of Darion's misguided mindset. We have to convince him nomatter what. Because he's our friend)." 

Char stands by Mado, "Thanks pupil, I got a little off for a second there." Mado, "No problem Sensei." Spin is getting agitated, "Why do you always defend him!? You should be on my side. We need to get rid of his stupid ignorance!" Mado looks at Spin concerned, "You keep misunderstanding Sensei's intentions. He's not really against you. And I'm not either." Mado looks at Char, "Sensei I need to take care of the rest of the Novians. They are getting way out of hand about Punk's return. I'll have to leave him to you." Mado leaves the area and goes to hold off the rest of the Novians. Spin, "Wait Mado!" Spin charges toward Mado as he's fleeing the scene and Char gets in front and throws him back, "Sorry, but you're left for me to deal with." Spin gets more and more agitated. Talon looks upon the situation, "Are you sure you can handle him by yourself Char? He's quite powerfully stubborn about this. You'll need support." Char, "No. you will only make things worse." Talon smirks, "Oh but Char, Hasn't this situation escalated because of you in the first place. You're the one who's getting him worse ad worse as well. So I might as well pitch in." Char, ".....He's coming!" Char and Talon brace themselves as Spin makes his way to attack Talon ad Char.

Hmado makes his way towards the army of Novians getting ready to charge at Spin. Mitch is busy defending against Tam's assault. Tam, "I will erase you Char! You won't hurt come between me and spinny anymore!" Tam does a flurry of slashes and Mitch swiftly parries every strike, "Wtf are you talking about crazy woman. I'm not Char." Mitch attempts to bash tam with a shield and Tam jumps back, "Shut up! I won't fall for the lies!" Tam throws several kunai and Mitch blocks. Tam then appears behind Mitch with a katana. Mitch, "Holy shit she's fast." Tam delivers what she believes is the deciding blow but Mitch was prepared with sakuretsu armor that blows her back. Mitch takes out his gun and points it directly at Tam, "Listen bitch I am not Char you psycho." Tam stays idle, "Damn you all seem the same anyways. You're too strong to be Char so I guess i'll believe you." Hmado appears in front of the Novians awaiting their turn to further Spin's path to despair. 

Pale, "Where's Spin? We want to chat with him." Alex, Zero and others jump into the bandwagon wanting to confront Spin. Hmado, "I won't allow it. You all will stand down and leave him alone. I request you all listen to me or else face consequences." Alex, "Wow we're so scared. Like you'd actually do anything." Zero, "Mado you know how cancer he is. He needs to be put down tbh." Hmado shakes his head and draws his binding blade, "Then if you all won't listen to reason and stop trying to be bullies. Then I will have to hold you all down." Hmado releases the true power of the binding blade and strikes the ground as the Novian rebel army all charges toward Mado. The blade releases a tremendous sealing power to halt the massive group from going any further. Zero, "W-what is this? Mado....why put this much effort for him?" Hmado is slightly exhausted, "You people are creul...just fueling the fire...wanting the conflict to continue and drive this poor boy further downwards for your own amusement. I hate seeing these despicable displays of character. We'd rather not want that negative energy around." Zero, "But Mado it is him causing all of this. This is all because of him." Hmado, "you may be right, but it's not his fault for getting the harrassment treatment he gets. Maybe if people would have left him alone, he would have gotten better over time.....but of course that's too much to ask for with this community." Hmado stays by to keep the seal over the group as long as he can.

Spin goes to attack Char but Talon encases him with negative energy, "Like I said Punk you havn't really changed. You're still weak and fragile. A perfect specimen for me to use." Talon throws Spin to the ground. Char, "Talon don't be so rough on him! We're trying to get some sense into him not destroy him further." Talon, "Char you know this is the only way to stop him." Talon charges his dragon pulse using the Sun and Moon, "Goodbye Spin." Talon blasts it right at Spin and Char jumps in and takes the blow sending both Spin and Char back. Talon, "Char what are you doing?" Char is damaged and hesitates to get up but Spin hits him back down, "This is all your fault!" Char lays in pain, "Damn it I'm just trying to help...." Spin, "i don't need you're help! I never asked for it! Why won't you just leave me alone!" Spin attempts to force palm Char but instead ends up getting grabbed and pulled down and fire punched upward. Talon rushes toward Spin and grabs him and brings him up to the sky leaving him helpless, "Spin it seems like your Futa powers are at its limit. It's about time you left Nova once and for all." Spin is frustrated and panicking in the sky. Char gets up, "No Talon wait!" Talon drops Spin, letting him fall to his death. Right before Spin hits the ground he vanished.

Char tries to understand what just happened, "U-uh.....Talon what did you do?" Talon descends from the sky, "I finally got rid of the cancer Char. Now we'll be in peace." Char, "What the hell Talon...." Tam and Mitch appear to Talon and Char. Mitch, "don't worry he's fine Char. I settled some things with Tam." Tam, "In order for him to stabilize I decided to send him elsewhere before he plummeted." Char, "Phew so he's safe then." Tam looks at Char spiteful, "Shut up don't act like you actually cared. You used him for your entertainment you horrible person." Char looks confused, "what are you talking about? We were friends yknow." Tam, "you tormented him and bullied him you're not his friend." Char, "I could say the very same thing about you yknow." Tam and Char death gaze each other as Hmado and the other novians appear to the scene. Hmado, "I'm sorry guys i held them off long as I could." -Mado looks around, "Wait where's Punk?" Char looks down, "I've failed..." Talon smiles, "Yep i drove him away." The other Novians gossip among themselves appearing to be happy and celebrating. Codie, "Good I hope that dumb furry doesn't return." 

Afterwards Nova began to uphold a more peaceful environment. More troubles began to uprise and Talon was sentenced to banishment for his crimes. To the majority Spin was looked at as a demon, a devil, an unbreakable evil that continued to corrode Nova. To others however, knew the real truth. Spin saved Nova from death and ensured it continued strong for future generations. But what became of Spin? What happened to him? Only Hmado and Tam knew. Char chose to keep his distance, for he knew the inhabitants of Nova would only continue to damage the friend he thought he could help but ultimately failed.

What's to come....

Tam, "This is Hydrostorm. I made this place for Spin to recover."

Spin, "I have a lot to think about. A lot that needs to change."

Talon enters Hydrostorm. Spin looks at Talon as he walks up to him. Talon, "Hello Spin."

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