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Post by charizardf1 on Sun Apr 08, 2018 1:43 pm

Hello Novians this time I'd like to discuss something all of us have in common which is our love for gaming. In this topic I wish for people to share their variety of different kinds of mainstream and non mainstream games that you think others would really enjoy and should try out. There are tons of  great games people don't know about and are easily missable. There are even some more popular games that leave people skeptical to want to pick it up due to either bad past experiences or first impressions of them are really low. It doesn't matter what genre of game you discuss. If you love tetris or pinball to death and want to convince ppl how amazing it is then go for it. Let's all explore our options in games so that we as a community can relate to one another even moreso than before. I'll give a brief list of games I'd like others to know about and look into to see if they'd like it. (Note that you don't have to do what i do. Reply however you feel like.)

1. Fire Emblem Series(various systems): I'm going to start off simple with Fire Emblem games. Fire Emblem is a turned based strategy game where you control your army of units on a grid map and take down opposing units. People often compare the gameplay to a more awesome version of playing chess. There's not really anything else i can really say about fire emblem but just check it out and see if it's something you'd be interested in. Majority of the games have a pretty decent story with some really cool and unique characters. Some people are quick to dismiss it because they assume from first glance that all units are about the same and it seems boring but trust me if you give it a proper chance and also look through more than just 1 game(because they're not all the same) you might really find yourself loving the franchise.

2. Final Fantasy 13: Final Fantasy is one of the most popular rpgs in gaming. Unlike other franchises when it comes to final fantasy every game is drastically different from each other so I see each game as a standalone. This game gets a lot of hate due to how different the formula is from past final fantasy games. From my perspective I'd like to say that it is really not that bad at all. Like all final fantasies the gameplay is turn based with real time so you have to strategize and choose your options quick so that the enemies don't overwhelm you. The difference with this game is that each character has their own Eidolon they can summon to fight with them. Once ready during battle the Eidolon transforms into a vehicle and the character rides it which is called gesault mode which is really cool in my opinion. Storywise honestly it isn't something not everyone would generally like. 13 is seen to be really poorly executed and people tend to not like majority of the main cast since they seem forgetable and not really that wonderful but that's where i have to disagree. This final fantasy is very heavily focused on the characters and is said to have the most in depth lore of all final fantasy. The writers of final fanatsy 13 meant for the cast to be unlikable at first so that they would all grow into something everyone would enjoy. This game clearly isn't for everybody and it does have many problems within itself as well such as how linear it is, not good in game explanations to help us know the lore which forces the player to read about everything from the menu, some really extended dungeons, terrible post game, the leveling system, ect. So don't think I'm biased about this game because it does have its problems but i assure you if you're a final fanatsy fan or want to look into the game i assure you it isn't nearly as bad as people put it.

3. Devil Survivor 2: Devil survivor 2 is branched off from the Shin megami games. It's a story of a group of survivors who have to save the world from getting erased in 7 days. the world is also infested with demons and your character controls them with a cell phone. Kinda like Fire emblem your characters move around on a grid. Each character only controls two demons at a time and fight against other demons/humans in a 3v3 format where you fight alongside your 2 demons. You obtain demons by buying them on the phone app, fusing them, befriending them and completing certain tasks. This game personally was probably the first game i actually had to use my brain because of how overwhelmingly hard it was when i first played it. To this day it's still one of my favorite games.

4. Tales of Berseria: This game is actually my favorite game as of now. For me it has everything to offer: Amazing gameplay, an amazing cast, great antagonist, beautiful story, fantastic music. There's literally nothing wrong about this game i can think of off the top of my head. This action rpg features an antagonist/anti-hero kind of character that is on a journey for revenge and will do anything to achieve her goals. the whole cast have their own individual selfish reasons for being together but still are a pretty great group together. I really highly recommend checking this game out you will not be dissapointed if you're an rpg fan.

5. Tokyo Xanadu eX+: This weeb game really took me by surprise by how amazing it is. In this game you have control of all your actions similar to like a kingdom hearts game. Generally High school animes are really generic and are not that appealing to many people such as myself but this is one of those that stand out. In this action rpg you go to high school but afterwards you have a duty to go through these dungeons called eclipse and fight these monsters to close them off in order for them not to effect the real world. The story and characters aside from the neat gameplay is what really stuck me to this game and made me fall in love with it pretty quickly.

6. Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology: If you're looking for a game with really phenomenal story then this is your game. This rpg is a time travel based game where the main character, Stocke, is given the White chronicle and is chosen to travel through time to save the world from turning into sand by preventing bad things that would lead into it as well as figure out how to prevent the desertification from happening. this game has a really unique gameplay where you have to strategize and move your enemies around on a grid with your attacks. Like if you have 1 enemy in the middle tile and another right beside him you can hit that target into the middle and proceed to consecutively hit both of them at the same time. On top of that you can arrange your turn order to further help your strategies and combos. Like if it's 1 character's turn then your enemy's turn then another one of your character's turn then for consecutive turns you can let your enemy go first so you have 2 turns to control at once instead of 1 at a time. It's a pretty neat system. This game isn't top tier on graphics nor is the gameplay really that highly amazing but what really makes this game shine above all else which will make u not care for all that is its story. I'm telling you this story truly is just the best executed story of all rpgs I've played in my opinion.

7. The Aliiance Alive: If you've ever played or heard about Legends of Legacy then you will already have a general idea of how this game is in terms of gameplay. Most people who played Legends of Legacy were really dissapointed(including myself) by how the game turned out. Legends of legacy had something going for it with it's pretty neat mechanics but it didn't really have much else going for it that made people stick to it making the game out to be quite boring. But with The Alliance Alive they vamped up from their mistakes and made a fantastic recovery with this wonderful rpg. I feel like this is the first game in forever that made me so happy because it seemed like the game developers actually knew what was missing and listened to the feedback and turned around and made a game the way everyone wanted it to be. The Alliance Alive has great characters, a good flowing story, and improved mechanics. Oh yeah speaking of the mechanics the gameplay operates based on character positioning. There's three positions attack, defense, and support and you can place each character in the front, middle or rear. Not going to go in depth in explanations but based off that you basically will be having to think about making formations with your characters for fights and so forth so there's a lot to explore when it comes to fighting. There's no level system with this game in terms of experience and such. You gain HP and SP randomly after battle. You also gain skills randomly based off your weapons during battle the more you fight. Also those skills randomly will gain stats in attack, defense, or support depending on your position while in battle. So basically in terms of gains in HP, SP, skills, and skill stats it's all probability/rng. It makes playing through the game very interesting and unpredictable.

Those are just some of the games I wanted to share with you all so if any of them interest you check them out or ask me more about them. You guys can also speak about the game games i did if you want if i didn't really touch up on everything about it and share your reasoning for liking those games. I'm very curious about what kinds of games y'all will share and hope that we all will get ideas from each other so we all expand our gaming variety.

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