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Tale of Young Darion the Chosen (Book 2)

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Tale of Young Darion the Chosen (Book 2) Empty Tale of Young Darion the Chosen (Book 2)

Post by charizardf1 on Thu Jul 19, 2018 9:04 pm

Nova seems at peace after the intense tragedies of the civil war against Spin. Many cancerous leeches slowly died off, leaving only the purebred-ed Novas to be left behind. Tam and Char settled their differences but are still enemies of one another, both forming their own factions until one day they destroy one another. Tam even made her own civilization away from Nova called Hydrostorm to keep away from Char and house Spin as he recovers from his dilemma.

Tam resides in Hydrostorm training her ninjutsu arts. Spin watches in amazment, "Wow Tammy I didn't know you were so skilled." Tam skips her kunai along a pond, "Yeah I like being a ninja." Spin, "Is it because you want to beat Char?" Tam, "Hmmm maybe but I'd rather nowso want to kill Zero. He's pretty toxic." Spin laughs, "Oh cmon Tam he's not that bad. He's really smart for a nigger I'll acknowledge that." Tam shakes her head, "No he's evil and I hate how he is way moreso than Char." Spin, "Geez." Tam sheaths her katana, "By the way Spin I invited someone else here." Spin, "Huh? Who?" A dark vortex swirls and Talon enters the domain. Spin looks at Talon as he approached him. Talon, "Hello Spin." Spin immediately takes a stance.

Talon waves his arms, "Woah Spin calm down. I'm just here to visit you, to see how you're doing." Spin remains on guard, "No I don't want you around me! You only attack me." Talon sighs, "Yeah about that...I'm sorry for all that. I just wanted to mend our relationship. Don't worry I'm not ehre to violate you." Tam nods, "Yeah Talon seems like he'll be ok. He was only as bad as he was because of Char's influence. That's the conclusion i came up with anyways. So i Trust he'll be ok here with you." Spin puts down his guard, "If you say so I guess..." Hmado enters in to see Talon and Spin, " So you both are here...good to see no big fight has happened yet." Tam turns to Mado, "that's because Char isn't here. This is my sanctuary. HYDRO! STORM!" Mado laughs, "Hahaha." Talon pleads to Mado, " Hey Mado can I please come back? I kinda didn't do anything wrong." Mado looks at Talon sternly, "No Talon. you've done too much recently. I can't simply forgive your previous actions. This whole outcome was because of you. Let's not forget the terrible thing u did last." Talon, "But Mado I literally..." Mado, "I don't care Talon. Anyways Tam I'll trust you take care of both of these guys. I'll visit this domain every once in awhile to check up on the both of you." Mado leaves Hydrostorm with Talon on his knees feeling mass regret.

Spin approaches Talon, "uh so what has been going on in Nova lately?" Talon lifts his head, "Oh well what happened..." Mado makes it back to Nova around the remaining Novians, "Well it seems like Spin is alright." Char, "hmph." Codie, "Nobody cares! Can we not talk about him?" Link, "That's good for him. He needs to stay away for his own health." Char, "Link weren't you one of the people who wanted him gone too?" Link denies, "What do you mean? I don't share animosity towards others like that." Tam, "Yeah Char he's the hero, don't say stupid things." Mado is shook, "Wait Tam i had left you in Hydrostorm." Tam, "My ninja training is pulling off." Link scratches his head, "hahaha I'm no hero." Char, "Yeah hero where were you even at during the huge fight huh?" Link, "i'm sorry I was busy with other matters. At least no casualties happened right?" Zero, "I miss Spin." Mado, "shut up Zero you only want more problems." Tam is agitated, "This is why I hate you."

Yiffy makes his appearance, "I do also kinda wish Spin was around again." Mitch, "I don't think he'll be back. He seemed really determined to not returning last time I spoke to him." Char shakes his head, "He will be back eventually..." Tam, "Even Char misses Spin." Char, "Hell no. All he did was cause chaos. He was a false prophecy after all. He came here and did the exact opposite of what he was expected to do. He betrayed us all." Tam, "No all you did was hurt him. Stop acting like you never did anything to him." Char, "I know what I did. I am fully aware of it all. and I don't care. I thought he was ready, that he had learned. But no...it's because of your trickery he was lead back down to his clouded visions." Tam, "I am not the blame. Shut up and take responsibility for what you did." Char, "Am i the one who's conjuring random assumptions and conclusions though? What do you really know Tam?" Char and Tam go back and forth arguing about their relations to Spin. Yiffy, "These two sure are passionate about this." Stew, "Tbh we've heard this exact conversation multiple times." Mitch, "Yeah it's always the same thing with these two."

As Tam and Char are arguing a chill runs through Nova. Char stops and is startled, "wait....(fts we had just obtained peace too)" Mitch, "So now she's returning....interesting." Tina makes a dramatic entrance, making sure everyone could tell she was arriving, "It's been a long time everyone." Yiffy, "Who is this?" Mado, "Hey Tina." Char, "Oh Tina... hi(I kinda have a bad feeling about this.)" Mitch, "Hey Blacky(I wonder if she has stopped bitching about shit or not.)" Link, "Oh god not this bitch again." Tina snaps toward link, "What did you call me? Why did you call me that?" Char, "(Oh god damn it no she's still reacting to basic shit.)" Kitty senses Tina's return and arrives to the Nova square. Tina notices kitty immediately and looks towards Kitty with hostility. Mado sighs, ".....BACK TO THE LAB AGAIN!"

Kitty giggles and casts an illusionary arte to make her appearance the same as Tina's. Tina enrages, "No. Stop! Somebody tell her to stop this!" Everyone looks as Tina starts her rampage. Char, "Kitty is abusing her already right off the bat..." Tina screams at Kitty, "You stop right now you little bitch!" Kitty, "What am I doing? I'm not doing anything shut up whore." JD gets annoyed by the situation and binds kitty in chains, "Alright kitty either change back or get thrown out." Kitty hesitates to change, thinking JD is bluffing. JD then warps her into a dimensional prison where she resided until she decided to call off her illusion. Tina gets fed up and retreats to discord. Hmado, "We have to deal with these two again?"

Overtime Tina builds her own empire and starts to recruit her own forces. Kitty and Tina continue their war against each other inbetween Nova and Discord causing tremendous chaos throughout the rhelms. Soon after, JD dissapears without a trace and nobody knows of his whereabouts. People assume he either sudoku'd or left due to the recent chaotic events that has occured but nobody ever really figured what happened. Meanwhile Rowlie privately catches Link while he's off strolling about. Rowlie, "Link wait. Where are you off to?" Link turns to face Rowlie, "Oh hi Rowlie. What's the problem." Rowlie, "What's been with you lately. You've seemed to not been aiding Nova in these struggling events. You're supposed to be labeled as some hero right?" Link shrugs, "I don't know why people keep calling me that. I'm no hero." Rowlie draws his gun, "You're right about that. For years you've been doing the opposite. You've been setting up majority of these events haven't you!" Link panicks, "W-what do you mean? I've never done anything wrong." Rowlie starts to get frustrated, "Then explain the coincidental moments that occur. A lot of the troubles that start have to had started from an outside source and it all points to you." Link, "I see..." Link quickly flicks a miniature bomb already set from his fingers to Rowlie's gun, knocking it out of his hand. Rowlie reacts by getting out his knife but by the time he grabs it link already has swiftly approached and sliced Rowlie down to the ground. Link, "Let this be a warning to you. I'm sorry for this :/" Link turns and leaves Rowlie wounded. Rowlie, "Damn you...traitor."

Link meets up with Kitty, "So Kitty what is your stance with Tina right now." Kitty licks her paws, "Oh Link Tina is just so dumb. Don't know why she keeps thinking she can do anything to me." Link, "Well Kitty I think if you keep this up you will actually help Tina out in the long run. That seems like the best option in my opinion." Kitty smiles, "Yeah you're right Link. Maybe if i keep messing with her she will eventually get it. I hope i can help her." Link smirks, "Yes...me too kitty." Link leaves kitty and meets up with Tam.Link, "Tam I bet it's awful to be looking over Talon." Tam shakes her head, "Nah he hasn't been causing trouble surprisingly. I always thought he was a really bad kid until recently." Link grabs his chin, "Hmm which makes you think. How IS Talon so different now?" Tam, "That is a good question honestly." Link, "Do you think Talon maybe was influenced by certain people?" Tam thinks, "Well...yeah that has to be the case now that i think about it. I bet Char was the one who caused him to do all this." Link, "Oh yes Char was always pushing Talon to do bad things." Tam, "Is that so? I always knew it." Tam goes back to Hydrostorm while Link sits back with a smile.

Talon finishes catching Spin up about Nova. Spin, "Wow all that has happened? Crazy." Talon, "Yeah now I kinda have no choice but to be here. At least we can be cool now." Tam thinks, "So basically everything you did was because of Char's bad influence. You don't seem abd at all when you're here." Talon, "Oh uuh...yeah! that's exactly it. I always try to live up to Char's expectations. Darn him." Tam, "i knew it. He's such a bad dude." Talon, "I don't see anything wrong with you either Spin. I think this whole misunderstanding was caused by those pesky Novians." Spin, "Yeah that does make sense... Nova has such a toxic energy that it had effected the both of us. When we're here we are friends after all." Talon nods, "Exactly it's sooo weird! (haha the fools are so gullible)" Mado enters in Hydrostorm, "Tam I want your thoughts on Talon now. Nova has been having a huge commotion on if he should come back or not."
Tam, "Mado I really don't think he's bad. He's more than ready to go back to Nova." Spin stands up, "...me too. I'm prepared as well." Hmado and Tam go wide eyed. Hmado, "Wait Spin...are you sure?" Spin looks with a serious face, "I know Nova may dislike me, but I intend to change that. My time away has really made me think and learn about my past actions and I know now what I must do." Spin walks toward Mado and smiles, "I'm just going to keep positive and bring smiles to everyone and discard all the negativity." Mado puts his hand on Spin's shoulder, "Welcome back then, Spin." 

Hmado transports everyone back into Nova and sees utter chaos befolding. Mado, "What is this? What is going on?" Spin looks around, "I don't see JD anywhere. Aj also seems missing oh wow." Talon laughs and emits his darkness, "Spin...The time has come once again. You must fall upon me." Spin backs away from Talon, "But what about our time in Hydro..." Tam gets angry, "This is all because of Char. I must destroy him so he won't cause anymore bs." Tam runs off to find Char. Hmado is confused, "What is all of this madness? All this negativity is so sudden." The people of Nova starts another huge Civil war that lasts for many hours. Hmado finds Mitch among the chaos, "Mitch why is all of this happening?" Mitch, "I have no clue Mado. All of a sudden people just up and started to attack each other. The random hatred wars is just really odd." Rowlie uses telepathy with Mitch, "(Mitch there's something very important we need to discuss)" Mitch, "(I know already. It's about "him" isn't it?) Mado there's something I need to confirm, do your best here while I figure this mess out." Mado, "alright." Mitch and Mado scatter. 

As Tina is confronting Char Tam tries to sneak attack him but foresees the attack and blocks it backhanded. Tam tries to claw Char with a flurry of slashes. Char tries to avoid, "Oh great now you're coming at me too?" Char leaps back, monitoring both flanks from Tina and Tam's attacks. Tam, "You're making Talon into a bad kid. What do you have to say for yourself." Char, "What huh? What are you babbling about now?" Tina, "Char always keeps being such a fake friend I'm not surprised." Char, "Listen damnit you take me way too serious like god damn.(I'm backed into a corner right now... I can't face against 2 completely stubborn individuals at once this might be my end.) Kitty shows up, "Lol Tina's a bitch." Tina disregards Char and focus's on Kitty, "You couldn't say that to my face you retarded little slut." Tina goes back to clashing with Kitty. 

Char sighs with relief but looks at Tam with discomfort, "Welp time to deal with another female that approaches me with no sense." Hmado appears next to Char, "Sensei please we mustn't worsen these situations. It's only going to continue this cycle." Char, "Yeah but There's nothing i can really do bout this. These people keep coming at me randomly accusing me of this stuff. I have no clue how they are getting this information." Tam, "You will suffer for what you cause Char." Char puts down his arms, "Alright Tam if you're willing I will tell you the truth." Char and Tam exchange about what they know about the situation with Talon. Tam, ".... I'll accept that for now but I still think you're bad so idc." Char laughs, "hahaha as long as you understand foolish Tam." Tam, "fuck you Char." Hmado is confused, "So a lot of this chaos is happening due to misunderstandings?" Char, "Seems that way. The negative tension everywhere just keeps resonating. Nova doesn't seem like it'll ever remain peaceful." Hmado, "No....We have to put our faith in Spin." Char feels annoyed, "Does this mean he came back? All this will do is worsen the situation. The amount of chaos he'll cause is greater than anything else here combined." 

Talon throws lots of shadow balls toward Spin, "Yes Spin struggle. Struggle and fall to me once again!" Spin unleashes his Futanari mode and dodges each attack, "No Talon I won't submit. I fell to your darkness once before but this time I will get smiling." Spin uses an ancient futanari arte of summoning to summon an Odd eyes dragon and hops on, "Let's go! Futanari special! Smile world!" Talon looks around, "W-what is all this furry nonsense?" Spin smiles, "Now I want you to smile too Talon." Odd eyes uses his reaction force knocking Talon down. Talon, "(So this is what Spin....is capable of)" Hmado, Char, and Tam reach Spin and Talon. Hmado gets ready to send Talon away again but Spin stops him, "No Mado. Talon is good now." Talon gets up, "I guess you're not that bad Spin." Char isn't impressed upon his viewing of Spin, but disregards it upon seeing Kitty dropping Tina, greatly damaged. 

Hmado rushes over to Tina, "Are you alright?" Char confronts Kitty, "Damn it you cat did you have to go this far?" Kitty looks lost, "I don't know what you mean Char. I didn't do anything. Stupid nigger." Char is baffled at how Kitty tries to defend her case while looking at tina's damaged body. Char, "You know that she's mentally incapable of handling you yet you continue to do this. Enough is enough Kitty!?" Kitty trots around weirdly not taking anything seriously, "I don't care Char." Char seems to not know how to respond, "This is impossible..." Link comes out, "Wow most people seem to be quite toxic as usual :/"  Char glances at link, "Yeah...." 

To be continued...

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