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Nova 5 years later Part 2: Staff

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Nova 5 years later Part 2: Staff Empty Nova 5 years later Part 2: Staff

Post by charizardf1 on Fri Nov 02, 2018 2:01 pm

One thing Nova needs are people who can keep the place stabilized. Before I talked about the community of Nova but now I want to discuss the staff differences between then and now. I will be talking specifically about individual past members and how i think they impacted the community with their actions. I'll give my opinion on how qualified each individual is/was. I guess this will moreso mainly be list based so yeah. (PLEASE! Keep in mind that this is in no way me trying to throw shade or call people out for things. Nor am i biased toward anybody i discuss about because i view everybody i discuss equally as a valuable Nova member. Just giving MY OWN THOUGHTS and being completely honest. I'm pretty sure you people would rather honesty so give me a break and don't come after me for revenge if you get offended by this. As always just respectfully reply if you disagree with anything.)

Nova staff 5 yrs back

Nova in the past (IN MY OPINION!just had to clarify sorry.) had a better staff. This is because for the most part most everyone was about the same in terms of overall thoughts and views. The community all shared this so the staff for the most part were all attuned with each other so there never a lot conflicting decisions between all the staff. So I felt personally that the staff's relationship with each other as well as with the community was a lot better and situations were all handled pretty well for the most part. Now i guess I'll discuss people from what I remember and how i felt about how they impacted as members. (Note that i most likely will forget some and am not counting people who got a position for a few secs, a day, or a week. These are all long term people.)

Hmado/Mitch: Both don't really need to be discussed because they are the admins. They set the foundation and made and followed through what they envisioned it to be. 

Reks: was aware he was something but never knew how he was so can't really say.

Dvasu: Vasu in my opinion was one of the best mods we had to offer back in the day. He was calm and collected and tried his best to assess situations thoroughly before making his decision. He also wasn't really afraid to ban upon decision either. Vasu had good cred through the community ad nobody really questioned his spot at all during his time.

Onox234: Onox was a weird choice as a mod. Not many people really supported his position at first but in due time not many cared and got used to the fact. Overtime though Onox has surprisingly shown to be a pretty decent moderator if not one of the best as well. Being one of the most long term moderators, Onox never responded to all the hate he got. He always keeps in mind the initial rules to heart and stood by them. He mostly didn't really do much but honestly he never really had many chances(from my vision) to really execute them because others would do the job faster. throughout all his time he has only made one single mistake which would be (retardedly used against him) held over his head for the rest of his time. Despite everyone who was against his case nobody could ever give an explaination against his modship until that little mistake was made and for that I'd say Onox has been a really powerful underdog candidate.

PrimalGroudon(aka PG/Mario): he was more of the harsher and quicker to ban moderators which hoestly wasn't a bad thing. Sometimes people do need just that swift ban or timeout and that's what he did. Honestly can't really say anything great or bad about him. He was a pretty neat moderator and he did indeed do his job. Eventually though he did fall off but that's another story.

Charizardf1: I guess i have to talk about myself so I'll try not to be too biased. I'd say that I was, as I always  was, a defender. I always cared too much about the people and making sure i could do my part to make them alright in the community. My credibility was always 50/50 due to my harsh approaches that either would help or hurt someone depending on situation. I personally always did my best to follow the rules the admins set and put their vision above mine. My decisions were always based upon how they would feel and how it would affect the community so I was always hesitant. I was like the people person moderator for the most part I'd say.

JD: JD I'd say was similar to Mario but there was more to it. JD didn't care and wasn't afraid to put his foot down on people when he felt they didn't belong or was breaking rules. He tried to give off a threatening presence and controlling attitude. Some people would snap under the mercy of JD. Those who tested him never came out unscathed. To me he's done a lot of questionable things but nobody ever really dared to challenge him on it due to his deep bond with both admins.

Nova staff 5 years later

All i have to say is.....yikes. the community turns as much as the staff and all i gotta say is that it is honestly overall bad. I'm sorry and I already know this will most likely be an unpopular opinion but I will say that the current staff, for this type of community at least, doesn't really suit it. I only say this because I think the current combination of moderators confuse Nova with someplace else. It just might be me or maybe it's just that the community's current atmosphere clouds their decision making but something just really seems off to me but again this is just my perspective so it's whatever. Let's get into it though.

Hmado: Does his best to handle whatever he can whenever he's around. Gets fed multiple different types of information and is put on the spot quite often. The community for the most part still views him the exact same and is as great as he always is. Took a small step down from power due to everything the community has put him through. Personally still find him a very great staple that the community can't really function without.

Mitch: Took up what Mado stepped off from. Still for the most part viewed the same and loved throughout the community. Another staple member the community. Handles things more directly and quickly and can be a silent sniper. I personally question some actions but hopfully the best intent was in mind. Never doubting his position though since he is in my opinion still a pretty strong staple.

Rowlie(aka Buzz): Not really a lot I can really say. He is mitch's brother and they share a lot in common I'd say. Only difference being that Buzz is eve more direct and brutal when he wants to be. Both Buzz and Mitch are extremely cautious and can be quick to point out suspicions and take action if they feel it is necessary. I only wonder if they have grown a bit way too cautious and sure about a lot of messy situations which seem to consistently escalate into more nonsense when given strong attention.

AJ: One of the more sensitive moderators. Can take things to heart and lose sight at how the community actually is over his own personal feelings. Feels his position labels himself an authority figure. Can rationalize when called out upon though and has progressively gotten better overtime with handling things. Very quick to jump the gun on situations which is both a good and bad thing. Good because it (temporarily) disperses the situation but bad because it doesn't solve it and potentially creates more problems on top of the current.

Fang: In my opinion one of the best moderators of the modern age. He has a similar case of putting his own feelings on the situation but is very quick to realize how the community oporates and can be very negotiable. Can handle most situations well and resolves things between people. Very credible among the community.  Not much else to really say but that he's pretty good.

Kyn/Rah: Shares a similar thing with AJ in the case can put put their own feelings over how the community actually is. Not really much to say since she's of the newer but she does take the admins thoughts in mind with every action she plans to go through. 

Drago: Honestly probably deserves it the most if ima be completely honest. Been a super long term member and has shown to be a pretty level headed individual. Gotta have at least one young teen in the mix. Been very good so far and look forward to hear/see more good things.

Emmy: N/A ? Uuh...has been a long term member i guess so it's alright i guess. Birthday gifts ftw

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