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How competitive are we?

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How competitive are we?  Empty How competitive are we?

Post by charizardf1 on Mon Jan 07, 2019 6:42 pm

For as long as Nova has been around I've taken an understanding to how our overall community works in terms of how serious we are about the games we play together. When it comes to Nova we originate from competitive backgrounds from even before Nova's birth. What is confused among people who come into our community though is exactly how competitive are we?

When it comes to playing competitive games Nova is a weird group in comparison to most outside communities. Within most communities there's always a select few or less individuals who play competitive but like to do their own thing instead of following the meta trends and copy pasting what apparently works best within said meta. That's actually what majority of our own community composes of and practices. Often it is looked down upon when you don't follow the traditional ways of the meta game and follow suit on what is currently statistically "best" and that's what our community gets flaked on a lot. our community doesn't care about "best" but we do care about proficiency to a point. We like to take what we favor and like doing and making it out the best we can. We discover and figure out our own ways of making what we like from decent to actually good and go from their. Experimenting on fun tricks and testing out new things.

Our community as a whole also have no need to feel insecure about playing the way we play because we are aware that it's a GAME and games are meant for enjoyment. No matter how good or bad one seems we only grow off each other and keep pushing on with no tension whatsoever. We laugh and enjoy ourselves in both a casual and competitive manner and that's what a lot of people fail to understand. You can taunt us and try to make us feel bad or hype us up as much as you can but in the end we as a community aren't really about that. We just do what we do in the end and because of that we're free and enjoy ourselves to the fullest. 

Also there's in no way we are any less than any meta driven community. People often dislike and fall into denial when something outside of their respective meta can work and win. Our underdog community in itself is just as strong. I'd even say we're better in the aspect that we're able to do things as ourselves rather than just take from others meaning we're better as an independent force.

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