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Favorie Fictional Characters

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Favorie Fictional Characters Empty Favorie Fictional Characters

Post by charizardf1 on Wed Apr 24, 2019 10:47 am

Most of us have been through enough games, anime, books, and other things to have a collection of favorite characters that we are glad to have come across. These characters could have inspired us in some way or made us further realize and see what kind of people we are or figure out what kind of things we enjoy seeing. Here I'd like to see what characters you all like most and why. I'm going to list my top 10 but you can list less, even just one, if you want.

Top 10 Favorie Fictional Characters
10. Agnam Bulletheart(Shining Resonance)
Favorie Fictional Characters __agnum_bulletheart_shining_resonance_and_etc_drawn_by_tanaka_takayuki__880b719ed3144757a47264cfa8c85388
Let's start off by admiring his design. He has that cool rock band type of costume going for him with a cool looking flame guitar. Why I like Agnam is because he is what I would have wanted for an older brother if I had one. Agnam assist and hangs out with the protagonist Yuma and keeps him uplifted from the huge burden he has on his shoulders. He advises and pushes Yuma in situations Yuma is normally uncomfortable in or don't really think about.

9. Haseo (.Hack G.U.)
Favorie Fictional Characters 2860067021_fc0f05a0eeFavorie Fictional Characters 240?cb=20120726051812Favorie Fictional Characters Latest?cb=20150522200947&path-prefix=protagonistFavorie Fictional Characters Latest?cb=20080128040250Favorie Fictional Characters Dot-Hack-GU-Last-Recode_09-01-17_001
Haseo has one of my favorite designs of a fictional character. He also has a pretty wide arsenal of weapons that you can switch through WITHIN COMBAT! He can use twin blades, greatswords, scythes, dual guns, and a chain sword whip. Haseo is an example of how typical hardcore metagamers think and the reason I absolutely enjoy him is because he goes through a development I wish all metagamers would go through. His view of games is that you only need to concern yourself about power and winning and that's the only fun that comes to games. When he is confronted by another player whose ideology is the opposite of his, which is to play games for fun and appreciate and enjoy your favorite elements of the game besides gaining power and winning, he is frustrated and disgusted, completely shunning out the ideology and thought of it because he thinks that is unnecessary due to the fact it is only a game and those feelings are meaningless. As he develops through the game he starts to understand the perspective of others who play for strictly the enjoyment. He turns into a person who respects those types of players and decides to want to protect the fun of those who play for those reasons when there are people who try to ruin it for them. 

Favorie Fictional Characters Latest?cb=20180612173614&path-prefix=en
Kirby by far is my favorite silent protagonist. He's just some cool dude who wakes up and just does stuff. His copy ability is also pretty amazing. No matter what he's doing he always just seems to have no worries for the most part and just does his thing.

7. Yuri Lowell (Tales of Vesperia)
Favorie Fictional Characters Latest?cb=20170720203033
Yuri is probably one of the most lax protagonist I've seen. Regardless of the situation Yuri seems to have enough confidence to know he's going to make it through and take care of it. Yuri is very symbolic to me in a few ways. He prefers to take care of problems on his own and not burden others with the messes that gravitate toward him. The way he handles those younger to him is also how I usually am with them. Yuri also prioritizes the smaller problems rather than having to deal with political problems that he could care less about. 

6. Revolver (Yugioh Vrains)
Favorie Fictional Characters 9k=
Revolver is a masterful tactician in Yugioh and I'm not talking about just in dueling. Revolver appeals to me because even though he is the antagonist his philosophy and great leadership makes me want to cheer for him still regardless if right or wrong. He brings a strong voice and presence everywhere he goes and swags over every other character in the anime.

5. Kain Highwind(Final Fantasy 4)
Favorie Fictional Characters Latest?cb=20101120100910Favorie Fictional Characters 411full
Kain Highwind is a very conflicted character I adore to great lengths. What mainly attracts me about Kain is his fighting style, design, and voice. Throughout the entirety of final fantasy 4 and even the sequel Kain stays conflicted the whole way. Kain always keeps a calm presence but he's always internally hurting because Cecil won the woman that he loved. Kain keeps quiet about his feelings so he doesn't hinder their brotherly relationship. Kain shows that he is a very strong having to stay dealing with his internal conflict for so long. Once he finally moves on from that and awakens his true self it is the more satisfying than when Cecil went through it.

4.Tobin(Fire Emblem Shadows of Valentia)
Favorie Fictional Characters Heroes-blue-tobin
Tobin is great because he is one of the truest friends a person can have. Tobin declares himself as Alm's rival and one of his best friends. Regardless of what Alm decides to do Tobin always rolls with it and supports him. Tobin used to believe he could best Alm and overcome him but in the end he accepts that Alm is somebody of greater importance and while not liking it he acknowledges his mission is to support him as his best friend. Tobin is also quite comical and can be dense showing lots of realistic qualities of a regular person.

3. Naesala (Fire Emblem Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn)
Favorie Fictional Characters Latest?cb=20170508144007
Naesala is one of those characters who is greatly misunderstood and underappreciated as a character. Naesala is one of my favorites because he shoulders one of the cruel burdens of a king. Naesala was kinda not meant for the position in the first place and has to take on the task of saving his country from a mistake the last King made. Because of a pact the last King made Naesala had no choice but to follow command of the enemy side throughout both games and deceive Ike and his other bird laguz on multiple occasion. He couldn't even call for help because if he was to his entire country would instantly fall. So in order to keep his country safe he had to be named as the bad guy and be hated by many for his betrayals.

2.Naruto Uzumaki(Naruto)
Favorie Fictional Characters 0ff3419e5f7a637339b28af439cda3d8
I love Naruto because he is a powerfully philosophical character. Naruto's wisdom always hits me to the core whenever he speaks. Growing up watching Naruto i feel like I've learned a great deal from him and appreciate him and his relationships to great ends. Naruto teaches many people that they should never give up and working hard and staying true to yourself pays off in the end. Him alone is a life changing character.

1.Ike(Fire Emblem Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn)
Favorie Fictional Characters E11d3b14de9920f783ceea1db9aa5d28
Without a doubt my favorite fictional character has to be Ike. He's my favorite because he aligns with my personality almost perfectly. He is someone who doesn't care about titles and politics. He looks at every living being as equals and treats them as such. He is blunt and isn't afraid to tell the truth about a situation regardless of the possible outcome that comes from it. Even down to his demeanor like his facial expressions and how other people look at him. I get moments all the time in real life like when Sothe comments about why he looks scary and Ike says he always looks like that. He relates to me very heavily and that's why he's no only my favorite fire emblem character but also my favorite fictional character as well.

Well that's my list of favorite fictional characters. I hope to see all of yours too.

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Favorie Fictional Characters Empty Re: Favorie Fictional Characters

Post by FreezingBadlybutcool on Wed Apr 24, 2019 1:09 pm

shut up nerd

i don't know but some of my fav characters are

Makunouchi Ippo(Hajime no Ippo)
 Guy hits like a truck man every fight of his makes me sit at the edge of my seat my nigga's dempsey roll is destructive man knocked down hella people with it.

Killua (hxh)
do i need to explain this he explains everything himself man is a cool ass kid with god like reflexes man also has a skateboard

Lance (pokemon)
One of the most challenging champions in pokemon for me , he has a cool ass design too i like his character in general

Luffy (One Piece)
As a kid I loved luffy his character is pretty neat and I can relate to him sometimes

Deejay (SF2)
as a kid i found deejay the most entertaining to play with and his celebrations were the best imo i still like deejay many people think he is terrible but he is the best

Geralt (the witcher)
badass witcher and swordsman, really good design and is well written love his sarcasm

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Favorie Fictional Characters Empty Re: Favorie Fictional Characters

Post by Onoxdorf on Sun Apr 28, 2019 12:38 am

Bowser was a huge part of my childhood tbh and had the most influence over my life out of any fictional character. I used to main him on smash, and used the name as my internet persona for many years. Pretty much all of my online friends came to know me with this name. I like the character a lot and when I was younger used to think the design was pretty cool. I used to think he looked really bulky and defensive, yet aggressive and offensive at the same time. Something that isn't often seen in many nintendo monster designs. He's quite detailed for a Mario character don't you agree?
Favorie Fictional Characters Tumblr_mi8crk3iLK1qa3e2do1_500

The Next Few Characters Are Favorites, but have never really influenced me or had any impact in my life...

Ainz Ool Gown is a character I find really interesting! I am currently a huge overlord fan, and have never seen an anime where the main character is evil or even a villain. Part of why I love him as a character is because although a lot of stuff he does is questionably evil he also does a lot of good things too. This makes his character more realistic in my opinion. I guess I enjoy the fact he's a complicated villain and main character. Too many characters in anime are 2 dimensional in my opinion. Ainz Ool Gown isn't though! I enjoy the anime a lot because he is making such a huge impact on the world around him and he doesn't even seem to realize that. I know that eventually the the series will end, and when it does I'll no doubt be sad, but also grateful for such a great story.
Favorie Fictional Characters 36e78a41c13bb0412ed6d19c5f6de19d

Obito Uchiha is my favorite naruto character. I think it's probably because his story is so sad paired with the fact he looks cool. I guess I like the characters with tragic stories the most. When he witnessed the death of Rin you could see his pain. The entire scene was really well done. When he slaughtered all those enemy ninjas you could see just how angry he was and the tragic part was afterwards you could tell how lost he looked. This scene was one of the coolest in anime I've ever seen.
Favorie Fictional Characters 115854-supervillain-naruto_shippuden-supernatural_creature-kakashi_hatake-sakura_haruno-550x550

Ragnarok was a very unique character in my opinion. He was my favorite character from the soul eater anime. I really loved the creativity that went into his designs such as his demon blade form and his black dragon form. Ragnarok had many different forms he'd gained from the consumption of human souls, but after they were taken away from him he became small, stunted an weaker. I really enjoyed the fight scenes whilst Ragnarok was at the height of his power from the consumption of human souls, but after he'd lost all the souls they had been collecting and Crona joined the "goodies" side the character stopped being as interesting for me. I loved the character a lot more in the earlier episodes whilst he was still a real villain, but he was still worthy of mentioning on this list.
Favorie Fictional Characters 8348de24a4afa5e2d6318c90caf0e0bb

Lemongrab is probably one of the weirdest characters on this list. The reason I like Lemongrab is because out of all the wacky characters of Adventure Time he's one of the most memorable and iconic. The Adventure Time world is very detailed and those with enough perception could gain a lot of knowledge from the world just by reading into what happens in every episode or looking into things more in depth in each episode. Part of what I noticed is how closely it seemed Lemongrab suffered from autism. Nobody understood him, he had no friends, his life seemed very sad as he was basically alone in the world. He was so lonely, but when he finally got the chance to be around somebody like himself he didn't like it anyway. I liked how they had a character with autism, but didn't need to reveal it as it was blatantly clear to anyone who was perceptive enough to work it out on their own. At first you just think Lemongrab is weird and you'd be right to think that, but when you stop and think about him more in depth there is a lot more going on there. Oh and his character pretty much made me laugh more than any other character in Adventure Time!
Favorie Fictional Characters Timeline_1525105427_00026

Paul is like one of the only assholes in the pokemon anime that seems to have a real reason for being the way he is. Why do I like him? Because he isn't some generic friendly rival to Ash! Ash is such an idiot. I hate him so much. Anyone who is an enemy of Ash is worthy of being on my list. If pokemon wasn't so child friendly I'm pretty sure Paul would of told Ash to fuck off. Paul hated Ash because he didn't like how dumb Ash was with his training style and how he thought he was better than him despite training their pokemon pretty much the same way. Paul could see Ash's weakness and hypocrisy and that irritated him. He also couldn't even be bothered to remember Dawn's name which i thought was funny. To be honest he had pretty much no respect for anyone. I can barely remember a single other name of any of Ash's more recent rivals. They are pretty much all clones of one another with no personality other than being "nice". Just bores me to death, but when Paul was a jerk to Ash it was a breath of fresh air in that anime. I wish more people would be like Paul.
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