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Nova smash Bros player Ranking

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Nova smash Bros player Ranking  Empty Nova smash Bros player Ranking

Post by charizardf1 on Sun Sep 22, 2019 7:46 pm

This list consist ut of my experiences and OPINION so plz get offended and come after my soul if u feel you've been shamed upon and deserve a different spot. The ppl in this list will consist of mostly consistent smash bros players/ Nova regulars.

1. UncleStew

Stew displays the playstyle of a true smash bros player. His reaction speed and pacing along with his very quick and intelligent reads are currently unrivaled. He has a very natural and non predictable and non repetitive playstyle and has the ability to play lots of characters pretty decently. When at his best he's extremely consistent and can adapt to just about any situation with no hesitation. It doesn't take him long at all to completely know how to counter his opponent's playstyle. Likes to extend this by playing mind games with his opponent to further ensure his winning chances throwing them off via getting them riles or unfocused. Also having very masterful spacing, edgeguarding, ledge trapping, teching, and other smash terms.

2. Charizardf1

I strictly devote myself mainly around evaluating my opponent's playstyles and countering them directly with powerful adapting skills. Similar to stew I have the ability to react instantly  naturally and without the need of thought as well as having an extremely fast pacing. Overall not very consistent in playstyle but makes up for it with a more careful and cautious approach to situations to balance it out. Doesn't have practised gameplay yet due to lots of experience has a completely natural playstyle to forge his own counterplay actions on the spot. Moreso weak in edgeguarding and will more than likely not go for them but makes up for it in his superior ledge trapping skills. Hit or miss when it comes to executing most other smash mechanics through natural reactions alone.

3. Fangsun

Has a very natural and adaptive playstyle. Gambles efficiently with choices that the opponent will either get caught or escape. Even with the opponent's right choice is able to follow up safely to set up his next trap option. Has a very direct aerial gameplay but spaces himself to more so ensure his safety. Really great with edgeguarding and ledgetrapping. Great at utilizing the smash mechanics in full realization.

4. AJ

Extremely talented with utilizing the mechanics of characters. Very well practiced and increasingly as time progresses with heavy mechanics overall. The best at setting up situations to trap you in an inevitable demise. Very adaptive and calculated. Despite having a more linear playstyle he's able to cover himself pretty well to where you must have a surefire way to counter or else once you're caught you take huge percents of damage.


When at his best he's one of the most consistent and well practiced players. Really good at keeping the pressure with his perfect and set style of play. Once he has you in his zone it's hard to escape from his quick and precise movements. Very nice in combo game, edgeguarding, and ledgetrapping.

6. Surge

When he finally gets out of his shell he displays a very precise playstyle, being able to accurately determine if he can hit you or evade with something based upon your current location. A balanced player with no huge strengths but no huge weaknesses as well. Unknown if this is his true power or not c:

7. Rahcharahcharahcharacharahcarahcharahcharahcharahcharahcharahcharahcharahcharahcharahcharah

 A very balanced player that plays with great precision. Great combo game and super skilled and adaptive.

8. Spin

Similar to Talon he is very consistent and well practiced. Although he's similarly predictable he is more adaptive and reacts quicker to situations. Proficient in edgeguarding. For being one of the lesser experienced he's rising the ranks faster than any other newcomer to the game having great potential.

9.  Hmado

Has an extremely cautious gameplay. Calmly assesses situations and counters upon reaction. Good at punishing reckless approaches and sizes up the opponent with intense pressure. Mainly lacks due to longtime restrictions hindering his overall experience but progresses and adapts well against his odds.

10. Saphirecoyote(Shaun)

A rising star that's quickly advancing in the game. Has a very careful and responsive playstyle. Very nimble and good at keeping his distance as well as choosing the right time to get close and personal. 

11. Tam

One of the newest players to the community. Quickly learning the basics of the game and a natural talent from the start. Developing both bad and good habits but is mending into a dangerous player overall. 

12. Onox234

A longterm and very consistent but repetitive smash player. Having a super set playstyle, he's incredibly predictable and easy to counter, but if you're unaware of this he will prove to be very destructive and powerful. Very lacking in adaptive capability, but knows his combo game and repetitive playstyle(with certain characters) perfectly to where if u mistakely get hit, he will one up you.

Honorable mentions


Not much of a Nova player due to lack of activity but if he was around more he'd be the number two spot for sure. Very good at planning a few steps ahead and deducing your playstyle without much effort. Very straightforward playstyle but it doesn't matter since he most likely knows how you will react anyways and will still be able to get at you. Extremely fluent and leaves little to no mistakes in his gameplay. An overall really exceptional and proficient player that can't be taken lightly under any aspect.

(Let me know if I forgot anybody and make sure they are worth listing hahaha. If you have disagreements then you can discuss your salt in the comments below or settle it in smash u fuckin SCRUBS! Nova smash Bros player Ranking  2_1024x1024)

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