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The Nova Bible Pt. 2

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The Nova Bible Pt. 2 Empty The Nova Bible Pt. 2

Post by charizardf1 on Mon Sep 26, 2016 9:02 pm

Hmado 2

             Due to the success of NovaStorm the god Hmado was praised and worshiped. He named his disciples Novians and cherished them as if they were his own children. Hmado revealed himself as the sand god, spreading his divine sand across the domain, filling everyone with happiness and joy. For the time the god had nothing to worry about and continuing planning for the future of NovaStormin the shadows while playing with his children. He also chose certain to give power to those who deemed loyal, making them into demigods, who assist the two original gods protect the domain of NovaStorm under contract.

Reksel 2

            Reksel eventually returns in a based form. Powerless and restrained by the two gods. Still corrupted Reksel stays dormant upon NovaStorm, usually stiring up trouble in the domain while going through many dimensions and gaining power so he can become a god once more. Hmado does his best not to give up on the friend that Reksel used to be, giving him endless chances to regain his senses.

JorDan 1

            One of the original Novians who quickly left due to the low activity and foreseeing NovaStorm to a quick demise in the future. He has kept wondering across the universes also looking for high hopes of a place to be labeled as home. Hmado, enraged by Jordan's negativity, improved his drive to making NovaStorm into more of a success, thus continuing to maintain the land and slowly progressing it to someday make it a suitable place for Jordan to stay.

Dvasu64 1

          A man of few words, Dvasu has came brimming with the potential of a god. Proving his worth quite quickly, Hmado gave the powers of a god to Dvasu. Dvasu often stays silent and only comes out when he is needed. Dvasu was the top tier among the demigods, immediately taking out any threats when they appeared.

Talonflame76 1

       Here enters a young boy named Talon. A little boy filled with a lot of pride but also with arrogance. Amung his novians he was always cruel and confident, yet also very sensitive. His loyalty was always tested and the fellow novians were always against him, wishing his execution. Hmado always protected young talon dispite all his flaws in hopes he would one day grow up and awaken to be a better novian among his people.

Alissa 1

       Alissa was known as the annoying young girl who most people disliked. Among the novians she was the only female of that time. Despite causing lots of tension and complaining about the people to high degree, she somehow still managed to stay stable and never was touched. Also known by many to swoon random passerbys for their identities and fortune. There was no telling if this maiden would ever change or be likable within Nova.

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