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Tale of Charizardf1

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Tale of Charizardf1 Empty Tale of Charizardf1

Post by charizardf1 on Wed Oct 26, 2016 2:13 am

The Tale of Charizardf1

                A young boy by the name of Charizardf1 was a curious fellow, searching through the the dimensions and domains for a place to call his own. His purpose began with simply wanting to find new challenge. He found the domain called VGchat and resided there. There he fought with many people. Winning many battles and proving his worth as a warrior. One day Char got horribly beaten by a mysterious fellow  who suddenly appeared before him. Upset by his defeat he wondered and grew stronger then rechallenged him, defeating him with ease. a man known as Joe approaches and sees his worth and asks he comes with him to a new dimension and domain, away from the cancer that is VGChat. Not knowing what to next, young Char accepts and follows him.

             Char crosses dimensions, exiting VGchat into Chatango. Within Chatango he descends on the domain, Youtopia. Seeing how amazing Chatango was, charizardf1 decides to thank Joe and gives his full loyalty to him. residing in Youtopia for a long time Char was taught the way of pokemon by Joe alongside his allies Swampfan,Lucariochick1, and Shinycharizard23. Throughout time they have gathered more allies within the domain of Youtopia.

            Char clashes with a man named AJsaysNO. Wanting to prove his worth he fights him and AJ easily destroys him multiple times. Refusing to give up and admit defeat Char gets going but AJ decides to stop fighting saying," You are but a mere noob. Face me again once you have acquired more power." With his pride hurt, his drive began to make him burn ever brighter. AjsaysNo was eventually banished, and AJ left the Youtopian Domain stating he never cared for Youtopia and went back to WPE. It was at that time Char wondered if Chatango had many domains in it.

          Time had passed and through all this time Char relentlessly trained himself to become a lot stronger and wiser. One day Char proclaimed to Joe,"Must I only stay here? Can I not venture and see what other domains there are?" Joe refused stating that if he would leave and never return if Char were to ever venture outside. Due mass curiosity Char disobeyed Joe and ventured to the domain of WPE.

         The original intension was to find AJ, who has not been seen by Char for over a year, but finds that AJ does not reside there any longer. Tho dissapointed in not finding AJ, Char quickly befriended those who were regulars there, but was often teased and bullied by most of the members. Not caring about what was happening, Char found a second home there and enjoyed his time there, making more and more friends.

          Char then is founded by a person named Joltypoo, who offered him to venture through yet another domain. Char gladly accepts and follows him, excited to see new lands. There Jolt had seen Char's determination, giving him the power of a god within his domain just like within Joe's. Jolt informs Char of many other domains which consisted of many other members also introducing him of the forumotion dimension. Char ventures through all of these, staying silent and learning about many more people.

        One day Char conversed with Swamp about all he has learned. Swamp then creates a forumotion and within adds in multiple domains within them. Through that Char had access to Youtopia, WPE, and Jolt's domain all at once.

      Joe then confronts Char about the error of his ways and of his betrayal. Joe states," Are thou going against thine will of Youtopia!?" Joe then takes Char's power and banishes him away to an empty space. Char then after hearing about a boy named Hmado seeks him out. Char takes Hmado under his wing after destroying him in a battle . Jolt proclaims he is leaving Chatango for along time and bids farewell to Char and his partner Redbulborb. Saddened by all that has happened, Char decides to create his own domain and named it Pwnchar.

       Within Pwnchar Char grants Hmado and another ally named Stephaniepikachu power to make Pwnchar into a good place for people. Pwnchar grew successful as it continued to grow with perfect harmony. Eventually Joe comes to understand Char's ways and decides to release his ban on Char and returning his power. Char gives less effort within pwnchar due to Stephanie leaving and Joe giving his power back in Youtopia and Pwnchar dies. Char decides to take Hmado with him and train him further while staying within Youtopia and traveling more domains.

       Time had passed and somebody informs Char that there is a new domain made by his own pupil called Novastorm. Charizardf1 goes there and bestows his loyalty to Hmado, who s now a Sand God, and begins his journey in NovaStorm.

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Tale of Charizardf1 Empty Re: Tale of Charizardf1

Post by Mado on Wed Oct 26, 2016 2:19 am

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