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Tale of Lateritious

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Tale of Lateritious Empty Tale of Lateritious

Post by charizardf1 on Sat Dec 03, 2016 9:54 am

Here is a tale of the boy who was confused about his destiny. Young Link started at the domain known as PEO, a place where only the chosen are allowed to stay in. At PEO young Link had many friends and cherished his homeland. After a year had passed darkness had corrupted the land and things began to change. Young Link was being attacked and was banished from his homeland. A woman named Delanie found him and recruited him to a place known as the Elite Four Forums and shelters Link there.

            Link, not knowing what is going on, is very confused. Throughout his time in the Elite forums he made it another home. There he had met young Hmado while searching his own path. Mado didn't like what he saw upon young Link at that point in time, seeing the weakness and failure and loss that was seen upon him. Link feeling sad and disappointed in himself is left hopeless and lost wondering what he needs to do next. 

        A leader named Scizorlkmn came to Link and told him of his place where a trial was kept. He told Link of the Tower of Legends. Where he can go to seek his true destiny. Young Link was beaten and thrown around and went through a lot of emotion and rage throughout the trial. Link's self esteem was dropping and he seemed to have little hope left to figuring out what he is meant to do. He felt useless around his peers and was starting not to care anymore.

        Even though his will was destroyed he continued onward anyways until he would meet his total end since he had no other path to follow anyways. Link continued to get trashed and demolished further and further but he still kept climbing the tower. Link Met up with the Draco Knights in the tower and get wrecked very hard by an Eelectross. Link stopped moving and fell for he could not climb anymore at that moment.

        Link actually tries to learn to fight back and manages to finally get passed the Eelectross and reaches the end of the Tower of legends. Young link reads the some of the ancient texts on the wall. He reads of the power of Onoxdorf and his dark magic that conquered the land of PEO. After figuring this out the tower begins to crumble after an attack from Joltypoo reached tower destroying it while Link barely escapes with his life. Link knew what he had to do now.....he had to search for Onoxdorf to get answers.

      Young Link journeys with his newly found Leader Frost through periless trials and battles between him and Nexus. Due to his poor Leadership Frost eventually disssapears and his domains all get destroyed. Young Link, lost once again, continues to roam until he finds the land of Nova, where his real adventure begins.

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