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Fossil Fighters 101

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Fossil Fighters 101 Empty Fossil Fighters 101

Post by Punkapunkin on Thu Oct 12, 2017 11:15 am

As a lot of you may know I've been playing a whole lot of Fossil Fighters recently & naturally, I've picked up on the neat mechanics & pretty well-done battling system. You probably don't care a whole lot but I figured maybe it'd be neat to give a little explanation of just what the heck makes Fossil Fighters such an interesting game to me. I'm going to talk about everything BUT the plot, since you probably either don't care about it or you just don't want to be spoiled if you even plan on playing it.

Cleaning Fossils
Before the battle even begins, you've first got to collect Vivosaurs. "What the heck is a vivosaur?!" you ask. Well, a vivosaur is a dinosaur revived through the means of cleaning a fossil rock & integrating different bones from it's body to make it more complete & thus stronger. You can't revive a vivosaur to use in battle until you have it's head fossil. This is important to know because sometimes when you have Fossils in storage because you didn't get the head fossil you might forget that you have them there! 

Each Vivosaur has 4 parts you need to collect in order to complete it's body: Head, arms, body, & legs. When you're at a dig site, & you've collected fossils, you take them back to the laboratory & clean the fossils. "Cleaning" is a bit more like excavating, given the fact that you're really unearthing the bones from the rock instead of actually "cleaning". Anyways, when cleaning fossil rocks you have two tools (4 once you've bought the Hyper Hammer & Super Drill), a hammer & a drill. The hammer is a strong tool, and it rids of rock quickly, whereas the drill scrapes away brittle rock & helps when you have small fragments of rock left over the bones. 

Cleaning is scored based on how good a job you do of cleaning the fossil, & it goes from 50-100. If you score below a 50 on a fossil rock you fail to revive the vivosaur, so it's important to work deftly & efficiently on the rock. There are very rare Red Bone fossil rocks that hold fossils with more DNA in them than normal fossil rocks. These rocks add another 25 points to your overall score on the fossil. For example, if I scored a perfect 100 on a fossil (which I always do because I'm perfect  Cool) your score after you finish would become a 125, which is the maximum score for any rock. 

Now you're asking: "What do these scores do? Why do they matter?"

Well, scores on fossil rocks work a lot like EXP in Pokemon. The higher you score on cleaning a fossil rock the more points you add towards ranking up the vivosaur. Every vivosaur ranks up after having gained 50 EXP points. So, for example, if I have a vivosaur that I revived with a 50 point score, it would be rank 1 to begin with. But if I scored a perfect 100, it would start out at rank 2. If I integrate more parts to this vivosaur, it's rank will continue to go up & it'll be stronger. 

Vivosaurs have abilities & moves they learn as they level up, & they progressively become more useful, as well as costly in battle. The maximum rank a vivosaur can reach in Fossil Fighters Champions is 20, before it was 12. Naturally, a vivosaur that's been revived well will be quicker to level up than one that is not. 

Alright, let's level for a second. What's cooler than commanding dinosaurs to fight one another like Pokemon? Darn, I can't think of anything. NOW, what's cooler than dinosaurs fighting one another, but with some badass & easy to pick up battling mechanics? 

When a battle begins, whether it's a battle with another fighter, a rank-up battle, or a boss battle, you'll always start with 6 slots on two sides of the field (in Fossil Fighters Champions). The right side goes to your opponent, & the left to yourself. Before every battle you pick 3 vivosaurs you're going to take with you among the 5 you can hold at a time in one team. On the field, the zones on either side of the field have different purposes. The 3 zones to the left half of the circle they form are zones in which your vivosaurs use their support effects. 

These zones are called "SZ" zones, short for "Support Zones". Depending on the effects of vivosaurs placed in these zones, they can either increase or decrease stats in either your opponent's AZ (Short for Attack Zone, which is what the right half of the circle is for) or your own. Vivosaurs in the SZ have reduced attack output, but are immune to enemy support effects & are also usually out of range for any impactful attacks. Fun Fact: Some vivosaurs such as "Coatlus" & "Pachy" don't lose attack from the SZ & even have their own support effects. As you can imagine this is pretty helpful. 

Your AZ vivosaurs are your heavy hitters. These are the ones that'll be taking & dishing out the most damage on the field. AZ vivosaurs gain or drop stats based on the support effects of either your opponent's or your own vivosaur's. Simple enough really. You can rotate your vivosaurs' positions on the field to mix it up & gain an advantage or get yourself out of a disadvantage. This works similarly to switch-ins in Pokemon. 

"How do vivosaurs attack? Isn't there a limit?"
Vivosaurs attack with "FP" which is short for "Fossil Power". This works similarly to PP in Pokemon except you have a certain amount of recharge every turn to use attacks instead of a set amount of times you can use that attack. Some vivosaurs have an ability called "FP Plus" that gives you extra FP at the start of your turn which can help you dish out more big hits every turn. Your FP recharge at the start of every turn is dependent on your Fighter level, so the farther you are in the game or the better you are the more FP you'll have to use at the start of a turn. 

For example: Let's say I start off my turn with 140 FP, & I use a move that requires 70 then end my turn. The next turn I would gain another 140 ON TOP of the 70 I had leftover giving me a total of 210 FP to use that turn. It pays to be patient in this game. (Sidenote: I forgot to mention how who goes first in a battle is determined; the first move is determined by the fighter with vivosaurs that have the highest speed stat.)

Once you knock out all three of your opponent's vivosaurs, you win the battle. Just like Pokemon, there are status effects & even leeching moves.

That just about sums up the fundamentals of both the cleaning & battle mechanics of Fossil Fighters. Questions? Ask away! Hopefully at some point we can all play Fossil Fighters &... dig up some fun together, hehe. 

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Fossil Fighters 101 Empty Re: Fossil Fighters 101

Post by Mado on Thu Oct 12, 2017 12:08 pm

Good thread/10. Nice stuff review, don't forget to put the score at the end next time.

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