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The Spontaneous Furry Girl

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The Spontaneous Furry Girl Empty The Spontaneous Furry Girl

Post by charizardf1 on Fri Oct 20, 2017 2:19 am

It begins with the average high school nerd named Darion. His daily life always consisted of getting bullied and made fun of even by the teachers. Obnoxious about how the world really works, Darion didn't take anything but his own interest and views seriously. He lives a lonely childhood all alone just having the internet to give him enough reason to live. Darion only had 1 friend named Dean who was the only person he could talk to whenever he was home. He looked up to him and was his role model and also copied his action in order to seem funny and cool. 

One day Dean had come to pick up Darion to do some "dank stuff." "Hey loser, are you up for some trouble today?" Darion looks at Dean concerned, " Oh no what are you thinking about today?" Dean smirks and balls up his fist, "Let's go find trash some neighborhood's houses." Darion smiles and nods, "Ok sounds like fun." Dean and Darion go out and start tipping over trash cans and cutting plants. Dean kicks some people's pets while Darion hits some vehicles with bats. The two boys start a huge ruckus among the neighborhood. Dean lastly takes out a tinderbox and sets the neighborhood ablaze. People have started coming out, chasing the young boys with lots of rage and anger while they are laughing out loud. 

Dean and Darion manage to somehow escape the people by going to an underground sewer. Dean suggests that they investigate and Darion just goes along with it. As they go deeper they hear a noise. Dean pulls out his pocket knife while Darion quivers behind Dean scared. A shadow quickly then jumps at them. Before Dean could react he was sent flying to a wall. Darion screams and is quickly knocked out without a moment's notice. 

Darion wakes up to see that he is not at the sewers anymore. He gets up quickly and looks around seeing no Dean to be seen. The shadow approaches Darion while Darion steps back fearing for his life. "Be calm. So you have finally come. You are our only hope to saving my rhelm." Darion speaks slightly intimidated, "Who are you? Where am I? Where is Dean?" The shadow reveals himself, "My name is Mitch, I am a God in the rhelm known as NovaStorm, in the Chatango Universe." Darion looks at him, "I don't believe anything you are saying. Although you do look really weird and ugly. Definitely not normal." Mitch frowns, "Geez. I didn't think our savior would be such an asshole." Darion points and laughs, "Haha but you look so weird there's no way you are a god." Mitch holds Darion in the air and binds him. 

Darion struggles in the binds and is scared once again. "Ok ok I'm sorry you're a god please let me go." Mitch leaves him there and just stares at him, "Well I was planning on explaining things without resorting tot his but I feel like keeping you like this for now for being so rude for no reason." Darion whimpers and Mitch goes on to explain why Darion was brought to Nova. "Ok I'll just get to the main parts you need to know. Our rhelm has been around for about half a decade now but I have sensed that our end was near. I've done my research on how I can go about ending our struggle. Apparently we are soon to have another great enemy that can possibly be the end of all of us. It was initially said that Link was our only hero, but I fear that not even him can save us from this disaster. So I came into your world to look for a promising lad that can help us. So here you are." 

Darion looks at Mitch confused, " Umm....so what are you asking of me. All of that was really vague can you please explain this better." Mitch looks at him annoyed, " Ok look all I want is for you to like...stick around or something until things happen and you save us ok." Darion looks at Mitch frustrated, "I refuse to do anything until you give me more details because this all sounds really stupid and retarded." Mitch has had enough and decided to banish Darion from NovaStorm and sends Darion flying elsewhere, "I'll bring you back when the time comes but for now keep your bullshit somewhere else." 

Darion gets up confused and in deep thought of what is going on. A girl approaches him, "What are you doing weirdo?" Darion looks at the girl, "Oh well hello there." The girl introduces herself as Erza. She introduces Darion to the community of Otaku and quickly he grows attached to the place. Darion also starts to learn more about how to travel through chatango. Because nobody has ever taught him the basics of how to survive in Chatango, Darion is always cast aside and brought to near death and driven away everywhere he went. Always falling back, Darion had no power anywhere but always thought of himself as superior to all the Chatango people due to being from another rhelm and took being called a chosen one way too serious. 

One day the young boy came across a weird creature named Tam, who was really slow and dumb, but also showed lots of potential with the knowledge she knew. Tam was paranoid of everything and everyone, being all alone and scaring away and causing mayhem among anybody who deemed the smallest suspicious. Darion was the only one who was able to approach the young lass and she remained, shocking all the memebrs in Otaku. Tam, who was also shocked, did not feel her emotions going out of control and greeted the young dude. "Is it....you?" Darion laughs at her, "What are you talking about? You're so cute and weird." Tam observes Darion's behavior and appearance as wella s his essence. "Yes....YES! I've always thought I was finally going crazy but it's true! You are the one in my visions!" Darion looks at her confused and lsot, " Wait wu-." Tam grabs Darion ad leads him to a sacred forest.

Tam brings Darion to the sacred forest known as "Futanari." She brought him there showing him the ancient tomes and stories telling of the ancient powers of Futa. Tam looks at Darion and explains, "Darion these tomes tell of the possibility of a rare specimen that is male but can also be labeled as Futa. I've studied these tomes for all my life. I'm greatly interested in the way of Futa. I really wish for you to learn and like it too. I feel like you could become a great girl." Darion looks disgusted and ashamed, " So you only look at me as if I'm a girl? but I'm clearly a boy..." Tam looks at Darion with a serious face and places her hand on his shoulder, "Please...learn the ways of Futa. I also have something else I must show you." Tam reveals that she has fur and lets out her tail and explains to Darion that she is a furry. Darion paid no mind to it and liked it a lot, thinking it was cute, and wished he also could be a furry.

While Darion is training in Futanari Forest, NovaStorm seems to have started it's collapse. Evil had spread with Talon causing chaos along with the 0minization and other minor conflicts. Seeing that the end was near, Mitch sent out Charizardf1 to look for Darion to save the dying NovaStorm. Char uses his information network to find where Darion could have went. Tracing him to Otaku, Darion had returned from Futanari Forest. Char confronts Darion, "Hey Darion please return to Nova. We need you." Darion shakes his head at Char, "I'm sorry but my place is at Otaku now. Nova just tossed me aside and didn't acknowledge me as who I am. This is my home now." Char decided that he had no choice. In order to get him to return he stayed in Otaku with Darion and formed a bond with him. Eventually convincing him to return to Nova.

Char and Darion arrive back in Nova, which has suffered a great amount of loss. Tam also followed curious to see what destiny Darion would fall under. Char looks sad, "Is this....really what became of Nova?" Mitch, Hmado, and everyone confront Char on his return with Darion. Darion stayed and bonded with the Nova community. There were few who actually liked him but due to his strong will Darion was able to hang in but only barely. Many times Darion would resort to obnoxious behavior and quickly would have to be brought under time out. The chaos within Darion began to rise. 

Darion and Tam often trained and meditated on the way of Futa. Talon approaches tam and starts to cause havoc, making Tam go crazy. The other Novas also try to chip in to help but it only ended up making it worse and everyone ganging on the troubled soul. Darion tried to help and defend tam but to no avail he could not do anything about the situation. Codie would turn to Darion, "Shut up you Furry loving freak." Others would pitch in, calling Darion a girl and homosexual for the way he is and his love for futa. Darion falls to his knees holding his head, "Why!? Why can nobody acknowledge me as a male!" Darion has a flashback of his conversation with tam, "Darion, you are best girl. One day I hope you will acknowledge and accept this." Darion looks ashamed, "Not even Tam..." Darion gets up, "Everyone of you...call me gay, a girl, and a furry rapist..." Darion gets up and makes a smirk, "But you know what.... I feel like it is finally time.... I'LL SHOW YOU ALL HOW MUCH OF A FURRY I AM!" Everyone looks at Darion as he begins to change.

Darion begins to grow fur and having more of a feminine posture and has makeup on. Tam begins to calm her rage, "I-It's happening!?" Hmado looks at Darion, "Can somebody explain what is going on?" Char looks at Darion in awe, "Is he....seriously growing fur!?" Darion grows a tail and and claws with sharper teeth. Codie looks at him in disgust, "I told you all he was a furry rapist. I bet he rapes his sister too." Mitch is on standby watching what is going on, "(Could this be what I foresaw? this is quite disturbing. The only thing we can do for now is see what he does next)." Darion looks at Codie, "You're right Codie, I definitely love raping my furry cat sister." Nova is shook back. Char looks surprised, "Did he really just calmly responded to this and accepted? What happened to him?" 

Talon approaches Darion readying his attack on him but Darion begins to spin his dong. Char looks in amazement, "In...credible! He's spinning his dong! Nobody has been able to ever do that!" Darion pierces through Talon with his spinning dong attack, leaving him crippled and blushing. Tam looks at Darion with a huge smile, "Something amazing has happened to Darion! He has become a Spontaneous Furry Girl! Not even the Great Legend known as Kitty could achieve this form! Darion truly is amazing!" The Novas fear for the powers Darion has grown and he began to truly release his feminine futa powers on everyone at once. Mixing the power of obnoxious and cringe, he clashes with tobi, supplying powerful self sources and bias which swept him away. Darion takes out his makeup kit and spreads his perfumes and eyeliner bedazzle among everyone stunning them in their place. Nova could not stand a chance agains this Futa force.

Darion clashed against nova for a decent amount of time, "Mitch I realize now why you brought me here. You wished for me to cleanse the filth of Nova. so that is what I will do. Nova has to be destroyed. This judgement will end here and now!" Mitch smirks, "Foolish boy... I've lied to you since the beginning. What Nova needed was not a hero, it was a necessary source of chaos to keep trapped and dormant in order for us to keep living." Darion gets upset and appalled, "You tricked me huh? Well too bad for you because it's time for me to finish you and this despicable rhelm." Mitch sighs, "Dude you're so edgy please stop. Look I'll just send our hero to end you here and now so you can chill out." Mitch calls upon Link to confront Darion. Darion pulls out his choker, "Link is a wimp. He can't do anything to me. I'll finish Nova off in one blow!" 

Darion puts on the choker and begins to choke himself. His Futa furry powers begins to radiate to it's maximum potential, making him As feminine and Futa as possible while retaining his male status. Link stand there readying to make his counter. Darion charges at Link spinning his dong at maximum speed, "NYAAAAAAAAAAA!" Stew warns Link, "Be careful Lonk he's using my dank memes." Link holds up his shield with a USUM seal and blocks the attack. Struggling against the powerful spinning dong Link calls upon his own meme of reality and catches Darion off guard. Link sees his chance and strikes Darion, ending his attack on Nova. Mitch then cages Darion, laughing at him be helpless and unable to any longer go back home or anywhere else. Constantly being used as a tool of chaos in order to keep Nova thriving.

Dean is shaking Darion to wake up. "Hey get up hurry you weakass!" Darion opens his eyes, "Omg Dean you're ok!" He tries to hug him but Dean pushes him off, "Dude we need to get out of here I just stabbed that dude that attacked us to death." Darion looks at the dead body and is surprised, "Wait what the- (So was that all just some strange dream? Thank god.)" Dean yells at Darion, "Run before somebody finds us!" Darion smiles, "Omg Dean you're going to freakin jail dude." Dean and Darion begin to run back home but Mitch watches over him waiting for the next moment to bring him back for more torture.

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The Spontaneous Furry Girl Empty Re: The Spontaneous Furry Girl

Post by Tamicat on Sun Nov 05, 2017 8:14 pm

Something amazing has happened to Darion! He has become a Spontaneous Furry Girl! Not even the Great Legend known as Kitty could achieve this form! Darion truly is amazing!

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