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Nova Ranking System Empty Nova Ranking System

Post by charizardf1 on Thu Nov 02, 2017 2:12 am

1. 0mi- This is a user that is not only feared on Nova, but also across the chatango universe. This user was rumored and known to being one of the most powerful and troublesome trolls in existence(also rumoured to be a reminence of 4chan himself). He's so powerful and manipulative, that his aura radiates out of the rhelm itself. Once this man is a line of sight, people are immediately suspicious and try to avoid him but at the same time feel attracted. Encountering him is dangerous because he can potentially destroy you upon contact or allow mercy to those he choose fit. Only chosen people have ever been able to stay by his side but they too are still harmed and feared of his godly power. he cannot ever simply be banished. he can enter and leave wherever he wants regardless if wanted or not. 

2. Talon- This small boy has always actively been causing mischief among people. Despite being a child he still is feared and hated among the populace. Having the power to drive people away and potentially make people kill themselves by simply threatening them, he is a force to be reckoned with. He also amasses a natural aura which makes people scream in agony. Having similar traits to 0mi, both share a harmless approach but take caution on how you act around these savages.

3. Kitty- There's no telling how powerful this threat can actually get. Due to a very strong mental prowess, this cat is very unpredictable. Nobody can ever see what is coming next when things involve this user. She could steal your soul, expose, and trick you with very intellectual retardedness. Don't let the retarded act fool you because it can bite you in the back. Never underestimate what possibilities this person can do.

4. JD- Able to forcibly intimidate the majority of Nova, this person has tried to lowkey rule over the lands with sheer intimidation. The people would never go against this person, not even the gods themselves. Almost succeeded in throwing away all those that he didn't want around and scaring certain individuals to obey his every command. Even the great Onoxdorf himself was so scared that he could not even stay in the vicinity of this person. 

5. Mitch-One of the main Gods himself, Mitch always has the last laugh when he gets involved in situations. Never has he lost or has feared anything. This god only shows his terror when he wants to and tucks it away when bored. Easily the most threatening but chooses not to show it off, to further gain morale and power in other aspects in chat. Nobody can best this God not even 0mi himself.

6. Char- A clown in Nova. Nobody takes this user seriously but he holds massive latent threatening potential. Only teasing his might here and there with a mix of foolish memes and actions, nobody can ever tell what purpose or goal this user is trying to accomplish. The only threatening feature being his mysterious connections and confusing actions along with his own aura that seems to piss sensitive people off. Is he the threat or is it his surroundings? Nobody ever knows.

7.Alissa- The bitchiest bitch to ever bitch. This bitch was very threatening to the community. It got so bad to a point where the whole  community combined with other outside communities had to join forces to take this huge threat down. Now Alissa is reduced to fodder so the threatening level severely dropped to a low level, but only ranked high for he memory of how bitchy this bitch was.

8.Tiff- A diva that will never be forgotten no matter how hard people would want to try. Having major paranoia issues, once she erupts there's no running away. tiff always came hard after people who she claim wronged her and she never took it lightly. Nova still awaits the day the police falls to their doorsteps.

9.Reks- Known for being a tryhard troll, it still works for him. Since his only reason(according to him) for him to log on is to troll, he is seen as annoying and irritating to deal with. Loving the feeling of people being triggered he never stops. used to be one of the most threatening but nowadays his acts are getting more and more stale upon every appearance.

10. Kit- What made Kit a threat was not fear or clever antics, but his annoyance and mass confusion. Always assuming to know what was going on even though he had no clue at all. The people always hurt their brains trying to figure out what this man was talking about and how he got the information he portrayed. Also rumored to be a predator to children.

11. Spin- This young lad never gets any respect from the majority of Nova. The reason for this is his obnoxious personality. This boy will argue you down and tell you you're wrong regardless of what is being said. Dragging on things for many hours and having paranoia issues to extend the tension between him and the chat. These qualities make people fear having any type of debate or conversation at all due to his absurd views and rude and childish behavior.

12. Zero- A respected member of chat. His qualities refer to his counter skills in intelligence and stirring up trouble. Don't try to come across him because regardless if you know what is going on he will always know how to switch things up to make you wrong in the end regardless if you were right in the first place. One of few people who actually will grab sources and can roast niggas cleanly.

13. Tam- a downsized mental version of Spin. Basically a more rational mirror to Spin. 

14. Ben- Rumored to being one of the 0minization. An overrated threat of a overrated organization that is meant to attempt to troll certain individuals. nobody knows what endgoal this person wanted to accomplish but for the most part he was made a huge threat to only select people.

15. Tobi- Often preys on people's opinions and downsized people for them as well as supersizing himself in order to make the other side feel inferior, Tobi gives off an ignorant presence toward many people which causes people to want to prove themselves and make him understand and accept their views but in the end...he really doesn't care at all.

16. Zod- Don't speak against the things he likes or else you will get an earful. This user will question why you think that way and try to put you down and label you ignorant for your own opinion, but then turn around and do the same thing to you making you think.... what is this hypocritical nonsense?

17. Alex/Pale- Two people who are basically in the same category. Attempting to be threatening but really aren't. Taunting and baiting out the weakest of the weak, these two are only relentless toward those at their weakpoint and at no other time. So don't let your guard down or else they will come at your weakpoints.

18. Angel/Jamani- Somebody who wants to look hard so badly but can't really pull it off. Only can seem threatening within a group but otherwise laughably a tryhard.

19. Hmado- The Sand God himself. Seen as respected and non threatening to the community due to his sincere and loving personality, nobody ever fears him. When pushed to his limit though, he won't hesitate to punish and potentially take you out for a period of time.

20. Lateritious- Look at as a joke with barely any respect, on the surface he has no threatening qualities, but once he changes he can go full savage and surprise disrespect you out of nowhere. So don't push him too far or else.

21. Stew- Probably the chilliest and highest and memest dude ever. Not seen as any threat whatsoever and not even any sort of problem but who's to say that he hasn't done anything worth threatening?

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Nova Ranking System Empty Re: Nova Ranking System

Post by Tamicat on Sun Nov 05, 2017 8:37 pm

but my name isn't even tiff

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