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Perspective of Reks

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Perspective of Reks Empty Perspective of Reks

Post by Reksel on Tue Nov 14, 2017 6:55 pm

==Off-Topic Things==
1: I will not make this post any fancy, or include next level vocabulatory. This is Reks in its purest.
2: Many words / sentences are limited to my dictionary. My thoughts can mean something differently than I intend. 
3: I do not intend to fix mistakes in my grammar, or any other issues that may arise. This is my only time on the forum (for now)
4: Do mind that these are my own perspective, my own opinions, and my own thoughts that should be taken with a pinch of salt.
5: I also recommend that you grab popcorn, some music, or usual Crunchyroll binging. (Binging? Is that a word? Binge? Nvm)


Whoops! Where did the words go?! OH NO! THEY ARE ON THE LEFT!

Joking aside, I feel as if this post is meaningless. A waste of my effort where I know most of you people will acknowledge that it is a mere troll attempt and tripping your mindset. That I am random (as Mado called it just a few moments ago) or whatever else. Whatever you may call it, whatever the case may be, I am being quite sincere right now.

As some of you might know. I stopped appearing regularly in the chat a good 2-3 years ago (Or 4? idk) and started battling purely on Facebook since I had most of my contacts there anyway, and started to appear on random occassions (Mostly Directs, announcements, news etc) where I would waste a good few hours away of "doing absolutely nothing" by trolling, baiting, etc. Eventually as Char described in his "Ranking List" that these attempts became quite stale, and rightfully so. None of my attempts should've been eaten up in the first place, and i've always considered these attempts as low quality bait and it only amused me that at some point, some of them actually worked. How could they even work? I know what you guys have gone through in the past in my absence. But still, I made you guys abort your conversations and focus your attention on me at given times. Amusing.

Now then... Why would I ever jump to Facebook in the first place for battling? For starters, most of my contacts were there. I ended up with a girlfriend, had loads of people to talk to that weren't as toxic, and generally had a fun time overall. Considering I lost my gf from the sheer pressure from the drama / issues in the relationship, I generally considered that time better spend than if I were to engage in convos in Nova.

You may have noticed that I described Nova as generally "toxic" - But I have always considered Nova as toxic, way back in the beginning when Nova was taking shape. We were not bound by rules anymore from PEO, but neither were we targeted by moderators that threw a fit 'cause they had a bad day. I still remember Hunny that would whine about her patients and accusing her of killing off their family members... (Hmm, I don't remember that much, but I do believe it was like that. Usually nurses gets flaked like this in the end)

In the first place, Nova in the beginning was quite fun, I still remember how hard we tried to setup a league consisting of "themes" but ended up not having any participants, and we later just started to realize leagues were dead from that point. We never came back to that spirit of Pokémon again... Much later, the community turned into a clusterfuck of dramas as more people joined up, people that were either worse, or more sensitive. There were people from both left and right that had different opinions, and without regulations to stop things escalating into constant bickering, I began to felt entitled into doing something about that. It all resulted into a bigger mess as I was rather naive at the time (IMO) - However, I still feel something should've done way back then.

It was at that point that I didn't felt as much anymore for the chat, the community, and the people as I did before. People began to care more about Smash, and less about Pokémon battles, and the hatred that came with Smogon that began to ban more Pokémon than they ever did in the entirety of Gen 4 up to Gen 6. I felt Gen 6 was the breaking point of many individuals in Pokémon since Mega's were introduced, and more OP Pokémon were introduced that made the meta grew stale, and thanks to the constant ping issues that irritated me, I began playing with other people outside the chat on Facebook. I started to branch out, and I felt like the community as a whole began to spite me to some extend for leaving them for someone else, or whatever. I began to feel that the community as a whole (Or maybe just some individuals) that their ban from the past from PEO, WPE, etc were justified and the only reason the chat came into existance was to have a sacred haven for individuals that were banned and felt it wasn't justified. This can also be considered by there's so much drama in the first place, but it is also what Nova is, and it would ultimately destroy Nova if more and more people got banned.

The only reason why I left for Facebook (I could've also have settled for Twitter, my options were limited lul) was to expand on my capabilities as a competitive Pokémon battler, though I generally only care about singles 6v6, and this is purely only for nostalgia. I absolutely disgust Doubles, and this is the truth. I can never get into VGC, Battle Spot, etc. I've always battled 6v6 singles in my childhood, and once I began to care about Pokémon again in HGSS, I started playing online, but only singles (cause I was a scrub back then) and with Gen 5, I completely neglected the competitive side in that game, thanks to the lackluster cheating prevention, but also thanks to newly introduced mechanics that left out Singles as an unbalanced platform with weather wars and Excadrill being banned, and even Venusaur etc. With Gen 6, I wanted to expand my capabilities and delve deep into the hardcore competitive aspect of Smogon. This is the only meta for me that I like vs VGC that primarily only focus around Doubles, and I can easily see how the Single 6v6 meta feels thanks to that focus. Because of this "expansion" I felt Nova were deliberately pulling me further away from the community. The disgust, and the hatred... To the point that even on Facebook, I had to stop. It became exhausting how toxic everything was, and this ultimately factored into why I am avoiding competitive games in the end. Pokémon still have a place in my heart, but I feel I can never get back into the spirit of things without feeling exhausted and depressed from the "pressure"

This has then resulted that I can no longer thrive in Nova. I can never engage in any of the conversations that you guys are pulling out of your arses (jkjk) and I never feel its fun to play any games that you guys do due to the constant ping issues. The only person I also only have respect for is Mitch, but he's easily likable and I have noticed he hasn't stirred anything, or joined anything, or even remotely got baited by any attempts. Good guy Mitch. Without the feeling of playing games with Nova, nor engaging in the conversations, the only thing I do out of sheer boredom is joining the chat at random as a random person, or with an account you guys know about and type edgy comments for attention. I sincerely have no energy to engage in anything else in the community. Also, thanks to the constant drama that usually occurs at times, its usually never actually any fun to read and engage in conversations in the first place. Then I rather just contribute to the whole "trolling aspect" simply because I feel you guys despise me, and began to spite me more over the months / years after my constant baiting / trolling that I have attempted. 'cause I simply do not care anymore.

On Discord, on Facebook, or whatever, are people that I care more about and play for fun. Something I feel I cannot do with Nova.


This is the truth I have given. This is not an attempt at trolling, or baiting. This comes directly from my thought. Much of the thoughts i've put down could probably have been described a bit better, but as I have indicated, I do not have the dictionary to do so. As stated multiple times before, I am indeed autistic and I do in fact have dyslexia, and I have it on paper... Somewhere in my apartment. (Excuses, excuses, I know)

Of course, I do not expect you people to read what I have stated, and this could very well just get deleted. So I will copypaste this in a text document somewhere for further use. But outside that, I will not spend anymore time in this.
I will though (At times) join up in the chat when something new arrive. But usually, I will behave as I usually do.

Thanks for your time.

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Perspective of Reks Empty Re: Perspective of Reks

Post by charizardf1 on Tue Nov 14, 2017 7:08 pm

They work because the new generation of Nova is soft to clarify. Now low quality bait as well as not baiting in general can get ppl to cry. People are often labeled as trolls or troublesome when they barely do anything at all. I  suppose just like irl, as the generations pass communities and environments in general become softer. Also I do not blame you also for leaving. Nova has greatly shifted from the main focus it has started upon, but I still feel you are blocking out more opportunities that Nova has to offer pokemonwise. Just my opinion anyways. Also Nova as a pokemon community battles for fun, we are not tryhard competitive people, so I don't know why you feel you can't battle with us without feeling pressure because there should be none unless I'm not noticing. Also literally you're old news. Nobody really hates you or even have an opinion of you. Nova has new big threats and targets to worry about so you're completely fine with being in Nova. Anyways this is from just my perspective anyways I could be wrong but yea I rly doubt some of the things u seem to think about the community.

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Perspective of Reks Empty Re: Perspective of Reks

Post by Punkapunkin on Tue Nov 14, 2017 10:40 pm

興味 ない ね

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Perspective of Reks Empty Re: Perspective of Reks

Post by Tamicat on Wed Nov 15, 2017 11:35 am

Considering the amount of other random spam I doubt this would be deleted.

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Perspective of Reks Empty Re: Perspective of Reks

Post by Moxley on Wed Nov 15, 2017 12:13 pm


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Perspective of Reks Empty Re: Perspective of Reks

Post by Sponsored content

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