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Favorite Pokemon

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Favorite Pokemon Empty Favorite Pokemon

Post by charizardf1 on Fri Jan 12, 2018 3:24 am

Hi everyone this time since this is a pokemon site let's do a list of favorites by type. As a  bonus we also can share our favorite type, gen, region, and moves.

Fire: Charizard. One of the most typical choice of favorites aside from the mascot Pikachu but I mean for good reason right? I like charizard beyond those who even claim to like charizard and I believe that I am the number 1 fan. It's typing is a mix of my two favorite types in pokemon. It can learn my favorite move as well. On my favorite region too but not favorite gen. Charizard has my love for being my first partner and has gotten me to enjoy pokemon for many many years. Its design is similar to that of a wyvern which further shows from its mega y evolution. 

Water: Samurott. Yeah yeah I know another starter pokemon. I honestly don't have much love for water pokemon outside of Kanto. This samurai sea lion is truly epic tbh. I also view this pokemon as a symbol of wisdom. Razor shell definitely is one of the coolest moves in pokemon.

Grass: Lilligant. HA! I bet you expected another starter for this one but you're wrong! Lilligant just looks so nice and peaceful when it's using its dance moves. Really keeps me happy whenever I see it on my team.

Electric: Luxray. Who doesn't like luxray? Honestly such a cool electric lynx. I love this pokemon so much I shiny hunted for this thing in which was totally worth the time. I also discovered crossbreeding and egg moves from randomly putting a luxray and manectric together in daycare out of curiosity and being surprised an egg came out of it and it hatched with different moves. (this was before i knew things about breeding)

Normal: Furret. This pokemon right here is just an adorable little thing. I am always excited af whenever I see this pokemon. Truly is just an adorable little coon.(not literally a coon)

Flying: Pidgeot. For Diversity's sake I don't want to pick charizard again so I'll go to my 2nd best, Pidgeot. This bird along with charizard has carried me over the generations with it's greatness. The pokemon itself is just really good looking and has such strong wings and stuff.

Bug: Venomoth. What got me attached to this pokemon was actually due to a random shiny encounter of venonat iirc. shiny venomoth absolutely looks beautiful to me and got me really invested into it. 

Rock: Aerodactyl. Aerodactyl felt like a very special pokemon when I first revived it from the old amber. It looks really vicous and has a really cool cry.

Ground: Nidoqueen. Nidoqueen is just such a fantastic pokemon. Strong Milf xdxdxdxdxd.

Poison: Crobat/Golbat. My first game was Leafgreen and in one of my playthroughs i had a Golbat in my party. It would always try to evolve but it would just stop for some strange reason and i never knew why. I eventually just accepted that it would just not evolve and stay a Golbat. After beating the game and reaching the post game it had finally evolved and i was aweshocked and felt extremely happy from the result. From then on my attachment to both pokemon always stayed in my heart.

Steel: Mawile. I randomly fastly grew attached to mawile during gen 6 after randomly picking it up to see what it could do. Mawile just is too cool and I honestly love the base way more than the mega.

Fighting: Hitmontop. Hitmontop is a funny pokemon to me. It spins like a top and in gen 6 and onward he uuhhh....dances? Idk why that was put in. I've also always wanted a hitmontop whenever i first saw it but i was always confused how to get it back when playing Leafgreen as a kid. I didn't udnerstand how to actually breed a tyrogue and i also didn't understand if there was a way to evovle it into an actual hitmontop. When i got my tyrogue in hgss i was hoping it would evovle into hitmontop and it did! It made me so happy and i cherished that moment when i finally achieved getting a hitmontop.

Ghost: Drifblim. I've always found Drifloon in my eyes to be a special pokemon in gen 4 because of the only way it could be encountered in the gen 4 games so whenever I caught it and used it it just felt special to use the pokemon. 

Psychic: Espeon. This can't be a favorites list without an eeveelution amirite!? Espeon honestly is just such a good pokemon to keep around. What also hooks me on this pokemon is just looking at its split tail wave around like...idk why but looking at that tail just makes me happy.

Dark: Yveltal. Yveltal is just such a cool looking evillike pokemon. It makes me feel very good to destroy my enemies with the power of Yveltal's dark powers.

Ice: Lapras. Lapras is just a pokemon that whenever I see it, I get a breath of fresh air or...something? idk it's another kanto pokemon I rly like.

Dragon: Reshiram. Look at this majestic ass mofo! Such a powerful presence and luscious white hair this pokemon is just too much for the eyes and the fusion flare....don't get me started oml.

Fairy: Togetic. The only not fully evolved pokemon on the list, even though originally it was the final evolution form of togepi. This pokemon brings joy to my heart and makes everything seem like it will be ok.

Type: Fire. Fire type has always been my calling. I love all fire type pokemon and am proficient in fire mono teams. Fire types also symbolize the firey will of battle so I love it.

Gen: Gen4. Gen4 no contest was the most impactful gen of my entirety of pokemon. Gen4 brought the funnest games, some really beautiful pokemon, nice decent story, the beginning of online, battle frontier, pokemon following you, and so much more. Gen4 is where I also truly started learning the way of competitive and it's an era I will always love to such a high standard. In my opinion was truly the pinnacle of pokemon.

Region: Kanto. I mean if it wasn't obvious from my choices and descriptions, yes I truly love the region of Kanto. While Kanto might be one of the blandest if not THE blandest region of all of them, Kanto as a whole just brings me happiness. I love all of the pokemon, every city, every character and the environment to me just has a wonderful feel to me. 

Move: Heat Wave. Gamewise the move heat wave is just so freakin awesome. just a huge ass wave of heat reking the enemy pokemon. Animewise tho heat wave is kinda disappointing....if we were talking animewise I'd give it to blast burn.

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Favorite Pokemon Empty Re: Favorite Pokemon

Post by Fierce_Counter on Fri Jan 12, 2018 3:25 am

ok Spin

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Favorite Pokemon Empty Re: Favorite Pokemon

Post by Unright on Fri Jan 12, 2018 3:53 am

I'm just gonna post all the mons I like because the effort of thinking of one for every possible type is really difficult lol

I like Weezing, Virgorth, Arcanine, Hariyama, Nidoking, Tangrowth, Dodrio, Gastrodon, Arbok, Snorlax and Sceptile. They're all pretty noice and I've had fun using them in the past

Favourite Type: Poison 

Gen: Gen3 because trumpets and I have fond memories of R/S/E. Diving was cool. Weather was cool. And the overall map was nice and diverse.

Region: Hoenn. Too much water but still gr8

Move: Leaf blade because Sceptile was my first mon. I'd pick energy ball for the anime tho because it looked cool af and I like the colour green

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Favorite Pokemon Empty Re: Favorite Pokemon

Post by Mado on Fri Jan 12, 2018 4:17 am

This is a very interesting topic, let me contribute.

Fire: Typhlosion. You saw this one coming, he's my favorite starter and Pokemon of all time. Absolutely fantastic design, his color scheme includes my two favorite colors: blue and red. Pretty good performance although people say it's outclassed by every other Fire starter but I disagree, Typhlosion can be a powerhouse if you keep his weaknesses in mind.

Water: Greninja. Looks cool and does even better in competitive battles. At first it seemed like that posterboy that everyone wants to like being among the most popular Pokemon so I was kind of leaning towards the other starters, but I decided to give him a shot and I wasn't disappointed, it grew on me overtime and eventually became my favorite Water type.

Grass: Decidueye. Same story as Greninja, except for the fact that he isn't considered very good in competitive and I once again disagree.

Electric: Electivire. When I got done with XY I was rushing myself to get a competitive ready because everyone was telling me to hurry and catch up with them, so I kinda picked a few random Pokemon for my first team. Electivire was among them and although I thought I would replace him later he grew on me and did very well he quickly became my favorite Electric type.

Normal: Zangoose. Found him in Safari zone in HGSS, thought he looked cool. His battle performance is passable but his design is my favorite when it comes to Normal types.

Flying: Noivern. Same story as Electivire. Noivern just fit right into my team and I absolutely dig his design. I used him primarily as special sweeper/tailwind setter.

Bug: Masquerain. Very unique design among bug types. Interesting stats and ability, I would say it became very capable after the buff it got in gen 7.

Rock: Tyrantrum. I started to like this Pokemon when my rl friend traded one to me and I thought his Head smash + Rock head combo was really fun to use.

Ground: Rhyperior. Known to you guys as "NovaTank". Hands down the best tank I ever used thanks to the combination of assault vest and solid rock, along with some special defense investment. Not even Water attacks can wear down this tanky powerhouse.

Poison: Alolan-Muk. Attends the same club as Electivire and Noivern. You can really find unexpected favorites while experimenting with new teams. It's just really great to have STAB Gunk shot, Knock off and Taunt on one Pokemon.

Steel: Cobalion. Awesome legendary. Always liked him since the moment I saw in BW, very bulky, powerful and fast, he doesn't leave much to be desired as a physical Pokemon.

Fighting: Sawk. Although never used in competitive it was my favorite Pokemon in my first BW run. I'll look into using it in competitive asap.

Ghost: Dusknoir. PMD, I think that says enough.

Psychic: Alakazam. First used to counter specific meta threats but I found myself loving the massive damage it does and it ended up being my favorite Psychic type.

Dark: Tyranitar. Once while I was browsing the Pokedex in HGSS, I found this really cool looking rock dino Pokemon. I wanted it so bad that I went through the trouble of catching a Larvitar in Mt. Silver and leveling it all the way up to the same level as the rest of my team right before the battle against Red.

Ice: Alolan-Sandslash. I always liked Sandslash before but this form just destroyed my expectations. It's really cool.

Dragon: Mega Charizard X. Mega of choice, and a brutally strong Pokemon. Can tear through entire teams after one Dragon Dance. It also has what I'd love to see in many other Pokemon: blue flames.

Fairy: Togekiss: HGSS companion. It's just so relaxing to look at, clean white with, once again, bits of my two favorite colors. Its cry is soothing as well.

Type: Fire. I don't have a reason in particular for why I love Fire type. I just grew up telling myself that Fire is meant to be my attribute/type and I think it fits seeing as how I'm having the most fun with it.

Gen: Gen 4. Was a hard pick between it and gen 5, but in the end I'll have to give it to gen 4 being the generation most abundant with features, and good features at that, some that I wanted to see return in later generations but sadly they didn't make it. Best music, awesome Pokemon designs, great regions. It's just so good you've got to be SILLY to not like gen 4. (The slow battle argument ain't valid.)

Sinnoh: Really comfy region, it could be the biggest region in the Pokemon franchise with a lot to explore and so many great and memorable characters. The diversity in landscape and climate across the region is also really nice.

Move: Flamethrower/Hyper beam. I just can't pick between those two, Flamethrower is what I considered to be the standard move for Fire type, my favorite. Hyper beam while not super useful in competitive is awesome to look at it, it's just a mind blowing plasma energy beam thing.

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Favorite Pokemon Empty Re: Favorite Pokemon

Post by Punkapunkin on Sun Jan 14, 2018 9:20 am


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Favorite Pokemon Empty Re: Favorite Pokemon

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