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Tina's ressurection

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Tina's ressurection Empty Tina's ressurection

Post by charizardf1 on Tue Jan 23, 2018 2:26 am

The following is a fanmade story. This story is owned by a user known as Sniperwolf911. I take no credit for the creation of this content. Posted by my only due to the inability to post by the user. Please support the official release.


[*]After the defeat of the mighty Nova Fetus, things seemed to have finally calmed down in the rhelm of Nova. Little did they know that the vile fetus was protecting nova from a darker, more chaotic and even more cancerous threat. The Discord Queen has returned.
[*]Originally, the Discord Queen was nothing more than an unstable girl called Tina. But after being driven into a deep dark sleep within the rhelm of Discord, she awoke. She could feel the unbalance in Nova, she knew there was nobody standing in her way. A queen was born, a queen who will recruit or destroy anyone to come out on top. The age of the lewd discord queen has begun.
[*]The Queen acted fast. She quickly started recruiting followers. Although she was strong she still needed to be worshiped, she needed control. How else can a deity survive unless people worship it? The moment she returned to the lands of Nova she brought chaos and destruction. The lands peace was shortlived and she quickly started warring with some of the Novians. The two most notable were Codie, the shapeshifter, and Kitty the autist.
[*]The first thing she did when she first arrived was to attack the Novian known as Kitty to show she meant business to the other members. “If I show I am powerful they will surely follow me!” The queen thought in her head. “Nova loves toxic people!”
[*]After an hour or so of harassment, the situation started to defuse as Kitty decided the best thing to do was to avoid her. The Discord Queen has won her first victory against Nova.
[*]Tina started to feel powerful after this. She then thought it would be a good time to play her trump card, hentai links. “Look at this isn’t this really cool” The Queen said to the rest of Nova.
[*]Suddenly out of nowhere the God known as Mitch temporarily banned her and saved the day. “Porn is against the rules Tina.” He said in an unimpressed tone. “It has never been something Nova was okay with.”
[*]Tina was defeated. The bitter taste of defeat was horrible for her. She used this time to recharge her power. She was obviously not strong enough after wasting her energy on Kitty.
[*]A day later after the ban wore off she returned for a second time.  “Hi guys join my lewd discord server” Tina pleaded.
[*]“Isn’t advertising against the rules?” Codie pointed out as he tried to put a stop to the Queens plan.
[*]Tina was now provoked. “What is your problem?” She demanded.
[*]“Your advertising. Also I know you have been stalking my twitter Tina.” Codie said bluntly.
[*]“Excuse me? Stop talking to me. What is your problem? Mado are you seeing this?” The Queen gasped in shock at how rude Codie was. She then starts praying to the God known as Mado so that her opposition would be dealt with.
[*]“Shut up Tina you are obsessed with me and talk about me in your discord! Also you and your dog need to kill yourselves!” Codie replied.
[*]“Mado please do something he is talking about my dog.” Tina begins to cry and hides behind Mado.
[*]“Codie! Stop this instant!” Mado said sharply. “Stop this autism”.
[*]Codie ignored Mados warning and decided to continue. “Tina is a slutty whore” Codie said with a smile on his face. “And she should kill her dog!”
[*]“That’s it you’re banned for the day.” Mado declared. “I am tired of your bullshit.” He then sent Codie to the Shadow Realm.
[*]“Thank you Mado” Tina said and she smirked at the now muted Codie who is now trapped behind metaphorical bars. “Would you like to join my discord server?”
[*]Later that day a strange creature known as ET appeared.
[*]The two clashed many times which often ended with her fleeing to her Discord Rhelm as he quickly wore her down with his highly sophisticated forms of trolling and harassment.
[*]“momma incest” ET murmured in an awkward yet dominant tone.
[*]“Excuse me? What is your problem?” The Queen said.
[*]“momma sex with dog and son” ET replied in a distant autistic fashion.
[*]This greatly angered the Queen. “I am ignoring you now.”
[*]“momma sexy with son incest” the retarded alien said.
[*]The queen discovered it was harder to ignore ET than she originally thought. He is surely a much more powerful being than we may have ever had expected. “Shut up Codie I have had enough.” Tina growled. “If anyone needs me I will be on discord!!!”
[*]The queen then fled to lick her wounds. How embarrassing. The queen is not seeming as powerful as she did when she first arrived. It seems she is losing the battle with rhelm of Novastorm.
[*]Later that day she returned. “Hey who else wants to join my discord” she asked politely.
[*]“Me! LOOP ZOOP!” Darion the furry girl replied.
[*]The Queen seemed unsure. “Hmm, I don’t know if I want you to be one of my servants.” She is indecisive. “I will have to think about it.”
[*]“What the fuck? Why? That’s stupid!” He replied in anger.
[*]“DON’T INSULT THE QUEEN!!!” Tina became enraged and then fled to discord to hide from the provoked furry girl.
[*]It seems taking control of Nova is a more difficult task than the Queen originally hoped. Despite her victories she still suffered quite a few losses. The now exhausted queen escaped to her lewd rhelm to recharge. She began building a pokemon bot (her new secret weapon).
[*]“I will rule Novastorm soon.” The Discord Queen reassured herself. “Once I have control of Nova I can do anything I want and nobody will be able to stop me!!! Hehehehe!” The queen giggled as she began to hatch out her next master plan to enslave the Novians.

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Tina's ressurection Empty Re: Tina's ressurection

Post by Fierce_Counter on Tue Jan 23, 2018 2:30 am

i hope Tina gets killed and her dog gets killed as well, stupid slut. lmao

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Tina's ressurection Empty Re: Tina's ressurection

Post by Guest on Tue Jan 23, 2018 3:58 am

I'm going to anally rape onox's fish and nobody can stop me


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Tina's ressurection Empty Re: Tina's ressurection

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