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Smash bros Hype

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Smash bros Hype

Post by charizardf1 on Sat Nov 17, 2018 8:53 am

Hi so this time for all the ones who are smashers I'd like to see just how you got into smash or simply what you main in the game and give reasoning to your choice. 

How it started:
I got into smash bros after growing up in a club playing a little melee and then yrs later playing brawl with my best friend. Brawl really got me into the series with its subspace story mode mainly since it shows interactions between many different franchise characters making it look like it was more than just some fighting game. 
How I got to my Main:
When I really decided to get invested into smash I naturally just stuck with Kirby. The reason for this was because when I played through subspace story you start the game choosing to play either Mario or Kirby and to me I thought there would be depth in your choice and choosing who you would play would be a big factor in progression and whatnot which of course wasn't the case. Funnily enough though I quickly chose Kirby even though i had close to no history with him compared to Mario. When i looked at Kirby at that moment he just felt exactly the kind of character i wanted to play almost as if it was fate. When i played him as well i felt an autoconnect and he just felt so good to play as. So after going through the casual mode and stuff I pretty much just played Kirby for the most part making him my first main.

For the longest my friend and I kept a rivalry with our gaming and smash was no different. Our matches always mainly consisted of Marth vs Kirby. Eventually I had gotten curious of the character that he was using and decided to pick another the only other character in the game that came from the same franchise and that character was Ike. After playing a few games with Ike I started to take a liking to the character. From design, playstyle, and personality he gave out he seemed extremely interesting and I ended up liking him a lot and wanted to co-main him alongside Kirby. My friend took a notice to this and decided to lend me the game he came from to see what he was about which was Fire Emblem Path of Radiance. After playing through his first game I decided without a doubt that this was my character. At that moment I realized i found my favorite fictional character and knew that Ike will never leave the spot as my main in Smash history.

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Re: Smash bros Hype

Post by Tamicat on Sat Nov 17, 2018 12:25 pm


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Re: Smash bros Hype

Post by Punkapunkin on Mon Dec 10, 2018 11:50 pm

That's really cool! I never knew that's why you use Kirby...

I myself began Smash on my friend Tony's birthday. I was in fifth grade & he was handing out invites for his birthday party, but I was the only kid in the classroom who didn't get one!!

Tony could see that I was upset & asked what was wrong & when I told him he didn't invite me, he was shocked since he actually meant to invite me... lol. His birthday party was held at his father's house & everybody in the class came over to wish him happy birthday. Little did we know that his father ordered a VIDEO GAME VAN & the van pulled up to the house with a TON of consoles in the back. 

The games to pick from were Halo Reach & Super Smash Bro. Brawl. At first we played Halo Reach with everybody for a while in teams & then Smash began. I picked Sonic as a character since I was a REAALLLY big fan of Sonic at the time. I had a blast & I won't ever forget that day & how I became friends with Tony.

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Re: Smash bros Hype

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