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Is it wrong to criticize? What is perspective?

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Is it wrong to criticize? What is perspective?

Post by charizardf1 on Mon Jan 07, 2019 5:35 pm

As people grow and start to learn more and more about life and their preferences people tend to lean more towards an understanding of how they themselves see things. One main problem that usually sparks between people is huge miscommunication issue where one side views something one way while somebody else viewing it another which in turn will spark a conflict. Depending on how it goes it either turns lethal or respectable depending on the sides doing it. The main reasons for these things to happen is because a lot of people fail to grasp understanding of what is actually going on sometimes due to their blind perspective and viewing criticisms in an offensive manner. 

What I personally want to understand from this overall community's thinking is what is the limit of criticism for them until it should be seen offensive and wrong? To me I feel criticism is expressing one's own perspective about something and analyzing it based on your experiences and what you know about something. It should be something where you're free to share your thoughts and spark something with like minded and unlike minded individuals. Should there be a line drawn at some point for that? There's a lot that we probably don't know about something and some feel as if one shouldn't criticize because of it but I see nothing wrong with that either due to the fact nobody will know everything about what is criticize for the most part anyways. Also what people fail to realize as well that criticism is meant to share an opinion of what they think should be improve on and not a way of bashing something.

Perspective is another problem I often see among people. When involving yourself in a situation conflicting of viewpoints you always have to think not only of yourself but of the other side and surroundings as well. Understanding the presence of different perspectives solves a lot of problems immediately due to the fact that you take in accord that people are different from you. People often will try their best to get the other person to think like them or get really offended because they aren't exactly like they want them to be or think the way they think and that's not how it should be. Like for example don't you always get upset at your parents for forcing themselves onto you when you know that their way isn't comfortable for you and just doesn't suit you when you have your own process of doing things? Think about that.

This also honestly goes toward groups as well and this is why i bring this topic up. When a group is a certain way yet is intruded and viewed flawed from your own perspective, in most cases it isn't because they are wrong but it's because you're wrong for thinking it should be as you expect it to be. In that case meaning that group isn't meant to be for you in the first place and you shouldn't be trying to change anything about it. If you really like the place as much as you want to then it's either you respect what is there or move onto something that better suits you.

So I want to hear your guys perspective on how i discussed this topic. Have i left something out? Did i maybe say something wrong to you? Let's really get to understand one another's viewpoints.

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