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Post by Punkapunkin on Wed Oct 25, 2017 3:55 am

Hello! A lot of people in Novastorm have been asking me lots of questions regarding my standpoint on why I believe the feature of Pokemon following the avatar in the overworld will return in Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon. It's quite evident that I'm adamant on this standpoint & I really really REEEAAALLLYYY believe it's happening. I'm so sure, in fact, that I made an ultimatum with a user that um...doesn't like me to say the least. Womp womp  Crying or Very sad

To understand why I believe what I do so much, you first have to understand where I'm getting this idea; it's probably the first thing you asked yourself when you started reading this! Well, it all started when a trailer for the upcoming Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon titles was released. 

^ In this trailer, at around the 12 second mark, we see Rockruff following the avatar, & an expression bubble above it, similar to the one we see in Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver.

This alone however, is not enough to prove if Pokemon follow the trainer in the overworld or not Razz . So following this, I recalled the datamines during Sun & Moon's release where we saw that there are walking overworld animations for EVERY SINGLE POKEMON. 

Since this feature was not included, it was perhaps scrapped late in development for one reason or another, most likely due to limitations or time constraints for bug checks & whatnot. You're probably asking yourself: " Suspect Why wouldn't they be advertising it now if it's included?" 

The reason Gamefreak would not advertise this feature in trailers, is because if they were to advertise it as something new, the people who knew about the datamine would come forward & ask why it wasn't included with the accusation that the developers were purposefully keeping this feature out of the game so that people would have more reason to buy the most recent installments. (As if that wasn't already an accusation being thrown around...)

The English trailer is not the only instance in which we've seen Pokemon following trainers in the overworld either, we see Hau's Torracat following him approaching the protagonist in a Japanese trailer in what appears to be Paniola Town. 

This is ALSO not the only instance in which we've seen the inclusion of things scrapped from the first games included. For example, another datamine has shown the inside of what appears to be a gym that was in the code of Sun & Moon, which we later see in the trailer of Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon. 

What's more, we have confirmation from the Game Director, Shigeru Omori, that the script of Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, when compared to that of Pokemon Sun & Moon, is TWICE as long. We were also told that the game pushes the 3ds to it's limits (Thus it being the last 3ds Pokemon title). Which also further pushes the idea that it's possible we could see the inclusion of this feature in the upcoming titles. 

And with that, I conclude. It is, once again, not guaranteed; as this is all speculation. 
What do you think? Is this enough to believe the inclusion of Pokemon following you will be present in the upcoming titles? Tell me what you think!

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Re: ~Speculation~

Post by Mado on Sun Nov 05, 2017 8:40 pm

I'll address the problems with your arguments individually.

First off you mentioned that the reason you believe that Rockruff was following the player and is his own Pokemon is the fact that an "expression bubble" appeared above its model. We've learned that those bubbles aren't actually exclusive to your Pokemon as we've seen overworld Pokemon and NPC characters use these, the best example would be Farfetch'd in Ilex forest and Sudowoodo in the path leading to Goldenrod city from Violet city.

And then you mention that you believe this feature wasn't displayed in the trailer so much because it'd cause an uproar among the fans and Gamefreak would be in question for cutting out this feature in SM despite the availability of overworld models in the game's data, it'd appear as if they're using it as a selling point to sell a better version of the same game.
Let me begin by saying that the fans have no right to question that decision in the first place because datamining and breaking the game's code violate privacy laws, therefore dataminers would be getting in trouble instead of Gamefreak, and even if it were to raise the question of "How is it okay to cut out a ready to use feature like that?", it'd happen sooner or later whether it was advertised in the trailers or not.

We've seen NPC characters have Pokemon walk beside them all the time and in every game in the series, there's also the fact that Torracat is walking besides Hau instead of following his lead and that it doesn't follow him any other time in the trailers.

Lastly, the bigger size of the game's file is natural given the confirmation of a much longer storyline and the inclusion of a big number of new features between the new battle facility, mantine surfing, the legendary Pokemon ride, the new photographing feature etc. It's kinda unrealistic to think that programming the game so it'd allow a 3D model to follow your trainer's lead in a map full of said models would take a big chunk of the game's data.

It's nice to be hopeful and positive but to be absolutely certain that such feature will return based on speculation and vague hints is setting yourself up for disappointment. Don't get me wrong, I'd love for the feature to return as much as you do but it's better to be mentally prepared for the most likely outcome.

...haha maybe another time

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Re: ~Speculation~

Post by charizardf1 on Thu Nov 09, 2017 8:23 pm

rockruff was confirmed not following by leakers. People alrdy have the game....pokemon is not following you in usum....

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Re: ~Speculation~

Post by Sponsored content

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