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My visionary A I D S

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My visionary A I D S

Post by Punkapunkin on Wed Nov 15, 2017 3:20 pm

I'm not sure if many of you knew, but I suffer from strabismus. If you have no idea what the heck "strabismus" is, it's a condition in which the patient has a lack of eye muscle control. When I was young, I had to cross my eyes & look very closely at anything to make out words or pictures. My vision is still blurry without the use of visionary aids these days.

Anyways, since my last pair of contact lenses gave out a few days ago, I've been stuck using an old pair of absolutely enormous frames. I've always liked wearing big & square-shaped glasses as opposed to small or round-shaped ones, but there's a reason I haven't worn this particular pair. The hinge is broke on the left! So, not only have I been stuck wearing big dorky glasses around, but I've also had to put tape over it. I hate getting my hair caught in the tape or between the works of the hinge.

Yesterday I went with my mother to a visionary care place & I picked out a new pair of frames that will be here tomorrow. I always pick out really big pairs, & the lady who was helping us kept reminding us that my prescription makes the lenses super thick. We were sitting down after I had finally picked a pair (I could hardly pick out a single pair, I liked a lot of the pairs), my mother began reminiscing about my 6th birthday. 

As a kid, the optometrist that would see me thought that I was crossing my eyes because I wanted attention. When I was finally diagnosed with strabismus, my mother was informed that I would need surgery to correct this. I was 5, so I had no idea what any of this meant. This meant I had to have a procedure done where the surgeons go behind my eye & tinker with the muscles connecting my eyes to my brain. 

I was of course, under anesthesia for the duration of this procedure, but my mother remembers one thing in particular from all of this. For one, it was my birthday! I had to go in & do all of this on my birthday; birthdays are supposed to be happy days! Crying or Very sad But also, when I had awoken after the surgery I began crying...blood!

Do you have vision problems? Do tell!

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