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Post by Punkapunkin on Tue Nov 21, 2017 7:34 pm

So, I may or may not have overreacted a little to Chris posting that terribly old & well...terrible photo. In case it wasn't terribly obvious already, I'M VERY INSECURE ABOUT MY APPEARANCE! Everyone has their own insecurities, mine happens to be my stupid face. Anyways, I had so much fun in California! I saw lots of landscape & had lots of laughs with my friend Dean; who was driving the entire way. We attended YCS, played in the tournament, & traded with people all around. 

Alex Cimo attended the event as well, he's a lot taller in person than I thought! He's very friendly & I even got to speak to him. There were vendors around the event & I traded some of the cards I had for money as well as other cards. I even got my favorite monster card, Odd-eyes Raging Dragon! I got the original Black Luster Soldier card, Odd-eyes Rebellion Dragon, as well as 3 copies of one of the "Xian Magician" cards & two copies of the other.

We stayed at a hotel right by the event & for the second day my big brother & Dean sold their cards in bulk for over $1,400. Afterwards, we got our things from the room at the hotel & while we were walking out, I yelled at Dean "I WANT YOU TO PUNCH ME IN MY FUCKING FACE", which some homeless guy overheard & responded to with "You think you can beat my ass? Come over here & try!". I yelled back at him "I'M DIRTY DAN"....

Yea, I'm kinda dumb for that. But I had tons of fun! While leaving San Diego, I begged Dean to stop by a mall so that I could buy something. I wanted to buy a choker collar, but one that had buckles & leather. I walked around the mall, until I could find a store. It was really awkward asking the workers around if they had choker collars that I would like... (My big brother's girlfriend thought it looked nice~)

I'm back home now. After the 7 hour drive, I was exhausted. I came home, showered, & crashed immediately. Now that the air isn't humid & I have all of my things, my hair is cooperating (not really, curly hair never cooperates), I'm happy about my appearance. I don't normally take photos of myself, but I feel fantastic about the way I look now compared to the photo Chris posted. Maybe a photo from me? Maybe no photo? I feel obligated to show considering the fuss I made about how old & different that photo is.  

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