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Chris Saga?

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Chris Saga? Empty Chris Saga?

Post by Guest on Sun Jan 21, 2018 4:55 am

from now on I'm probably going to use forums as a place to save shit like this.

gerome (10:31:05 PM): https://imgur.com/pFyXPO5
gerome (10:31:53 PM): https://imgur.com/qe5FXvm
gerome (10:32:13 PM): https://imgur.com/IwYNGba
gerome (10:32:47 PM): You're a strange dude, Chris
lateritious (10:32:58 PM): You can't break the habit of Chatango. 
gerome (10:33:03 PM): if you want me gone so much and are so happy about it, why do you feel the need to obsess over me?
lateritious (10:33:16 PM): You can't seem to leave.
gerome (10:33:20 PM): You can't break the habit of being a fake cunt
lateritious (10:33:34 PM): If you really want to be gone, why keep coming back?
gerome (10:33:35 PM): is all I'm gonna say to you rn
lateritious (10:33:41 PM): You're wanted nowhere.
gerome (10:33:52 PM): Damn lmao
gerome (10:34:00 PM): you say that like you think it affects me
lateritious (10:34:05 PM): You said you want to leave Nova until 2019, prove you can do it. Stop lurking around.
gerome (10:34:21 PM): I don't really need to prove anything
lateritious (10:34:28 PM): I don't care if it effects you. You need to understand you're not wanted.
gerome (10:34:30 PM): Or make any specific promises
gerome (10:34:41 PM): Chris, I could say the same about you
gerome (10:34:46 PM): no one is truly wanted in nova
lateritious (10:34:48 PM): Nova has always been your little play thing.
lateritious (10:34:58 PM): That's what you told Mado, isn't It?
gerome (10:35:05 PM): it's just a congreggation of sad people spending their time playing games or talking about shallow topics
lateritious (10:35:06 PM): Only there to mess with people like Spin. 
gerome (10:35:28 PM): I change my opinions on things frequently
lateritious (10:35:38 PM): As long as you keep being that person, good luck trying to fit into a community. 
lateritious (10:35:47 PM): You need to learn respect. 
gerome (10:35:55 PM): at one point I genuinely meant that so I felt better about myself
lateritious (10:36:42 PM): You say a lot of things.
gerome (10:36:55 PM): So do you, as shown by the pictures above.
lateritious (10:36:57 PM): It's the main reason why people lost trust in you.
lateritious (10:37:36 PM): You say you change, and wound up doing the same thing over and over. Mitch even put out in words for you what you need to do to stick around, and you went against that.
gerome (10:37:40 PM): Is it really important to trust people in Nova though
lateritious (10:38:03 PM): It's your loss. 
gerome (10:38:04 PM): like you can trust people, but why are you trusting them to do?
gerome (10:38:08 PM): what*
lateritious (10:39:05 PM): I trust them to be nice people who don't bash in each other intentionally. Unfortunately, people like you and Codie don't do that.
gerome (10:39:10 PM): I genuinely think you have the worst character out of all Novians, just telling you that up front
gerome (10:39:28 PM): your hypocrisy is unparallaled, and many people already know this
gerome (10:39:55 PM): it's no secret to novians that you're fake in many aspects
lateritious (10:39:58 PM): I am aware.
gerome (10:40:05 PM): Glad to hear it
lateritious (10:40:20 PM): Those pictures are more or less me wanting you gone and desperately checking to see if you really are gone.
lateritious (10:40:33 PM): Since its not happening, I'll be glad to stop.
gerome (10:40:47 PM): lmao
gerome (10:41:14 PM): I guess the years of my calling you out for your shit really got to you, huh?
lateritious (10:41:45 PM): Not really.
gerome (10:42:39 PM): well most people wouldn't spend their time so fixated on wanting a 14 year old boy gone from a site that doesn't truly matter in the end
gerome (10:42:54 PM): so I was just concerned for you
lateritious (10:42:59 PM): I want you to leave because you are a terrible influence to the community. Not so much that you influence behavior, more or so you set the environment of places to make it seem play to be a dick to people. No place needs someone like that. 
lateritious (10:43:19 PM): seem okay*
lateritious (10:43:34 PM): The negativity you spread causes trouble.
gerome (10:43:50 PM): Whenever you say these things, it's like you forget I'm mostly a pleasant and nice person to talk to
lateritious (10:44:23 PM): You can be, but you persist to attack those you see of lesser importance than you.
lateritious (10:44:39 PM): That's really the only thing making you a bad person.
gerome (10:44:57 PM): just like you said long ago that you treat nova as a place to act like a retard
gerome (10:45:11 PM): I sometimes treat nova as just a passtime
lateritious (10:45:31 PM): I treat it as a place to talk to friends about general topics. 
gerome (10:45:37 PM): maybe that makes it more interesting, imagining that the hierarchy that once existed in the past still exists today but that I have somehow moved up it
lateritious (10:45:56 PM): Long ago, I said it was a place where I liked to share negative emotions or feelings. 
gerome (10:46:03 PM): yes
gerome (10:46:09 PM): so like I said, acting like a retard
lateritious (10:46:12 PM): It was true. But I've moved on from that.
gerome (10:46:22 PM): I remember you always used to whine about some white girl who broke your heart
gerome (10:46:35 PM): I felt A LITTLE bad for you because you were so depressing to see type
lateritious (10:46:48 PM): Yes. It was what sent me into a depression for 2 years.
lateritious (10:47:53 PM): During which I made regretful decisions, said things I did and did not mean, and performed foolish actions.
gerome (10:48:30 PM): which caused you to consistently be considered the bottom of the bunch in our past groups that we were in
lateritious (10:48:36 PM): I'm not asking you to pity me, or even care for what I have to say.
gerome (10:48:37 PM): so in that aspect I also felt a little bad for you
gerome (10:49:11 PM): I have some pity for your regardless of you asking for it or not, just because of how funny it is to me that you'd obsess so heavily over wanting me gone
gerome (10:49:15 PM): you*
gerome (10:51:15 PM): Alright well I'm gonna end our conversation here for tonight, bye Chris
lateritious (10:51:20 PM): During those years my friends and i had a falling out at school, my parents where threatening divorce on each other, always fighting one another and yelling almost every day. The breakup was the cherry on top, and it made me depressed, so I sought chatango as sort of an escape of it all where I could talk to people about common interests like Pokemon. Unfortunately, people I met here weren't so friendly, you being one of them, and I went into depression. There were moments where I even considered suicide because of what people told me.
gerome (10:51:39 PM): o there's more
lateritious (10:51:42 PM): Point is, I was emotionally and mentally unstable. I was a wreck.
gerome (10:52:25 PM): yikes
lateritious (10:52:34 PM): I've moved on since then, but when I see people cyber bullying others, I can't help but remember the times I went through the same thing and I realize there's people who are emotionally and mentally unstable as well.
lateritious (10:52:50 PM): That's why I don't want people like you in a community.
gerome (10:53:19 PM): spin wouldn't kill himself because of his half-naked picture circulating through a community of people who genuinely don't even care about it, if that's what you're alluding to
lateritious (10:54:29 PM): The internet is really something not to get worked up about, but not everyone understands that. So, I can only hope people don't start bashing one another, but when it does happen, it just makes me feel bad for the victims.


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Chris Saga? Empty Re: Chris Saga?

Post by charizardf1 on Tue Jan 23, 2018 2:38 am

Tbh I have been feeling like link is pulling all the strings from behind the scenes. Someday link might reveal himself to be a threat immensely more powerful than even lord 0mi himself. All we can do is pray nothing too severe happens in the future.

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Chris Saga? Empty Re: Chris Saga?

Post by Tamicat on Tue Jan 23, 2018 9:25 pm

link is the hero tho

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Chris Saga? Empty Re: Chris Saga?

Post by charizardf1 on Thu Jan 25, 2018 4:09 am

For now

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Chris Saga? Empty Re: Chris Saga?

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