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Post by charizardf1 on Tue Mar 14, 2017 1:19 am

Prologue: Start of a New Era

-Hmado is out on the field training with Reks-
Reks: is this all you got young Hmado? How do you think u think you will live up to your father like this?
Hmado: Darn you Reks. You know I can't fight like my father. He was a fighter of legend. It is too soon for me to fight as well as he has.
Reks: With that kind of talk you could never be like him. You can't even scratch me kiddo.
Hmado: I know that I can! I'll show you I am no mere pushover.

Starting roster:
(Mercenary)Hmado: iron sword

(Berserker)Reks: iron axe

Battle Start

-Hmado goes up to fight Reks. Reks knocks Hmado out with mere ease-
Reks: Pathetic....you wield the sword against my axe yet still cannot do a thing. How about you fight someone you can actually take on. Hey Talon step up and teach Hmado a lesson.
Talon: Hmado trying to be big and bad again? He can't Hope to be a challenge against me.
-Talon enters the fight while reks leaves-

(Mercenary)Talon: iron sword
Hmado: Know your place scrub. I can more than handle you.
-Hmado and Talon clash and Hmado takes down Talon as the victor-
Talon: Oh no....I guess I'm not good with swords anymore.

Hmado: Ha! did you see that Reks. I have won! I am not as weak as you thought I was.
Reks: Hmf! Don't get cocky you lil pup. You still have a long way to go.
-Dvasu comes running-
Dante: Oh my. Hmado? Talon? Are you both injured? Let me take care of you both real quick.
Hmado: Thanks Dante I needed that.
Talon: I can't believe I got beaten by Hmado. I'm not going to use a sword anymore.
Hmado: Are you mad? havn't you practised the sword for a long time now? Why would u switch so suddenly?
Talon: I just don't feel I will be useful with it anymore now that u beat me. I'll think of another weapon to use.
Hmado: Switching fighting styles that quickly because you lose? you're impossible.
Reks: ok you two jokers if you're both done let's head back to home.

               Chapter 1: Important Call

-Rox hurries to the group's base and approaches Hmado-
Rox: Hey Hmado I have important news.
Hmado: Huh? Rox!? Hey it's been along time!
Rox: it has indeed. I've come here from orders of Lord Mitch of of the Castle Nova.
Reks: Castle Nova? What do they want with us?
Rox: He request you meet with him immediately. He says this is urgent.
Hmado: Very well. Then we shall go see what they want.
Reks: Are you a fool!? Don't you dare think that we shall heed to those wretched nobles.
Dante: I believe that this will be a good opportunity for us to get more money if we do business with them. So I think this is a good choice.
Mario: Yeah. This Lord must have heard of us. So this is our chance to become greater and make more a name of ourselves.
Hmado: I also agree. This will be a good experience for us. Why don't u want for us to go.
Reks: Are you stupid boy? this is exactly how your father got himself killed!?
Hmado: Reks....
Reks: I'll be damned if that damned King sends us on a suicide mission. Can't he handle things himself?
Rox: The King has to stay stationed at the kingdom and protect it. Leaving means leaving the castle venerable to enemies. This is why he has to hire others to do his bidding. He doesn't like doing this.
Hmado: and there's your reason. Besides reks my father never backs down for anyone in need. Nomatter the circumstances. We shall go to see what he says and that is final.
Reks: Fine then.... let us prepare and head out.
-the group leaves for Castle Nova-
-Rox approaches King Mitch-
Rox: Lord Mitch I have brought them.
Mitch: Thanks Rox. You certainly provide your job well and swiftly. Sure is hard finding good help these days.
Reks: Alright so what are we here for.
JD: How dare you address the King like that? I'll cut you down where you stand!
Mitch: relax JD. It's quite alright. I remember you. You were one of Bin Laden's friends from long ago?
Reks: Hell yeah I was. And I remember what this kingdom did to him.
Hmado: Reks that's enough! Pardon my friend Lord Mitch for his rudeness. What is it you request of us.
Mitch: We wish for you to help protect the towns of my land. lately bandits and other mercenaries have been popping out of nowhere and attacking them. If u accept my request I shall pay you in advance and one of my people shall mark the places on your map to look out for. We also shall provide food and water and equipment for your travels.
Hmado: oh wow how thoughtful of you. We will of course accept this. Okay guys let's head to our first destination of Johto.
-the group sets out for Johto and reaches the gates-
Hmado: Hello we wish to enter this town by the name of King Mitch. Please let us enter.
Guard: I'm sorry but this town doesn't belong to the King anymore. Leave now.
Mario: What are you talking about? This land is still inside the border of Nova correct?
Guard: Doesn't matter. This is now owned by our boss.
Hmado: this makes no sense. We're supposed to protect this town.
Rox: Hmado I have scouted the area and it seems this town has already been overrun by bandits.
Guard: You must leave now or you will all die.
Hmado: Blasts!
Reks: Everyone! Prepare for battle!

(Mercenary) Hmado: iron sword
(Fighter) Talon: iron axe
(Monk) Dante: Heal staff
(Theif) Rox: iron dagger
(Berserker) Reks: Steel axe, Hand axe
(Bandits)x6: Iron axe
(Bandit Chief): Steel axe

                Battle Start

Talon: Alright now let's see how good I am with the axe.

-the team each takes on bandits with Reks taking the lead by himself while the others team up on bandits and Dante as healing backup-
-Talon finds a vulnerary in a house during the process-

Bandit Chief: You really think you can take me on? You're so tiny and frail
Hmado: Don't underestimate me. I'm a lot stronger than I appear. Hyah!

-Hmado finishes off the bandit chief and seizes the town-


Hmado: this can't be happening? Already the bandits are taking over towns?
Dante: This is horrible. If we were to leave this town would it get retaken?
Reks: that's highly likely. Our best bet is to stay and protect this town.
Hmado: That would be best. Rox I will need you to report to King Mitch on what has occurred.
Rox: Understood.
Hmado: Ok everyone. For now we suggest we settle down here for the moment until Rox returns with a report.
Reks: hmm....

             Chapter 2: Reinforcements

-Hmado is walking about town thinking-
Dante: hmado is something the matter?
Hmado: I was thinking of what happened at Castle Nova. reks got upset and Lord Mitch seemed to know Reks. I wonder what really befell between them in the past.
Dante: Who knows? Maybe some really tragic things happened. I think you should ask Reks of this.
Hmado: I've tried but everytime I approach him of the subject he gets really upset and it makes me not want to pry more than I have to. If only I got to know what all happened with father.
-kids rushes up to Hmado-
Kid: Help! A huge group of bandits have surrounded the village! They killed my daddy!
Hmado: Blasts! Rox hasn't even returned yet. Dante gather the group together and make sure everyone is at a safe area.
-The group gathers while all the townspeople gather inside and they fight off some bandits-
Talon: How is it even possible that bandits are this big in number?
Reks: It seems that there are not only bandits but also mercenaries among the group.
Hmado: bandits and mercenaries working together? what is this madness?
Talon: there's no way we can take them all on by ourselves. good thing I have trained in lances to beat hmado.
Hmado: This is not the time to be trying something new!
Reks: Shut up they're coming!

(Mercenary) Hmado: iron sword
(Spear Fighter) Talon: iron lance
(Monk) Dante: heal staff
(Berserker) Reks: Steel axe, Hand axe

(Bandit)x10: iron axe
(Bandit)x2: iron axe, hand axe
(Mercenary)x9: iron sword

             Battle Start

Hmado: Everyone make sure to protect where we gathered all the people. Don't let the enemy reach them.
-Hmado, Reks, and Talon fend off the enemies protecting the townspeople as best they can-
-Talon during the process finds a javelin which helps out a lot with the enemies-

(Bandit)x3: iron axe, hand axe -enters from left side of map-
(Mercenary)x3: iron sword -enters from right side of map-
(Cavalier)x2: iron lance, iron sword -enter from bottom of map-

-Rox and Mario enters from the corner-
Rox: Oh no...are we too late?
Hmado: Rox and Mario!? You have returned! Have any new word come from Lord Mitch?
Rox: Don't worry hmado. Just hold on a little longer. King Mitch has sent more to our aid.
Mario: Let's take care of these weaklings.

(Cavalier)Mario: iron sword, iron lance
(Thief) Rox: iron dagger, throwing knife

-Rox and Mario join the fight fending off the people a little longer-
-The group is still struggling with the overwhelming number of enemies-
(Bandit)x5: iron axe, hand axe -enter spread out throughout the map-
(Mercenary)x5: iron sword -enter spread out throughout the map-
(Mercenary Leader): steel sword -enters at the bottom of map-

Mercenary Leader: What's wrong? Why havn't you little welps finished these weaklings off yet? I guess I'll have to step in.

-the group gains lots of experience fighting all the enemies and fights down to the leader-

Mercenary Leader: How is it your group defeated all my men?
Hmado: We are no ordinary group. We are the NovaStorm. Remember our name upon your death.

-hmado teamed up with Talon finished off the boss and kept the town protected-


Dante: Man I can't believe me made it out of there alive.
Hmado: That was a crazy fight. By the way Rox What happened to those people Mitch sent to help?
Rox: They must be running late. I could have sworn they were behind me.
Reks: Do you think something happened to them?
Hmado:Then we have no choice. We must leave and scout the area and try to find them.
Rox: I highly advise against that. This town will get overrun again.
Hmado: I guess the only option is patience then....
Reks: ....Go. I can handle the lot of them by myself.
Hmado: Reks are you mad. that's suicide. Not even u can handle all that.
Reks: You calling me weak? say that again and I'll remind you of how strong I am.
Mario: There's no arguing with the fool. Let's just take his word. I trust he has the power to hold his own.
Hmado: Reks....

-The group departs the town leaving Reks behind-

            Chapter 3: Bin Laden

-Hmado and forces are sneaking between Castle Nova and Johto-
Hmado: Rox do u see any sign of them?
Rox: Nothing at all. This situation seems too- wait HMADO!
-arrow flies toward hmado at a fastpace speed and Rox blocks the shot-
-Rox falls to the ground heavily wounded-
Hmado: Rox! Why!?
Dante: I'll fix him up.
-Talon and Mario take guard while Hmado and Dvasu stay at Rox's side-
Rox: How could I......not have seen this coming?
Hmado: You'll be alright! Just a little wound.
Rox: to be defeated....so easily.....by a damned archer....Hmado before I die....I have information I must bestow upon you.
Hmado: What? No....don't speak like this.
Rox: You must take this.....it is a letter from your father to you....he gave this to me as my final mission....for when you were ready....but it seems I must give this to you early. Farewell...my only friend.
-hmado stands up in tears and silence-
Hmado: I will find out....what the hell is going on Rox. I'll avenge you're death! You may count on this! Father...lend me your strength.
-Hmado pulls out the rapier-

(Mercenary)Hmado: iron sword, rapier
(Dark Mage) Talon: wind, fire
(Monk) Dante: heal staff
(Cavalier)Mario: iron sword, iron lance, javelin

(Mercenary)x8:iron sword
(Cavalier)x8: iron lance, javelin
(Bandit)x3: iron axe
(Archer Leader):Steel bow

(Archer)Link:iron bow
(Fighter)Onox:iron axe

            Battle Start

Link: I can't believe they captured us Onox. I must really be worthless.
Onox: I'm sure Mitch will come save us.
Link: You dolt how will he even know we're in trouble? Plus I doubt he'd risk himself for us.

-Hmado charges ahead in fury cutting down enemies with his rapier-
-Mario and Talon team up and easily take down foes one after another-
-Mario sees Link and Onox Tied up against a tree-
"Recruitment theme plays"
Mario: There you guys are.
Link: Oh thank goodness Mario you're here to save us!
Mario: You both must really be so weak to get captured by these guys. Don't understand why the king couldn't give us better help.
Onox: I assure you that we can kill enemies. I killed someone before.
Mario: I would hope you have. Otherwise you'd be dead.
Link: Don't listen to Onox. We may appear weak but I promise we can fight well enough.
Mario: Fine then. fight with us. Just don't slow me down.

-Link and Onox join the fight and the team continues to cut down the enemies-Wh-

Archer Leader: Oh hey which one of you did I hit? That was a bullseye.
Hmado: You Cretin! I will give you no Mercy!

-Hmado easily finishes the archer with ease-

Archer: Wh-What.....power...All I wanted....was money.


-Hmado and gang bury Rox-
-Hmado looks down with eyes closed-
Hmado: I...failed to protect him....Father....am I unworthy to take care of my friends? Was Reks right about this?
Link: Umm....Sir Hmado? I'm sorry if this is a bad time but I think it's best we head back to that village.
Mario: It was you're fault this happened! If only you idiots didn't get captured.
Link: oh...I'm sorry. Maybe I should just leave then.
Onox: Hmado seems sad.
Hmado: It's alright Onox and Link. Everyone prepare to head back. Leave me be for the moment. I'll catch up shortly.
-the team leaves hmado alone and hmado takes the letter out and reads it-

"Dear son, If you are reading this then it means Rox has deemed you worthy of living up to a strong and capable leader. There's some truths that I have been keeping from everyone. I have foreseen a dark future for Nova. It is up to you to Lead the NovaStorm and gain aid from Castle Nova and protect Nova. You should be smart enough to not come look for me. I will be back home soon after my journey son. Please take care and I'm proud of you."

Hmado: What is this? Does this mean father is still alive? But reks told me he was dead. Could this have been before he died? But even so how did Reks know of his death?.... I have so many questions.... Why hasn't father told me about this earlier....oh father.

           Chapter 4: Betrayal

-Hmado and gang arrive back in Johto and approaches Reks-
Hmado: Reks we have returned. But sadly we have lost Rox.
Reks: I knew you'd fail to protect you're comrades. You always were and will be weak...just like your father.
Hmado: What!? Say that again! How dare u speak so ill of my father! He was no weak man. He was a hero. He-
Reks: He's the one who got his team killed...
Hmado: No....I won't believe...
-a group of bandits and mercenaries group around Reks-
Hmado: Reks! A group of enemies are behind you! watch you back!
Reks: No Hmado. you got it all wrong... They are with me.
Mario: Unbelievable! I never trusted him.
Talon: I saw this coming to be honest.
Hmado: This explains the grouping of bandits and mercenaries. but why Reks?
Reks: I'm tired of all this Mado. Both you and your father. I've been planning this for a very long time now. Ever since everyone died and he left everyone else for dead. Your father is not a good man.
Hmado: If that's so then y would u fight with us? Why did u protect our group for so long.
Reks: I  was just repaying the debt of him saving my life. but I believe keeping you alive for so long has already done just that. I spent many years wasting my time training you and trying to share my own ideals with you, but you seem as thick headed as you're father.
Hmado: So it was all you who planned that ambush. You predicted the events up to now. It's all because of you that Rox died!
Reks: It's not my fault that you turned out to be a weak leader. Anyways I'm done wasting time with you. It's now time for the NovaStorm to retire. Prepare to die by my axe Hmado!
-huge force of enemies surround the group-
Link: I didn't sign up for this....I guess this is how I die. I never amounted to anything...
Hmado: I can't believe this...why is this all happening?...just why? blast it all. is this how it ends?

(Mercenary)Hmado: iron sword, rapier
(Monk)Dante: heal staff
(Mage)Talon: wind, fire
(Cavalier) Mario: iron sword, iron lance, javelin
(Archer)Link: iron bow
(Fighter)Onox: iron axe, hand axe

(Fighter)x6: iron axe, hand axe
(Bandit)x6:iron axe
(Mercenary)x7:iron sword
(Cavalier)x8: iron lance, javelin
(Archer)x5: iron bow
(Berserker)Reks: iron axe, Steel axe, hand axe

            Battle Start

Hmado: Everyone keep together. Let's all survive this together.

-Eveyone struggles fighting off the mass amounts of enemies-
-Hmado targets the Cavaliers with his rapier-
-Mario and Onox fight in the front while Link and Talon fight at range-
-Dante takes damage while trying to avoid all the enemies but there's too many for him to stay alive much longer-
Hmado: Dante! Fall back and get away from the enemies! Don't worry about us! just stay alive.
Dante: unacceptable! you think I'll stand by while they cut u down? I'll heal you all till my last breath.
Hmado: blast you Dante
-Hmado takes many of them down leaving a path open toward reks but more reinforcements quickly start coming from all sides-
(Mercenary)x5:iron sword-enter from reks's side-
(Fighter)x5: iron axe, hand axe-enter from reks side-
(Cavalier)x8: iron sword, iron lance-enter from left and right side of town-
(Archer)x5:iron bow-enter from bottom map-
(thief)x2: iron dagger-enter from bottom-
(Bandit)x5:iron axe -enter from bottom-


Hmado: We're running out of Stamina...we can't win this. Maybe Reks is right. I am a pitiful leader.
Reks: Couldn't even make it to me huh? Pathetic. Men! Finish Hmado off.
Hmado: Father...I fail.. I'm sorry.
???: One way to fail as a leader is to give up on yourself.
Hmado: Huh?
Reks: What? Who is that?
-Pegesus Knight swoops the sky and a Master ninja drops smoke bombs-
-myrmidon and thief enter in and kill off enemies to the group-
-warrior mounted on a cavalier cuts down more enemies during the process-
-Pegasus knight swoops back as master ninja and Pegasus throws javelin and shurikens and Master Ninja jumps down-
???: Hurry up and move now! Let's escape before the smoke clears and more enemies appear.
Hmado: uuh Alright. Everyone let's follow these guys.
-Everyone escapes-
Reks: What the hell? Who were they? No matter. I'll kill them next time. They can't escape from me forever.
-The NovaStorm follow the mysterious group to their Castle-
Hmado: Thank you for saving us. I'm in your debt. But who are you guys and how did you know we were in trouble?
Joe: My name is Joe. I am the leader of the land of Youtopia.
Hmado: Youtopia? I've never heard of this land.
Dante: I've heard very little of it. This is a small little area at the northern coast outside the Nova border correct?
Joe: Right. I always planned to have my own place away from all other lands. I don't like how all the other lands operate. So I found and isolated myself with this land I claim of my own with my own rules.
Hmado: Right....so about how you knew about us?
Joe: Oh well that wasn't my doing. It was Char who spotted you lot in a bind and wanted to help out.
Char: I saw lots and lots of suspicious people hording toward 1 area so I thought I'd investigate. I assumed that someone would be in trouble. I'm glad I was right.
Joe: You know you're not allowed to leave Youtopia. Why would u bother in affairs of other nations.
Char: you know that you don't really think that. If not then y did u agree to help out?
Joe: Only because you are very troublesome to deal with. Honestly you need to stop leaving this place. THIS is you're home.
Char: Is it so wrong to want to venture out and explore different things tho? there isn't much else to do within our grounds.
Talon: I don't care about this petty problem of yours. Can we leave now?  This place is quite boring.
Hmado: Talon mind your manners! I'm sorry Joe. Thank you for your help. Now we must be on our way.
Chill: you would leave so soon? Without proper preparation and rest? You must at least relax before heading out.
Hmado: Oh....I suppose your right.
Mario:....I'm done.
Hmado: With what?
Mario: I'm leaving.
Hmado: Mario....you would leave me like this?
Mario: you are broken...we have no real guidance...and I don't feel like I'm developing by being with you anymore. I'm leaving off. I'm sorry hmado but you need to fix yourself.
Talon: Actually I agree with Mario. You're kinda a bad leader and I also think I should leave. I'm not going to let you get me killed.
-Mario and Talon leave the castle-
Onox: They have both left the castle.
Hmado: Mario....talon.... I can't believe this. Both of you as well? No....I'm losing so much. So much is happening. My team is breaking apart. I really am that bad aren't I? I guess the rest of you also think the same of me.
Dante: Well it's true that you need work, but I won't be leaving you anytime soon. I believe in you.
Link: We were ordered to stay by your side. No matter what we must carry our duties.
Hmado: Fine...do as you wish.
Char: ......
                Chapter 5: Goals

Hmado: Thank you guys for allowing us to recover here. We shall bother you no longer.
Joe: You sure you don't wish to stay here? You could forget about all your troubles here. You've been through a lot.
Hmado: Thanks for the offer but I must keep moving forward. I still have a mission to accomplish.
Joe: What will you do now? Have you thought of your next move?
Hmado: I'm thinking about maybe regrouping back at Castle Nova. Maybe King Mitch will know what to do.
Joe: What about you? Don't you know what you want to do? This is you're mission. As the leader you must have ideas.
Hmado:..... I don't know. I was never the leader of our group. We always just did our own thing. Our only leader has only been father.
Joe: You wouldn't take after your father?
Hmado: I'm not worthy of such title. I'm sure if we all pull through together we will figure something out.
Joe: ....I see. But know this. A true leader must not doubt himself or his team. Leaders always hold their head high and move forward with confidence and courage. Just remember this for future reference if you ever wish to become 1.
Hmado: I will keep you're words in mind.
-Hmado and gang leave the castle-
Char: Their group is so little. Can they really handle themselves?
Chill: I'm sure they can handle themselves. They all look strong and capable.
Lycanna: Just gotta have faith I guess.
Chill: Go.
Char: huh?
Chill: Don't worry about Joe. We'll stay here and hold down the fort. I know you want to venture with them. Make sure you come back alive alright?
Char: Chill...
AD: Char I'm coming with.
Char: Are you not worried either?
AD: I also want to see the outside. It will be cool to see other things.
Char: Very well. Let's catch up to them quick.
-Char and AD follow Hmado's group-
-Hmado and gang are going back towards Castle Nova-
Hmado: ok guys let's tread carefully. This path most likely holds more enemies so stay on your guard.

(Mercenary)Hmado: iron sword, rapier
(Monk)Dante: heal staff
(Archer)Link: iron bow
(Fighter)Onox: iron axe, hand axe

(Myrmidon)x5: iron sword, steel sword
(Fighter)x4: iron axe, hand axe
(Archer)x3:iron bow
(Cavalier)x4: steel sword, iron lance, javelin

           Battle Start

-Char and AD enter the field-
Char: We've finally caught up with yall.
Hmado: Char? What are you doing here? And who is this?
Char: I've decided to leave Youtopia and journey with you m8. Oh and this is AD. He wanted to come with as well.
AD: Hi nice to meet you.
Hmado: Nice! I was in need of more allies. Now I feel safer. Ok guys. Onward to Castle Nova.
(Myrmidon)Char: iron sword, wind edge
(Cavalier)AD:iron lance, javalin

-Hmado and gang move through the Riverpath carefully, taking down enemies as they appear-
-A mysterious creature enters the field-
(Wolfssenger)???: beaststone
???: -w- These intruders need to get the fuck off. OwO I'll kill them all.
-the wolfssenger kills some foes and goes to attack hmado's group-
"recruitment theme"
Link: Aaah get away from me you beast!
Surge: -w- Your fault for intruding in my territory.
Link: Please spar me! We didn't know this was your area.
Surge: O.o Why are you here?
Link: We were just passing by to return to Castle Nova.
Surge: owo I'll forgive you if you let me join.
Link: Why? What do you want from us.
Surge: <w< I'll escort you out of here. Then you can tell you're human friends to never return here again.
Link: Oh. Yes then ok....so you won't eat me?
Surge: Neutral I don't eat humans.

-Hmado and gang follow surge through the map to the exit-


Surge: owo This way.
Hmado: This seems like a clear path. I thank you for showing us a safe route.
Surge: hmm
Hmado: is something the matter?
Surge: <.< I think I'll stay.
Hmado: Huh?
Surge: :3 You obviously need me in order to stay safe. OwO Plus I like scaring Link.
Dante: Well then what an interesting development.
Hmado: you should reconsider....I only get people killed.
Char: What nonsense. Hmado don't you understand what is going on?
Surge: <w< Ok I'll leave.
Char: From what I see of you have an ability to draw people. You have the makings of a great leader. I'm positive of it. Are you still doubting from recent events?
Surge: >w> I don't mind I'm going.
Hmado: Reks said that I am a weak leader....which is true. I've gotten Rox killed and put everyone in dire danger. I saw none of these tragic events coming. Don't you see that I really am a failure?
Char: This may very well be true for now. But what is important is that you learn from this and move forward. Instead of giving up you strive to become better. You're only putting everyone in greater risk by moping and shizz.
Hmado: You're right! How foolish of me to not realize this. I may not be very good now but I have to live up to father's name. I will become a good leader. This is something I swear.
Surge: >_> Can I leave now?
Hmado: No Surge that isn't necessary. If you still wish to be with us then I approve. We shall be in need of your assistance.
Surge: <w> fine then.
Hmado: Thank you for you're patience friends. Now let's keep moving.

            Chapter 6: Hidden Marks

-NovaStorm arrives back at Castle Nova-
Mitch: You guys have returned? What has happened?
Hmado: Lord Mitch I'm so sorry but I couldn't protect Johto. Reks has turned traitor and some of my people left. Also there are so many enemies. We can not possibly win.
Mitch: If only I could come.... Very well then I'll appoint you with more help. Y2 and Nick, post!
Y2: What's up?
Nick: What do you need Lord Mitch?
Mitch: Accompany these guys in their mission. They need all the help they can.
-Alissa rushes out-
Alissa: Let me go too! I want to go!
Mitch: No. You will only cause these people problems. Plus your father would kill me if you were to leave.
Alissa: boo you're not cool. I hate you Mitch.
-Alissa runs back to her room-
Mitch: What a strange and irritating little child.
Hmado: is this really all you can give us? Surely this kingdom has many more troops.
Mitch: I'm sorry but not at the moment. I have people sent all over Nova. I'm very limited right now.
Hmado: This madness is happening all over? Impossible.
Mitch: It was all so sudden too. Out of nowhere a big group of baddies just decided to attack everything. It's crazy.
-JD rushes in-
JD: Lord Mitch we're being attacked!
Mitch: What the hell are the guards doing?
JD: They're fighting as we speak.
Mitch: what are the numbers?
JD: believe it or not....just 5 people.
Mitch: Are my people this weak? Well this sucks.
Hmado: Worry not Lord Mitch. We'll take care of them.
Mitch: Don't worry about it. I will join the fight. They stepped into my castle so I have to defend it. JD I want you to get away from here and alarm Queen Lisa of what is happening in Nova and request aid.
JD: Understood. Stay safe Lord Mitch.
Mitch: Now then let's move.
-Mitch and NovaStorm head out to the courtyard where everyone is fighting-
-1 Hero is fighting off a group of generals on his own-
Ramp: Ahhh so you're Lord Mitch. This is a pitiful bunch of soldiers you got here.
Hmado: This man took on a whole group...by himself?
Char: Well he seems like fun.
Mitch: Where are the others?
Ramp: They're at other parts of the castle killing off the rest of your people.
Mitch: oh darn....
Hmado: This ends now. We shall fight.
Ramp: You? Don't make me laugh. I already won. Let's make a deal. If you can defeat these little pups, then I'll fight you. For now I think I want to fight someone of worth.
-Ramp points his sword at Mitch-
Mitch: Guess I have to go through this.
Ramp: Nobody is to interfere with our match until you get pass these lowlifes.
-group of reinforcements enter in-
AD: We picked a bad time to visit the castle.
Hmado: There's no need to worry. We got this covered guys. Let's beat this cocky dude.

(Mercenary)Hmado: Steel sword, Rapier
(Monk)Dante: heal staff, mend staff
(Archer)Link: iron bow
(Fighter)Onox: iron axe, hand axe
(Wolfssenger)Surge: beaststone
(Myrmidon)Char: iron sword, wind edge
(Cavalier)AD: iron lance. javelin
(Cavalier)Y2: Steel lance
(Butler)Nick: iron knife. heal staff
(Lord)Mitch: Coral sword, Blessed lance

(Spear fighter)x5: steel lance
(Myrmidon)x5: steel sword/killing edge
(Cavalier)x8: steel lance, iron sword, javelin
(Thief)x3: iron dagger
(Archer)x4:steel bow/iron bow
(Mage)x6: fire, thunder
(Hero)Ramp: brave sword, tomahawk

        Battle Start

-Ramp seals the area separating himself and Mitch from NovaStorm-
Hmado: We must focus on defeating these enemies quick and help Lord Mitch

-Everyone separates and takes on foes from every angle-
-Char hops on AD's horse and they attack from both sides-
-spear fighter tried to go after hmado but onox jumps in and slams the axe on the lance and then knocks them out-
-Hmado rushes forward toward the cavaliers but is being slowed down by archers-
-AD gives y2 his javelin and y2 protects hmado against the arrows while hmado keeps moving forward-
-Link shoots down thieves and mages while going after Mado to help-
-before hmado reaches the cavaliers they all separate and co-op with the myrmidons and spear fighters against surge who is taking on a group on myrmidons ad spear fighters by himself-
-Mitch and Ramp go all out with their skills-
-Ramp swiftly is attacking at very fast paces while Mitch is able to barely dodge some-
-Mitch counters with his blessed lance and recovers himself with it's power-
-Ramp jumps back while throwing his tomahawk and mitch gets hit with a big blow-
Mitch: Wow....he's really strong.
Hmado: Lord Mitch hang in there! We'll be there shortly.
Ramp: You call yourself a king with that pathetic power? I'll give you props for hanging on but this will soon be over quick. Nova is such a weak kingdom hahaha.
-Alissa enters and Mitch gets healed-
(troubadour)Alissa: physic, mend staff
Alissa: See!? I told you I could help. You obviously needed me.
Mitch: damn it Alissa. Why didn't you escape?
Alissa: Don't treat me like I can't handle my own. I could still leave you all for dead if I'm not needed.
Hmado: Stop your whining and help us.
Alissa: K you can just bleed to death. :/
-Alissa steadily heals everyone from a distance giving everyone an easier time fighting-
-Link finishes off the last mage-
Ramp: Alright. Not bad for a bunch of losers.
-Ramp lets down the barrier-


-Ramp knocks Mitch down-
Mitch: ugh this is just not my day...
Ramp: This is so disappointing...I was hoping for a much better challenge.
-Ramp readys the finishing blow-
Hmado: No you don't!
-Hmado rushes forward and blocks Ramp's attack-
Ramp: you again? You would try me after your king got swept?
Hmado: Who are you? Why are you doing this?
Ramp: I'm Ramp, a warrior of Force. We got hired to do this mission by some dude named Reks
Hmado: No way...he allied himself with Force.
Ramp: Now get out of my way. I'm going to claim this land in the name of Force.
Hmado: I can't allow that!
-Hmado attacks Ramp but ramp dodges and counters with 2 fatal hits-
Hmado: gyah!
Ramp: No effort needed. You really think you can take on members of the most elite nation?
Hmado: Force is not any better than any other nation. Why would you want to be involved in this conflict?
Ramp: the weak deserve to perish. Why let a nation of weak stature keep going? no reason for it. Promoting Force to look better and more elite is my only purpose.
???: Don't waste your breath on Hmado. He's thick headed.
???: he still can't do much of anything can he?
Hmado: those voices.
Talon: Hmado. Fancy meeting you here.
Mario: hmf
Hmado: Talon? Mario? Why? this is your home?
Talon: Correction, WAS our home. To be honest I think Force is a lot cooler and better. They are all strong too. I feel I could get a lot better hanging with them.
Mario: This group definitely suits me better. So...yeah.
Hmado: more betrayal....this is madness.
-Lezy and Blur enter-
Lezy: Ramp why aren't you done here yet? They too much for you?
Ricky: It's ok ramp if they are that much trouble for you I could take over.
Ramp: I'm merely just toying with these guys. Step back.
Mitch: Even more of them...
Hmado: We mustn't give up hope. we must all keep fighting. everyone split up. Me and mitch will take care of ramp. rest of u go after the other force members.
Lezy: sorry to disappoint you but we're gonna just let Ramp deal with you all.
Ricky: I'm tired of dealing with weak nuggets for now. Mario, Talon, you're coming with us.
Both: Understood
Nick: Don't let them escape!
-NovaStorm chases after them-
Ramp: This is just sad...but funny.
Hmado: enough talk. Let's finish this.
-Hmado charges Ramp and clashes swords-
-Hmado's back hand starts glowing with a pattern appearing while Ramp's arm does the same-
Ramp: Huh? What is this?
Hmado: Haaaaa
-energy emerges from Hmado's backhand and flows into his sword as ramp pushes-
Mitch: Is this......
-Ramp's strength goes up and he throws hmado back-
-Hmado looks at his backhand-
Hmado: Woah....What is this power
Ramp: my arm is burning...this symbol.
-Hmado quickly goes in to attack ramp again and they clash again with this time both of their symbols radiating with a huge light covering the whole courtyard-

              Chapter 7: Separation

-Ramp approaches Jolt at the throne-
Ramp: Jolt we've secured the land of Nova. They didn't stand a chance.
Jolt: Excellent. Did you receive payment from our client?
Ricky: I got it right here. But what will we do with all this land?
Jolt: We don't need it. Let that Reks guy have it for himself. We have all the advantage with what we have now.
Lezy: Why did we capture that amature? We should have killed him.
Ramp: There was something weird about him. Because of him I attained some weird power. The mark on my arm disappeared and I don't know how to work it. He must know something about this. So that's why I kept him alive and locked him up.
Ricky: That was really odd what had happened. Do you remember the pattern of the marks that you 2 had?
Ramp: Somewhat. Do you know something?
Ricky: It just seems familiar is all. Maybe something I read? I could look into more into it later.
Lezy: By the way Jolt have you heard anything from King Lance?
Jolt: No sadly. He must still be on that sudden journey of his. I wonder what he is doing?
-Hmado wakes in a prison cell-
Hmado: Huh? Where am I? What happened?
-Hmado looks at hand-
Hmado: That's right. I fought with Ramp and a marks appeared. Then there was a radiating light....
Did I lose?
-Hmado looks around-
Hmado: Am I the only prisoner? What did they do with my companions? I hope they are all safe.
-NovaStorm escapes from Castle Nova back to the NovaStorm base-
Dante: We should be safe here. For whatever reason nobody ever comes near here.
Nick: We can't just leave the castle like this. It's being overrun. We must go back and fight.
Link: And what of Hmado? I kinda feel bad that we left him for dead.
Alissa: Mitch was also back there. I think they'll be fine.
Char: They told us to let them handle it, but I think we should go back soon and help them out.
Y2: We can't fight them though. We will lose.
Char: We can't just leave them though. Let's depart back towards the castle.
Surge:>-> Guys I think some of them followed us.
Dante: Oh no.... They must have found us due to Reks.
Char: Blast. Ok guys let's clear them out.

(Myrmidon)Char: steel sword, wind edge
(Monk)Dante: heal staff, mend staff
(Cavalier) Y2: steel lance, javelin
(Archer)Link: steel bow
(Fighter)Onox: steel axe, hand axe
(Butler) Nick: iron knife, heal staff
(troubadour)Alissa: sun festal staff, physic

(Ninja)x4: iron shuriken
(Dark Mage)x5: fire, thunder
(Fighter)x4: steel axe
(Archer)x3: iron bow
(Mercenary)x5: steel sword

            Battle Start

-everyone rushes toward the enemies on the outside of the base-
-Alissa and Dante stay back and heal from safe distances in the base-
-Char teams up with onox and cuts a path for Y2 to charge through-
-Link and Nick run around the border shooting down enemies trying to get in-
-The team easily dispatches the remaining enemies with ease-


Onox: We must be really strong.
Y2: I think that was just the beginning.
Char: Yeah pretty much more will come soon enough knowing them.
Nick: Will we continue to the castle or stay here?
Char: We continue to the castle as planned of course.
Alissa: You don't even have a plan. You're just going to to get us killed you're not our leader.
Char: I never said I was kid. Don't worry I have my own plan already set in motion. Unless anybody else have their own ideas I'll be happy to hear them.
Nick: and what is this so called plan you have that you already decided on without our consent.
Char: I'll explain on the way. For now we should move fast.

        Chapter 8: Troubled King

-Mitch is laying down somewhere unknown-
Zod: Hello? Are you alright? Wake up travelor.
-Mitch gets up-
Mitch: huh? I'm not at my castle? Am I dead?
Zod: You are very much alive. You seem heavily wounded. Can you manage yourself?
Mitch: I think I'm fine. Who are you by the way? And where am I? Last I thought I was defending my castle.
Zod: I am Zod and this is Funne. I assure you we ae nowhere near a castle. This is the Metal outskirts.
Mitch: Impossible. I was sent to an entirely new country?
Funne: This isn't a country. It's just an isolated little area on the East coast of PEO.
Mitch: PEO!? This is crazy. I've been blasted all the way here? I must hurry back to Nova fast.
Zod: Well Lord Mitch I don't think you can manage by yourself in your condition. Also to go back to Nova means going through the land of Force. They do not take kindly to people.
Mitch: You know of me?
Zod: Yes I know all about the royalty. Also of the rising conflicts that have been going on.
Mitch: How do you know all this?
Funne: Zod just likes to know what goes on around the world. He's a knowledge craving nut.
Mitch: Well then do you have a better option for me then?
Zod: Yes actually. We should head to the neighboring land of WPE. If you wish to go back to Nova safely we must seek aid from Queen Lisa.
Mitch: Of course! How could I forget that WPE is close. With help from Queen Lisa I shall reclaim Nova with ease.
Zod: We shall also accompany you Lord Mitch. Someone as important as you shouldn't wander alone without protection.
Funne: You still need your wounds attended to.
-Piks comes running-
Piks: umm Zod? Funne? Can you guys help me?
Funne: Piks what's up?
Zod: -sigh- let me guess. Your bots have gotten out of control again?
Piks: haha yeah and they have been attacking people and made them mad.
Zod: Must we always clean your messes?
Mitch: Let's dispatch of this quickly and head towards WPE.

(Lord)Mitch: Coral Sword, Blessed lance
(Tactician)Zod: ArcFire, Elthunder, Elwind, steel sword
(War Monk) Funne: Killer axe, Sun Festal
(Mechanist)Piks: steel shuriken, Steel bow

(Bots)x15: Virus
(Bot)Botty: Zapper
(Bot)x2 Bros: Error Discharge
(Myrmidon)x6: wind edge, killer edge
(Fighter)x7: steel axe, hand axe


       Battle Start

-Mitch goes forward by himself towards and villagers to guard them from Bots-
-Zod knocks down bots with his powerful magic and funne finishes them off with clean axe blows-
-Piks replicates another version of himself and takes down his creations with shuriken and bow combo-
-the myrmidons and fighters go after piks but funne stays back to protect him-
-After ensuring the villager's safety Mitch charges forward along with Zod to take on Botty-
-Piks teams up with himself to disable bros and takes heavy damage from bros's discharge-
-Mitch trusts Zod to take care of Botty while Mitch helps Piks fight bros-
-Funne comes to heal Piks and Mitch steps in front with the final blow on bros-
-Zod finishes of Botty at nearly the same time-


Piks: Sorry guys. I think I should lay off the mass bot creation for awhile.
Funne: You should come with us to WPE Piks. Lord Mitch needs all the help he can get.
Mitch: Please remember that I am a Lord. I am fully capable of handling myself.
Funne: I'm just teasin ya Lord Mitch.
Zod: We should hurry before more of your new enemies come after Piks.
Mitch: Right. We must hurry. (Was it that light that sent me all the way here?.....)

        Paralogue 1: The Chosen Hero

Bandit1: We're going to destroy this little village. They seem to not want to give us their goods.
Bandit2: I will burn down all the houses. They won't know what hit them.
Shivan: What's up guys this is nintendogamer corner here.
Bandit1: Huh? Who is this person?
Bandit2: Shut up shrimp get out of here if you want to live.
Shivan: Be quiet noob I will smash you all with my lucario power.
Bandit1: What is he even saying?
Shivan: Pweepear four tee wraith of Corner.
Mitch: Uh oh it seems like that guy needs some help. Let's save the village guys.

(Lord)Mitch: Coral Sword, Blessed lance
(Tactician)Zod: Elthunder, Arcfire, Elwind, Steel sword
(War Monk) Funne: killer axe, sun festal
(Mechanist)Piks: steel shuriken, steel bow

(Bandit)x8: steel axe
(Bandit Chief): steel axe, hand axe

(Villager)Shivan: slim lance

       Battle Start

-Mitch rushes to Shivan as fast he he can while everyone spreads out-
-Zod, Funne, and Piks each separate alone to take out the easy bandits-
-Shivan stands idle awaiting for bandits to attack him-
-Mitch makes it just in time before a bandit kills Shivan-
"recruitment theme"
Shivan: begone evil trolls!
Mitch: woah relax we're here to help you.
Shivan: Oh you are my servants here to destroy these weaklings?
Mitch: Servants?
Shivan: Very well noob. I will accompany you and fwite these losers.
Mitch: Is this man sane?

-Shivan tries to fight and chips the enemies while mitch finishes them off-
-Mitch and shivan meet with the others to take down the chief-

Shivan: You're the only one left you noob. Bow before your king.
Bandit: What!? How did this little chrimp kill my men? Time to die!

-Shivan deals the finishing blow on the chief-


Shivan: thanks guys I apweceeate yew.
Mitch: Umm...you're welcome?
Shivan: I should stay with yew guys to make sure you will be ok.
Mitch: I'm not sure that's a good idea. Our journey is dangerous. You shouldn't come with us.
Shivan: Are you slenderman?
Mitch: What?
Shivan: Time to go guys. We have a desteenee to accoooplish
Mitch: I can't believe this is happening....

       Chapter 9: Breakout

-Ramp walks up to Hmado's cell-
Ramp: Are you ready to tell us about the marks that appeared?
Hmado: I have no idea what it is either. Where are my friends being held?
Ramp: Look we don't have your friends. I only captured you because of that power I gained from you. Otherwise you'd be dead right now.
Hmado: That's a relief.
Ramp: If you just tell me what this is and how to use it. I might just let you free.
Hmado: I already told you I know nothing about this.
Ramp: Whatever. You'll stay down here until we figure this out. Then we'll decide what to do with you.
-Ramp leaves the prison area-
Hmado: What can I do now? Do I just continue to stay here powerless? I have to leave and save Nova.
-hmado hears someone approaching-
Hmado: Ramp have you returned to agonize me further?
Chill: Well that's not the reaction I was expecting.
Hmado: Chill? What are you doing here?
Chill: I'll explain later. Right now we need to get out of here. Quick.

(Mercenary)Hmado: steel sword, rapier
(Thief)Chill: steel sword, kodachi

(Myrmidon)x4: steel sword
(Spear fighter)x3: iron lance
(Paladin): javelin, steel lance

        Battle Start

Chill: We must not cause attention to ourselves. We must try our best to avoid confrontation with anyone and escape.
-Chill and Hmado sneak passed majority of the guards-
-while crossing the halls Chill and Hmado take out a myrmidon swiftly before any other enemies notice-
-Chill and Hmado approach the exit with the paladin guarding it-
-Chill chips it with his kodachi and Hmado finishes it off with the rapier-
-They both escape-


-Soldier runs up to Ramp-
Soldier: Sir the prisoner has escaped!
Ramp: What!? but he was locked down. He must have used that power to bust out. That liar.
Resh: But if he would have used it it would have made quite a noise. he obviously had help.
Ramp: I'll go after him then. It'll be easy enough to drag him back.
Ricky: That won't be necessary. I already have samples of his dna. Even if he won't tell us himself we could always figure it out by research. Then we can manipulate the power among all of us.
Ramp: hmm. Fine then. I didn't feel like chasing that weakling anyways. AD.
AD: Yes?
Ramp: I want you to scout the perimeter of the area. If you find anybody suspicious, kill them. Bring Talon and Mario with you.
AD: Understood.

        Chapter 10: Reclaim

-NovaStorm approach Castle Nova-
Nick: Char I'm really not too sure about this. This is suicide you know.
Alissa: We could have just stayed safe back at that hideout. Now you're forcing us to kill ourselves.
Char: Relax guys we'll be fine. I told you all I have a plan in motion. Besides y'all didn't have to come with.
You still can back out now and ensure your lives if you want.
Link: This is plain suicide but at least we're going to be do something.
Onox: I believe we should seize this castle back.
Y2: The odds look against us. Better than doing nothing I guess.
Dante: This is what Hmado would have done. I think this was indeed a wise decision. We still have a shot if we play things smart.
Alissa: This whole idea is just dumb...
Char: So everyone is still in? Nice! I just know we'll make it out of this
-NovaStorm raids the front castle guards-
-Soldier runs up to Reks-
Soldier: Sir a small group of people seem to have forced their way in. What do we do?
Reks: What? So they decided to come here? What fools. kill them all. Show no mercy.

(Myrmidon)Char: steel sword, killing edge, wind edge
(Monk)Dante: heal staff, mend staff
(Cavalier)Y2: steel lance, javelin
(Archer)Link: Steel bow
(Fighter)Onox: Steel axe, hand axe, killer axe
(Butler)Nick: iron knife, heal staff
(Troubadour)Alissa: sun festal, physic staff

(Cavalier)x8: steel sword/horseslayer, steel lance, javelin
(Myrmidon)x9:steel sword/killing edge/armorslayer, wind edge
(Spear fighter)x7: steel lance/javelin
(priest)x5: physic/mend
(Mage)x6: fire/wing/thunder
(Fighter)x9: Steel axe, hand axe
(Archer)x6: steel bow, Longbow
(knight)x4: steel lance, javelin
(General)x2: beast killer/silver lance, javelin

        Battle Start

-The group stays huddled together and slowly advancing toward the throne-
-The enemies come rushing down in groups-
-Y2, Onox, and Char stand guard in the front of the group holding off the attacks-
-NovaStorm is getting overwhelmed and is being pushed back by the mass number of enemies-
-the cavaliers and spear fighters give Char trouble so he has to step back to recover and nick steps up in his place-
-Y2 breaks from the group and rides around to where the longbow archers are at to take them out but gets surrounded-
-Dante is back healing Char while Alissa is healing Y2 from range who is barely taking all the attacks-
-Onox and Link are trying their best to break trough while Nick weakens the foes with his knifes-

Nick: We can't take much more of this. We're at our limits here.
Alissa: There's just too many of them. ;-;
Char: We at least did a lot better than I thought on our own. Oh well... I guess things didn't work out after all. Sorry everyone.
-Hmado, Surge, Chill, and Lycanna enter from the left-
Hmado: Everyone are you alright?
Dante: Hmado is here everyone!
Char: Yes! We're not dead after all.
Reks: What!? How are you here? You couldn't have possibly beaten Force.
Char: Hahaha you see Reks. This was all apart of my plan.
Reks: What are you talking about?
Char: After our group left the castle I sent AD and Surge to follow Force after capturing Hmado while we distracted our pursuers. Once Surge reported me of Hmado's location I thought of a way to save Hmado.
Chill: That's when he came into contact with me. I snuck in the castle and got the exact location and keys from AD, who joined up with Force as a double agent.
Reks: It doesn't matter regardless because I will finish you all here and now.

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